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The Homie Juan
By: Anonymous

Bi Latino Men So this just happened to me two days ago. I am mixed white and Mexican, 5’8”, 150lbs, nice body and a big bubble butt. My family was having a party for my little sister birthday and there was a lot of people there, especially family. My homie Juan was there too with his family.

The thing with the homie Juan is that I have had a huge crush on him since I was a teenager. He is tall, works in construction, so he has a good shape and as I would soon learn, he was packing a huge cock.

So the party was going good and everyone was happy. I could not stop waiting my homie though, so I decided to go upstairs to my room and just chill for a bit. Thinking about my homie, my dick was hard, so I decided to take it out and start jacking off. Then the craziest thing happened. As I was slowly stroking my dick my homie came into my room. Embarrassed I tried to quickly put my cock away.

To my surprise my homie said, “Leave it out, let me watch you.”

I didn’t know what to do. He closed the door behind him and said, “I have noticed you watching me all the time. Why don’t you jack off and I will let you suck me.”

At that point I was completely turned on, so I pulled my cock back out and slowly started stroking it. As I did that he walked over and opened his pants. He unleashed a monster. Semi hard his uncut brown cock was easily about 8.5 inches. He put it in my face and I started sucking it, swallowing all the way down to his pubes.

After about 15 minutes of me deep throating his now fully hard cock, he grabbed me by my shoulders and stood me up. He told me to turn around and take my pants off.

What happened next was pure ecstasy. Without saying a word, he spit on his hand and rubbed it on my asshole, then he penetrated me. It hurt for the first minute but then I was in heaven. He fucked me deep and hard for a good half an hour. Then when he was about to cum, he pulled out, turned me over and shoved me to the floor, so that he could cum all over my face.

We cleaned up with a towel I had in my room and went back to the party like nothing happened.

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