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Turned Out By Miguel
By: Anonymous,

My Friend EddyI just finished school at BYU and was feeling I needed out of this repressed city and decided to move down to Phoenix. I was also tired of the snow and cold. Not having much and after 24 years of this place, I packed everything I owned into my car and headed down to Phoenix.

When I arrived in Phoenix, not knowing the bad areas from the good areas of Phoenix, I started looking for apartments the first place I saw. I was looking at some apartments called Dimensions 27th Apartments off of Bethany Home Road. When I walked into the front office, I noticed these two Mexicans talking to the receptionist about rent or something. When I went up to the receptionist, they stepped aside to let me talk to her about rental information and such.

After getting rental information I turned around and out the door and headed to my car. Since I didn’t have very much money and was using credit cards to pay for everything, I decided I would go check out other apartments. As I was walking to my car one of the Mexican guys started following me and started calling me. When I turned around he was right in front of me. He was wearing a New York Yankees baseball cap tilted to the side and was a little taller than me, over six foot tall, about 185 pounds and fucking muscular under his white tank top. My eyes automatically went right to his massive package in his basketball shorts, whatever he was packing was hanging to his left.

As I moved my eyes upward I noticed his sweet brown skin under his white tank top and the tattoos on his shoulders and his light peach fuzz above his lip as he just smiled at me and asked if I was looking to rent a room. He obviously knew I was and started telling me that he and his friend have a three-bedroom apartment and they are looking for a roommate. He insisted that I come and look at their apartment which I did. When I went to see it, the apartment didn’t seem that bad. He showed me the room and said he would rent it to me for 300 dollars a month then started telling me his name Miguel, and where from Mexico he was from.

I started telling Miguel I would think about it. As we were talking, in walked Jorge his roommate. He too was over six foot, and probably 185 pounds of muscular brown skin. His baseball cap was cocked to the side also, he had no shirt on. His basketball shorts hung low and showed off his muscular body and a huge package that was hanging to his left also. As I moved my eyes up I noticed his Rodriguez tattoo on his stomach above his belly button and one across his chest. He too was smiling when I looked up. Both were friendly as fuck, and Jorge told me to sit down. Putting his hand on my chest, he gently pushed me back which made me lose my balance and I fell on the couch.

He grabbed some beers from the fridge and handed me one as I told him I don’t like beer, under his breath I heard him say, “panocha.” (pussy)

We sat on the couch for about an hour while they talked and tried to convince me to rent this room with them. I don’t remember anything they said, I was too mesmerized by their Spanish accent. While they were talking I felt like I kept staring at their dark brown chests and noticing every time they adjusted their package inside their shorts hopefully without them noticing.

I told them about my situation, and Miguel said he could get me a job working construction with him, if I rented the room. So, I broke down and rented the room from them.

In a few weeks I got a job working with Miguel at his construction site, met a lot of their friends, their girlfriends, and Miguel’s son. Weeks turned into months and everything become familiar. I started hanging out with them all the time as I was becoming comfortable in this place. Though they were comfortable from the beginning.

For example, I would always hear them fucking their bitches through the walls, walking around in their boxers, and them both always bragging, telling me how bitches love their Mexican dick.

One night we were hanging out at the pool with their friends chilling (drinking and 420). I was in the pool. After awhile, I got out and I was lying in the chair on the pool deck. Miguel got out of the pool and started to make his way over to me. While he was walking towards me I realized just how huge Miguel was. His swim trunks were compressed against his body, and his dick seemed to reach almost halfway down his thigh. Good thing I was wearing shades because it was so big I could not keep my eyes off it as he was walking towards me with water dripping down his toned Sunkist body.

He was a couple years older than me. He was fucking hot as fuck. When he got to me he stood with his dick eye level to me and said, “Jason we need to chill together” in his sweet Spanish accent. I was blinded by the outline of his trunks.

While we were token, we started talking and I asked him about his tattoos and if they hurt when he got them. He started pointing out his tats and telling me about them. Then he started to convince me that I should get some and started to suggest I should get two-playboy bunnies one on each inner torso just below my stomach. I could see his because the water pulled his swimming shorts waistband down, revealing his tats that brought attention to his huge bulge. He told me he knows a guy that could do it for cheap. I told him I was scared that it would hurt, and that I don't know. He said, “Don’t worry.”

He then called his tattoo guy while we started back to the apartment to change. I was still hesitant. Miguel came in my bedroom while I was putting on a pair of dry soccer shorts and handed me a pill and some water and told me that it won’t hurt and to take this pill. I assumed it was a pain pill and popped it in my mouth and we headed to his friend.

When we got to his friends he had everything ready and told me to sit in the chair. I remember laying back and him pulling down my waist band down to get access to my inner thigh. While I was in the chair sitting, they started talking to each other in Spanish. I zoned out. Soon the room started spinning and I felt a warm sensation come over my body. I felt high while he was inking my lower torso and only felt like someone tickling my torso.

Next day around 2 p.m. I woke to sounds of Miguel fucking his girlfriend. I could hear him talking to her and her moaning, this made me fantasize about him fucking her. I could hear him through my bedroom wall calling her a slut, as he was smashing her. Hearing him fuck her got me horny, I pulled my dick out of my shorts and started to jerk off fantasizing of her getting fucked by him.

Soon another weekend came, and we had a party down by the pool. Jorge this time kept talking to me. We were chilling when Miguel came over and grabbed my stomach, putting his hand on my tattoos and said, “Looks like a playa.” He said I should get another one and we started talking about the ones on his calves, and a crossed his chest. Miguel pulled my swim shorts down so my ass was visible then said, “Get it on your culo.” Laughing they both said “un joto” if you do.

While we were sitting talking Jorge’s, girl offered us donuts. I went over to sit in the hot tub and about 45 minutes later my head started spinning, and I felt light and relaxed, so I started going up to our apartment to lay down on my bed. Later, Miguel walked into my room and asked me if I was down to fuck around. Kind of shy, I said yeah.

Then I could feel his hand rubbing up and down my ass crack ass, my shorts were pulled passed my ass and I hear and feel someone spit on my ass. Horny as fuck, I lifted my ass. Then I hear Miguel’s voice in my ear, “Relax joto”

It was hard to utter words being on cloud nine, while moaning I mumbled, “I’m not gay.” At that moment I felt Miguel’s dick slid slowly up my ass, and him say in my ear, “you are now”. I started moaning, hearing his Spanish accent, “You like that fat Mexican dick, again faggot”, he says.

All I could do was moan feeling the effects of the ecstasy I just laid their moaning to Miguel’s hard dick sliding in and out of my ass. Couple times I tried to touch his stomach. He pushed his whole dick up my ass. He would grab my hand folding it behind my back and holding it in place while pushing me into the bed, he continued to pump my ass.

He came in my ass and it felt great. Is this what his gf feels like getting fucked by his dick. I felt like a total bitch.

For the next few days it was uncomfortable talking and being around Miguel and Jorge because I felt emasculated knowing that I got fucked by Miguel. I didn’t know if Miguel or Jorge thought I was gay. This prompted me to start dating and met a few thots on craigslist that I fucked. Nevertheless, Miguel was the same and never hinted or said anything about me getting fucked by him.

A few weeks went by and one weekend in July, we went to a BBQ and a pool party at Jorge’s friends down the road. Later in the night Jorge, his gf and a lot of the crew there were high on weed, and molly, Jorge told me to take some and convinced me again to take some. While we were all hanging at their pool, listening to music and drinking. The feeling was euphoric and made me start noticing all of the Latinos and fucking cholos there in their swimming shorts, and some in their boxers. There were several cholos that I kept noticing. Their bulge seemed to be the only thing holding their swim shorts up. These cholos were getting me horny as fuck.

My head was spinning so much, though I was six feet I only weighed 170. I knew I was a lightweight to these fucking guys. So I started to make my way back to our apartment which was just down the road. When I got home I fell on my bed. Then Miguel walked into my room, and asked me, “Want this dick?

I wanted it, but I was scared to say yes, so instead I just opened my mouth a little. Miguel put his dick near my face. I was so mesmerizing by how huge his dick was. Placing his hand on my head and pushing his dick in my mouth, he said “Chupa mi verga.” (Suck my dick.)

He had his dick sticking out of his boxers and this time I compiled without any words, I took his dick in my mouth and this being the first dick I ever sucked, I remember its salty taste, knowing now why I always hear his bitches fucking moaning in his bedroom. This dick was so fat and huge there was no way I could fit it in my mouth. I always thought my six-inch dick was up to par. But his dick had to be like 9 or 10 inches. It was a huge fucking dick, which made it difficult to suck his dick.

Miguel blurted out he needs culo and within seconds. He pulled my shorts to my ankles and had my legs bent and in the air in the deck chair position, his hands pushing and holding my legs in the air trying to push them to my ears. I started looking at him and saw him aiming his mouth at my ass then spit, feeling his saliva hit my ass I then felt the pressure of his massive uncut dick sliding in my ass. I was so high and horny I grabbed Miguel’s ass with one of my hands to slow down his penetration into my ass, I put my other hand on his muscular stomach, trying to hold him back so he wouldn’t shove his dick all the way up my ass. His ass was so tight and round in in my hand, in moaning I mumbled, “Fuck.”

Miguel must have taken that as I want fucked because he slides his dick in and out of my ass harder, saying, “tomalo todo joto.” (Take it all, faggot.)

I was so fucking high and having Miguel’s ass in my hand, made me horny as fuck, I didn’t care, that he was fucking me up the ass. Every now and then when my eyes rolled back I would glance up. While he had my legs bent back to my ears. His red baseball hat turned sideways and his peach fuzz just above his lip was moist with sweat while he was moaning. My hand that was on his stomach moved up to his chest.

While staring at his chest and biceps I remember thinking this must be why Latina chicks are always pregnant. If I had Miguel’s huge fucking dick I would be fucking everything also. In this position with my legs bent in the air, I felt like a total bitch and heard him moan, he started slamming my ass faster, and faster, calling me a “joto”. This made me grasp his ass harder, suddenly stopping leaving his dick entirely in my ass I felt a warm sensation in my ass.

Within seconds he slide his dick out of my ass and said “you like that Mexican dick, don’t you faggot” from the edge of the bed he pulled up his shorts. He put his dick back into his boxers and walked out. I just laid there feeling like a faggot, still horny from the ecstasy.

Since those nights working with Miguel and hanging out with him and Jorge I always felt like he knew I was undressing him whenever I looked at him. Whether true or not I knew they were always horny now living with him for several months.

Then one night while in the pool Miguel went to go take a piss, while he left I got out of the hot tub and started drying off, as did a couple of his friends. When he came back he said he needed some rolling paper, he asked me to go with him, JC convenience store was just down the street, so we headed over there. Club Silverado was a Latin night club just near the convenience store which made the parking lot full Latin vatos and chicas always in the parking lot. There was always a lot of cholos there which I later learned was used for an echar un rapidin. (a quickie).

After picking up paper we started heading back. On the way back, we went through the alley that ran behind our apartment complex. While I was walking beside him, Miguel starts pushing me up against the brick fence with my ass in a target position for his dick. Telling me he needs to fuck. My shorts are easily lowered allowing for his dick. He pushes my head against the wall while he starts pushing his dick up my ass. I moan feeling his dick slide up my ass, he starts pumping his dick up my ass a few times. He pushes my head harder into the fence and I hear him moan knowing that he just unloaded up my ass, “puto made me cum.”

He pulls his dick out of my ass and slaps my ass. While I pull up my shorts, he says, “come on”. While walking back I started to tell Miguel that I‘m not gay, and never have done shit like this. He just smiled grabbing my ass and said, “Your white ass is tight as fuck bro, it’s made for Mexican dick.”

“Relax ese.”

“You gringos all putos. Don’t worry amigo”, he tries to comfort me, “you got a sweet ass that’s all. It's cool, just relax man,” he said in his sweet Spanish accent.

It was from there on I knew Miguel knew I was a whore for his huge uncut Mexican dick, which made him continuously put his dick up my ass whenever he needed to get off. Which became more often, at work, the mall, middle of the night while asleep, parks, the bus station. Though it was always away from people or when no one was around.

Not long after, a couple of cholos that were Miguel’s friends found out how I would take Mexican dick up my ass. Which is another story

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