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Relax & Cooperate

Relax & CooperateHello,

After a few requests to write another story, I decided to write about the time I lost my virginity .

Way before the events of my story “La Isla del Encanto,” I was a virgin. I never had an interest in sex. Men were attractive to me, but not once did I feel a desire to sleep with one. I'm not going to lie and say I didn't have a mancrush every once in a while, but I never felt a need to seek out sex. When I was a virgin, there was never a thirst to quench. All that changed when I downloaded Grindr.

The first time I downloaded the app I deleted it right away. What was I thinking? There's no reason for me to download the app. The messages came in like a flood, dirty pics, requests to hook up... "What the fuck is this?!" I deleted the app, and tried again a week later.

It was 3 am and I was bored in bed. I downloaded Grindr again and the messages started coming in. I ignored most of them. They all wanted sex. I wasn't ready for that. All except one. "Hola."

One simple greeting in the midst of many blunt hook up requests. I click on the profile and see a nice toned Latino torso. Julian is 26, not dark, but morenito, 5'11" with faint abs and swimmer cuts.

We begin to chat and he tells me about his life and I tell him about mine. We chat for about an hour and he tells me he hopes to meet me one day in person, because he's never talked to anyone like me.

I smile and tell him I feel the same way. I send him a face picture and he sends me one. He's fucking cute and well-dressed! He asks me if I want to go over and meet him right then, it was 4 am but I enjoyed chatting with him so much that I agreed. I was unsure about his intentions, but I headed over anyway.

When I arrived at his house, he was waiting for me in the front yard. He comes up to me and I see he has curly black hair and brown eyes with a five o' clock shadow. Your typical Latino boy next door. He leads me inside the house and we go into his room.

His room is dark, but the television light flickers around the room. He sits on the bed and grabs his tablet.

He motions for me to sit next to him. I take a seat at the edge of his bed and notice that he's watching gay porn on his tablet. He motions for me to get comfortable.

I get closer and I quietly sit next to him watching the porn with him. He reaches inside his pants and starts massaging himself, as I nervously wonder what I got myself into.

I can see his bulge begin to swell as he massages his dick to the film. Eventually, I get the courage to tell him to whip it out. And he does. It's a thick 6.5" uncut dick. I look at his dick, and I look at him. I look at his dick again, then back at him. I look at his dick once more, and then one last time at him--like I'm asking for permission to touch it or something.

"It's all yours, Baby," he says. So I grab it. I grab his dick and start massaging it. Stroking his dick slowly. My cheeks turning red as I feel his manhood between my fist. It was the first time I had grabbed another man's cock. What was I supposed to do next?

"Kiss me." I lean forward and kiss someone for the first time. I brush my lips against his, and let him guide our make out session. Soon he's sucking my lips and our tongues explore each other.

I keep stroking him as we make out. Little moans escaping me as he begins to kiss and nibble on my neck. His beard stubble tickles, but it feels good. Soon I return the favor, and I'm sucking on his neck, my lips caressing his neck .

I feel a pressure on my head and realize he has his hand on the top of my head and he's gently pushing me downwards. So I kiss his chest and suck his nipples and kiss a trail of kisses down his fuzzy navel until I'm all the way down to his crotch. And when I get down there I see his penis, waiting to be stimulated.

And I don't know what to do?! "What the fuck do I do?!"

I look into his eyes, and he looks into mine. I look away--I look at his dick. I look at him for guidance? "What do I do with it?! Am I supposed to put it in my mouth?!"

I look at him one more time, and he stares at me. Quietly. Intensely. He nods. I grab his dick. And lick little swirls on the tip.

Right away he moans and I see his eyes close. That gives me courage and I envelope his whole cockhead in my mouth and slowly start sucking his dick.

He's moaning, and his hand on my head guides me as I bob my head up and down between his legs. Covering his cock inch by inch. It doesn't taste like anything. Cock is tasteless

. I start to suck his dick hungrily, and soon I'm deepthroating his cock. He groans as his foreskin pulls back and exposes him to sensitivity.

He slaps my face away, and tells me not to deepthroat him because it's too sensitive when his foreskin pulls back. He takes his dick and slaps my face with it. I slap it against my tongue. "Suck my balls."

I take my tongue and lick his balls. Then I stuff them in my mouth. He groans, and I lick his dick. Then he pulls me up and makes out with me while I straddle him and he begins to unbutton my pants.

I struggle, and fight with him over my jean's buttons. I'm not ready to have sex. "I'm a virgin." I tell him as we struggle for control of my buttons. "I'm scared. No, please. I'm not ready. I'm scared."

He's stronger, though. And soon he's unbuttoning my pants. "Don't be scared." He says. "Relájate y coopera." So I do what he says. I relax and cooperate. I help him take off my jeans.

I straddle him and make out with him and begin to grind on him. I start moving rhythmically so that my dick is rubbing on his while we make out. It feels so good, both our cocks rubbing together while passionately kiss.

I keep grinding my dick on his.

I don't want that sensation to stop. It feels amazing. I grab our dicks, hold them together, and start jacking them off. We moan and gasp as our cocks rub on each other.

He slaps my ass and signals for me to get up . "Lay back and raise your legs." I do what he says while he grabs a condom and some lube. He puts lube on his fingers and reaches down between my legs.

I feel the cold goo as he rubs my tight virgin hole. He doesn't penetrate me, he just rubs the lube around the rim. It's cold, and it feels good. His fingers tracing my hole feel so fucking good. I don't want him to stop rubbing my hole.

He grabs my legs and pushes them up against his shoulders. He leans forward and we're facing each other. He's staring at me intensely. I don't know if he wants to fuck me or hit me.

And he begins to press his cock against my hole. I feel the pressure, but I'm not sure he's going to succeed in penetrating. I'm clenching hard.

"Fuck, you're tight." He positions his cock and then without warning he thrusts. One hard thrust. I scream in pain.

It fucking burns. My hole is on fire. I shut my eyes and try to block out the pain as he thrusts deep inside me. The friction of every thrust burning. "It burns. It burns. It burns. It burns." I whisper over and over again .

"Fuck. It burns. Oh, fuck. It hurts. It fucking hurts.

" I grab onto his strong biceps and look at him with pleading eyes. My eyes beg for him to stop, as he pounds into me forcefully.

Every ram of his cock inside me causing an unbearable burning sensation. I feel dizzy, and lightheaded. Soon, I start getting an out-of-body experience. It's like I'm hovering over my body looking at Julian thrust into me.

Watching Julian fuck me hard and without compassion. I see myself laying there holding tightly to Julian as he fucks the life out of me. Pounding me hard, ramming my ass without mercy.

My eyes gloss over as I wait for it to be over. The pain starts dulling. I'm not even paying attention anymore. I'm not there. This isn't happening to me. I'm still a virgin. It's all a dream.

And then I feel it. Faintly at first, the pain is overwhelming it--but there's a new feeling. Julian's cock is hitting something inside me. And it feels good. The pain is still there, but now it feels good. It hurts good. I beg him, "Harder. Fuck me harder."

Julian obliges and I moan with pleasure as he begins to stimulate something deep inside me."You like that ? You like this dick ?" It feels so fucking good. I snap out my trance and raise my head and make out with him.

I love making out with him, and it feels even better with his dick inside me. I twist his nipples hard. He groans. Pulls out and flips me over.

I lean against the bed facedown and he raises one of my legs. And he goes at it again. Ramming me from behind as I clench at the sheets. It hurts like hell while he hits it from behind. I'm moaning like a fucking bitch.

He grabs my hair and pulls my head back and we make out while he pounds me from behind.

Soon I can't take doggy anymore and I slump on the bed. He grabs me from the hair and drags me to my knees. "Suck it. You like sucking dick, huh?" I start sucking his cock. I deepthroat it and he gets mad and slaps my face away. "You wanna play rough, then ?" He picks me up and shoves me on the bed.

He raised my legs onto his shoulders and begins to fuck me missionary again. I raise my upper torso a little to get a better look and he places his hand against my neck and holds me down on the bed by it. It's hot as fuck. He aggressively fucks me while holding me down by the neck.

Firmly clasping my throat. "Fuck. You got a tight little hole." Whatever he's hitting inside me feels so good. I feel like I have to cum. The sensation gets stronger and I start to moan louder. "Fuck. Fuck, Julian. That feels so fucking good. Fuck me harder! Harder!"

With a loud moan I cum. I spasm and tremble as five spurts of hot cum cover me in the milky white substance, meanwhile he keeps thrusting in me.

I feel his dick expanding inside me and his thrusts begin to pick up pace. I have a feeling he's also gonna cum, so I wrap my legs tight around him and hold him close to me. My legs wrapped tightly around his waist, and my arms wrapped around his back. He groans as he shoots his load inside me. Shuddering hard with every spasm of his orgasm.

I don't release him until he stops cumming. He leans forward and kisses me. Then slips out his cock and begins cleaning up.

I see blood on the condom. "What the fuck?!" I lay in bed... Numb... In shock. Wondering what the fuck just happened... Fuck... That shit was fucking BOMB!


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