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Doing Time
By: anonymous

Doing TimeI was driving on my way to work one day when I was pulled over by the cops. They asked me if I was on probation or parole and I answered no. They ran my license and registration while I waited in the driver's seat of my car. To my surprise, when the cop came back he said, "You have a warrant for your arrest, sir. Step out of the car."

He frisked me out of the car and handcuffed me. I was placed in the backseat of the squad car while the officer and his partner conducted a search of my vehicle. They found nothing illegal. They came back to the car.

"Well, unfortunately, because it's a $50,000 warrant we can't cite you out, so you're going to have to be taken in to the station and you'll see the judge either tomorrow or the day after. Do you have any medical conditions we should know about?”

"No," I answered.

They drove me to the Lakewood Sheriff's station where I was booked on a warrant for felony wreckless driving. They took my mug shot photo and took my copper eagle Native American bracelet and jade ring and they also took my shoe laces to make sure I didn't hang myself or use them as a weapon against another inmate. I was placed in a holding tank at the Lakewood station by myself but I could look out and talk to people in the hall where the jailer was processing people in. There was a shaved head Latino guy in his early 20's who was in the holding tank across from me. I saw him look at me and he asked, "What are you in for?"

I said, "A warrant, you?"

To which he answered, "Burglary."

"Oh," I told him.

"You're straight," he said, as a figure of speech. He had no idea about me. This guy was named Jose and he's 22.

The jailer heard us speak so she came over and said, "Hey, shut up. No talking here."

After a few minutes she booked him in and took picture of his tattoos and took his shoe laces and wallet and put it in a manila envelope that was placed in his property bag. We were then put in the same holding tank where the phone was located. "You guys can use the phone now, but once you're in the cell there ain't no phone so you better use it now if you want. Here's your PIN numbers."

Once we were in the same cell, we had a conversation. We talked about where we lived and how the fuck we ended up there. He lives in Long Beach. His dad needed money for the rent so he and his 17 year old cousin decided to break into a house to come up on some stuff and cash. It was a bad idea because it was drizzly that morning and the neighbor saw them entering the house and called the cops. The cops came and knew they were there because the helicopter was tracking their movements. The cops got on the megaphone and yelled, "Come out or we're going to let the dogs loose on you." So they said, "Fuck that!" and came out with their hands up. His cousin was taken to Y.A. and Jose was taken to the Lakewood station.

I noticed he was wearing a black t-shirt and some sweat pants. His dick looked obvious to me as a glanced at his crotch low key. I asked if he would be interested in doing porn. He said, "Yeah, I'd fuck a female on tape."

"Can I see it?" I asked him.

Without hesitation, he lowered his sweats slightly to reveal a big thick uncut cock that was still soft.

"Yeah, you'll do," I said. After a few minutes I asked to see it again. This time he was semi hard. What he said next not only surprised the fuck out of me but it made me delightfully ecstatic. Well, as happy as I could be given the situation. He said to me, "Maybe you can suck it."

"Fuck yeah," I told him. I got off the bench I was sitting on and sat on the floor in front of him.

"Not here," he said, wait to see where they put us," he said.

"Alright," I replied. At that point a CHP officer looked into the window where we were and asked us what we were in for. We told him and he said, "Well you guys look more clean cut and normal compared to the other people here. Once you get out of her, stay out of trouble."

So the black female jailer took us out of the holding tank and proceeded down the hall. "Follow me," she said. "Grab a bed roll." So we each did.

She led us down the hall and placed us in a 4-bed cell. There was a guy already in there who was laying down. He woke up when he saw us enter. "Hey, what's up, what you in here for?," he asked us both.

We told him and then he told us his story. His old lady got mad at him because he found a new girlfriend and wanted to leave her so she called the cops and said that he hit her and was abusive. We talked a little about astrology and it turns out he was a Libra like Jose. Me being a Pisces I was in the cell with two Libra people. This guy Carlos was wondering if his dad was going to go visit him at the station, but he said he wasn't sure because he heard it had been raining hard outside. So we talked some more and ate our peanut butter and jelly sandwiches and just pondered life. There was a black guy in the cell next to us but we couldn't see him. We could just heard him bitching about how the cops stole $300 out of his wallet and that he wanted to talk to the watch commander.

Carlos was laying down on the lower bed that was bolted into the wall near the metal bars, and Jose and I were sitting down on the other lower bunk.

After a while, Carlos was trying to go back to sleep. So Jose and I went to the upper beds. He whipped his dick out and it was nice and hard. He looked at me and did the motion with his hands like he had a head on his dick that he was moving up and down and he looked at me as though he wanted me to suck it then and there. I quietly went on the bed he was laying on and grabbed his dick.

We then heard foot steps and I jumped back on my bed. The deputy knocked on the bars with her flash light and asked for Carlos. He had a visitor! So he gets up and goes to his visit and Jose and I couldn't be happier.

During this time the black guy in the cell next to us was having a conversation with himself and was asking for our opinion so I was politely giving him feedback. Jose then pulled down his sweats and his dick popped out. I licked it and sucked on it. Jose was answering the black guy's questions for me as I went to work on his big uncut cock. After a while of my servicing him I could tell he loved it because of the look on his face as he bit his lip. So we stood up and I bent over in front of him as he gestured me to. He then fucked me bareback for several minutes. He pulled out after a while and put his hot throbbing dick in my mouth and he busted. I swallowed his big juicy load.

After about 15 minutes, Carlos came back into the cell and suspected nothing. Another guy came in a few hours later who had been picked up for robbery. We went to sleep and were awakened by the jailer asking us to go to the court line. I tried to memorize Jose's number and we gave each other a fist pump and that was the last I saw of him.

They took me to the county where I spent a few months. There was a guy named Flako from the SGV who would shower with nothing on. His uncut dick was very nice. He made shower sharking fun. Lol. Being locked up is no picnic but horny surenos make it at least a little bearable.

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