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La Isla Del Encanto

La Isla Del EncantoLast month, I went to Puerto Rico with my best friend. And I saw this profile onlinethat looked pretty insignificant-- a profile I would skip over any other time, but for some reason I decided to hit that person up. And I didn't regret it. Andrew was gorgeous! And I mean everyone in Puerto Rico is hot, but he was gorgeous. Light-skinned, 5'11" and toned with a 10 inch thick uncut cock. He had mini-gauges. That was the only part about him I didn't like, but all he had to do was smile to distract me from that fact.

Anyway, he didn't live in the capital, San Juan. He lived like 15 minutes away. And I guess he didn't have a car. So we couldn't meet up. And I was doing a lot of touristy stuff at first so I didn't have time to travel to his city. So for two weeks we didn't meet up. I was going to gay bars and stuff and meeting other guys and hooking up with other guys. But we maintained in contact cause he kept promising he would make an effort to see me. And I wanted to see him too, but I wasn't that worried about it cause I was having fun and going on dates and hooking up w these other Puerto Ricans. And all these guys were HUGE! Big thick dick everywhere! So naturally I was in heaven. Having the time of my life. Then one night I get a message from Andrew and he said he wanted to talk on the phone.

So we talked on the phone for an hour. And near the end of the call... I hear a weird noise. And he's like out of breath and there's like a weird sound. And I'm like, "What are you doing ???" And he starts laughing. And I'm like... "Are you jacking off ???" And he starts laughing again. And I tell him that's a waste of a load. Cause I would've gladly milked it and swallowed his load. I wanted to taste his cock. And so I told him what I would do to his dick w my mouth...

"I'll take my tongue and swirl it around your hot tasty tip, slowly lowering it down your thick long shaft inch by inch until I am so deep-throat you can't resist the urge to face fuck me. Grabbing my head tight between your strong hands as you thrust deep into my hot wet mouth, smacking my tonsils. Getting your dick all slobbery and lubed up for what was about to come next."

I could hear his heavy breathing over the phone, and the wet sound the friction of his hand on his lubed cock was making. My friends started coming over, so I had to hang up. But a few minutes after he sent me a video of him jacking off his big uncut verga and cumming a big ass load all over his chiseled abs. And that's when I made up my mind. I could wait no longer. The next day I was going to travel to his town and meet up w him.

We met in the town center square and we went up to his apartment which overlooked the plaza. His apartment was huge! And not only did he live alone -- he was the only tenent of the building. He went to shower. I had already showered so I waited in his room and began to play music. Then he came out in his boxer briefs and it was a hot sight. His chiseled body glistening with water droplets. His hair darkened by the moisture. He looked so good. He came over with the strawberry vodka and drank some and offered me the bottle. So I took it and began to drink from it super sexy. Making sure to wet my lips and lick the tip. Sensually placing the tip of the bottle on my lips. Gulping noticeably so that he could notice the movement of my Adam's Apple as I swallowed...

And when I brought the bottle down from my lips I had no time to react. He grabbed my face and he kissed me! It took me by surprise. And he just smiled and walked out of the room.

So he comes back in with a glass of red liquid. And he tells me it's vodka with Crystal Lite in it. And I immediately feel uneasy. Cause I'm thinking... "Did he drug it ?" And so he drinks from it and says I'm drinking it so you know I didn't put anything in it. And smiles. And he has a great smile. He's so fucking cute. And so I take a drink while I stare into his eyes and it's so good! And then he takes the glass and takes a drink. And I'm sitting on his bed and he's standing in front of me hovering over me. And he grabs my chin with his strong hands and lifts my head and he kisses me. And then I feel liquid pouring into my mouth... He didn't swallow! We're swapping the drink! If I had seen this on TV I would've fucking gagged and thrown up... But it was the hottest thing ever... He made it the hottest thing ever. So I swallowed. And we made out. Then he smiled and walked out of the room.

He lays down and I lay next to him and watch him and I'm thinking that this guy is super cute. I wanna kiss him. So I get on top of him and straddle him. And start talking to him super close to his lips. And when he tries to kiss me I turn my head or pull back. I'm teasing him. Well eventually he gets tired of it and he flips me on my back and now he's on top. And he begins to touch my face and I'm looking at him like...??? And he's like, "I thought you said you were a Bottom... So I get to be on Top." And I'm like dying cause he's sexy and his accent is sexy and the way he speaks is sexy and sexier than all the other hot guys I'd been w in Puerto Rico and in the States. And he gives me a "chest dance" cause by now he's sitting on my chest. And it's the sexiest thing ever. Seeing his hips roll as he grinds on my chest. He dances a little striptease on my chest and by now I see a bulge. Now this bulge isn't huge and it's not significant. So I'm like... "Damn. He's not gonna be as big as his countrymen." The tip is sticking out of his boxer briefs and he looks at me like he wants me to lick it. And I'm looking at him like... "Nah." We had talked for two weeks remember ? So over the course of those two weeks I told him I was the Boss and I'm always in charge. And he agreed. So when I was looking at him skeptically, like "I'm not gonna lick your cock..." He says, "En todos lados, tu mandas... Pero en la cama YO mando." And he said it so aggressively and dominantly, it was the hottest thing I'd ever heard. I literally knew then and there that I was gonna be his bitch that night.

So he gets closer to me and I'm laying on my back. He's sitting on my chest. I stick my tongue out and awkwardly begin to lick the exposed tip. And it's so awkward, but I lick little swirls... He grabs me and sits me up a little and then kneels next to me. And he whips it out. And the insignificant bulge becomes the biggest thickest most beautiful cock I've ever seen. It's long and thick and the balls are huge. My eyes widen and I drop my jaw. He takes his thumb and places it inside my mouth and he holds my mouth down and slips his cock in. And it fits! Cause he's holding my mouth open with his thumb. And he begins to face fuck me. Slowly sliding in and out of my mouth. Then he takes his thumb out and by now I'm adjusted to his girth so I take his cock in my mouth and he shoves it in and surprisingly there's no gag reflex. I'm deepthroating his cock as glides in and out of my mouth. And I love it. He stands up and I do too and I kiss his lips and his neck. I lick and tease his pierced nipples and kiss my way down his abs. Licking his belly button and kissing my way down his happy trail... Kissing his trimmed pelvis... He moans and I kneel in front of him and I worship his cock with my tongue and my mouth. I juggle his balls in my mouth and balance the use of my hands on his cock. He aids me with a hand on the back of my head and I suck his huge thick dick for a good while. And he moans quietly while I swallow his huge ass cock. And then he says, "It's time for more vodka." And he's about to walk out of the roOm... And I grab his arm and look up at him shyly / timidly / fearfully... And whisper... "I want you to film me. I want you to film me sucking your dick."

And he smiles. He asks for my phone. Stands on the bed. I kneel in front of him and give him the best oral performance of my life. Sucking his cock smoothly, deep-throating without gagging, juggling his balls with my mouth, and licking every inch of his long ass cock. And after a minute I run out of memory. And we watch the clip and it's so hot. The recording ended so perfectly. And I'm so turned on. So we continue to drink, make out, swap drinks. And then he says, "Give me that ass." And tells me to lay on the bed facedown. And I have a feeling he wants to eat me out. And I've never let anyone eat me out before, so I hesitate. And he guides me toward the bed and presses me down onto it. And I turn and look at him and ask him what he's doing, and he tells me to stay quiet and relax. And he takes my jacket and puts it on my arms in reverse and then ties the jacket. So now my hands are tied behind my back... And he holds me down. And I ask what he's doing and he's not answering. And he begins to pull my pants off forcibly. And I'm panicking cause I know he's gonna eat me out. And he whispers, "It's okay." And he says it so cute that I trust him. And my pants come off. And he slaps my ass. And then he kisses it and nibbles on it and bites it. And I tell him not to-- not to eat me out. "Don't Andrew. Please. Don't do it." And he's not responding to me. And then I feel a splash of liquid on my ass and I turn and he's pouring the strawberry vodka on me. He's taking shots off my ass! "Don't Andrew. Please. Don't do it." And then I feel it. Slippery running up and down my ass. His tongue on my hole. I squirm. I clench. I whisper for him to stop. He doesn't. The whole time I'm whispering for him to stop. And my whispers become moans for him to stop. And he doesn't. And soon the whispers stop and it's just moans. Moans of pleasure as he takes his tongue and probes every inch of my sensitive tight hole. It feels so good. And I began to push against his tongue. I can feel my hole widening, craving more than a tongue. Wanting that huge dick inside me!

And then it stops. Abruptly. And he unties my hands. And it's silent. He leaves the room.

And when he comes back I'm on my hands and knees. And I'm willingly positioned for him to keep eating me out. He grabs a hanger and spanks my ass w it. Then he kisses me where he hit me. Then he takes a huge bite. And I know he left a mark. And he goes at it again. This time more aggressively. He's eating me out. I love it. My asshole is so sensitive, I'm moaning so loud. And then he presses me down on the bed. And he lays on top of me. And he kisses me. Then my neck and shoulders. Then he nibbles my back. And then he stops. And I just lay there. And then I can feel his fingers touching me. Penetrating me. And I'm so wide from the tongue action. And then I feel him inside me. I feel him glide in. And I'm shocked that there's no pain. It doesn't hurt. He's huge! It should hurt. I don't understand. It just feels so good. His deep long thrusts feel so damn good. He tells me, "Let's make a baby." And I'm moaning like a bitch taking his big cock deep inside me. And he gives me the fucking of my life. And it's like he knew what I wanted. He knew I wanted to be carried and fucked with my legs around his torso while we made out on the balcony under the stars. He knew I wanted to be rammed while I leaned over the terrace. He knew I wanted to be pressed up against the hallway wall while he fucked me from behind. He knew I wanted to ride him like a cowboy while he sat on the building staircase. I wanted it to end in missionary position. Staring into his eyes, as he whispers, "Cum for me, Baby." Feeling his pulsing throbbing cock inside me while I hold onto his strong biceps and twist his nipples, cumming and spasming with the intense pleasure this sex god was giving me. Finally, he came while thrusting his tool deep inside me... I could feel his hot cum filling up my hole and running down my ass. His groans of pleasure turning me on even more... It was the most magical night of my life, an unforgettable experience in La Isla del Encanto.

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