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Bad Friend

Bad FriendI had a guy in class that was a football player, 6 feet tall with good muscle but no six pack, just perfect. I didn’t know if he was gay or straight.

Let me describe myself. I am 5’10”, tall, 184 lbs, not fat but not skinny, kind of tan and what people call a nerd. I meet Ian (fake name) in my elementary school and I have fallen in love with him but you know that at that age you can’t say nothing.

We became friends in a few days and we were always together in the cafeteria, in the library (for me) and I would watch him practice in the football field almost every day. You could say we were close but not really.

Like I said I liked him but he would never know. Later in high school we had the same classes so that was the best. It was perfect. If I could not confess to him I could at least be next to him.

And even later when we were in our first year of community college, I started to dream of him.

One day he told me he was having a birthday party, and he asked me to meet him after class in the gym locker room to talk about it. I was just waiting until he came out just with a towel. He complained about the coach. He continued talking but he never mentioned his party, so I thought that maybe he was lying to me about that.

But all I could see was his body all wet, drops of water running down his chest. The next thing I knew was that he was naked in front of me, asking if I was enjoying what I was seeing. I did not want him to know so I smacked his head and say, “Don’t play and get changed.”

He was just smiling, so I turned and sayed I would wait outside. It all happened so fast because when I noticed my back was in front of the lockers and his arm was blocking any way to escape. He said, "I know you like me. You’re always following me and staring at me when I change. I know you want my dick in your hole."

I was in shock. Was I so obvious? Fuck my life? What can I do now? All I could do was look down and see his 6 inch hard uncut dick pointing at me. I said, "Please Ian, I’ll stop looking at you in the future."

He answered, "You really don’t want to make the first move? Fine then, I will.”
With his big hand he pulled my pants down and grabbed my dick so hard that it hurt so much that I was in my knees. When I looked up, his dick was in my face. I could not control myself. I wanted to suck it so bad. I grabbed it and put it in my mouth. It was delicious. The head, the balls and the precum were all I care about. He grabbed my head and pushed his dick inside my mouth so hard that my throat hurt. I could not breath.

He took it out and said, “Turn around.”
I did what he said. He spread my legs and I could feel how he was licking and kissing my ass. I tried to cover my mouth so I would not moan so loud. The way he eat me I could tell it was not his first time with a man. He licked my little tight asshole for at least 13 minutes.

After that he said, “You are ready. Bend over.”
I laid down with my stomach on the bench and I knew what was coming. I felt the head of his dick push against my hole. It was way too big to enter, but he forcefully entered me and I wont lie it hurt so much that I saw a few drops of blood on the floor and tears came out of my eyes. But I wanted this. It was fucking great.

He began fucking me hard fast. Ian did not have time to waste. He fucked me hard and loud, saying things like, "Fuck yeah, I wanted your ass for so long. Now you are my bitch."

He grabbed my shoulders and pounded me more hard. He even pulled my hair so I wouldn’t run away. We change position until he picked me up and pushed me to the wall and fucked me in the mid air.

My dick could not take it anymore. I started to jack off and I came on his chest. I was done but not him. He continued to pound me until he said, "Fuck I am...."
Without finishing his sentence, he came inside of me. I could feel something warm going inside me. A few moments passed and he was still carrying me in the air against the wall. He took out his cock and some cum came out of my hole.
He just sat on the bench and stared to smile, saying, "You really have a good hole. I can’t wait to fuck you again soon, friend."

After that I would wake up and go to school, wishing that we would fuck around again. If we didn’t have sex again, at least I could be next to him. But soon that wasn’t possible either because little did I suspect that the next day guys would start to make fun of me saying, Joto, pinche joto, maricon” (faggot in Spanish). What shocked me was that Ian was one of the guys calling me faggot.

I did not want them to make fun of him. If they thought he was gay, they wouldn’t let him play football and that was what Ian was working so hard on. But he did not support me. He didn’t even say anything, he just stood there laughing when all the guys were calling me names.

That night I made a decision: I would stop hanging out with him. Maybe if I was not with him, people wouldn’t bully him no more. He would continue to play and be happy.

He tried to talk to me once in a while but I did not answer back. I did not want him to suffer. Until finally one day we lost contact with each other. We would see each other in the hall way, but not even say “hi” to each other.

I found out he had a girlfriend and that they broke up, but that’s all I knew of him. He worked in a store I often went to, but I tried to hide. He may have thought I was an asshole for ignoring him, but I know it was for the best for him. In graduation he was one of the best school player, and he was popular. He had lots of friends, and me well I was just a lonely nerd that sacrificed a friendship for the happiness of the person he loved. Sorry if it was long. I got carried away.

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