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Me & Rey: The First Time
By anonymous

Me & Ray: The First TimeHello my name is Jose. I want to tell you the story of how i sucked my best friend's dick one day....

The story begins around Spring 2004, my best friend named Rey arrived from Mexico. I remember I had just arrived at my friend's house from school. I came in and there he was, sitting on the couch. I shook his hand and gave him a hug...

Some time passed by and I noticed that he started to exercise. He was getting fit. I remember sneaking into his room at times, being careful so no one to see me. I didn't wanna get caught, especially by his mom....

By that time he knew I was gay and he knew that I liked him...he would tease me with his smile, flash his stomach and flash his dick at me a few times, but up to that point I hadn't been able to suck him off....until one afternoon…

I came from school and was hanging in the living room. I knew my friend Rey was working out in his room. I was actually waiting on my dad to pick me up and take me home. Meanwhile I waited, I got bored and decided to go to Rey's room.

As I got closer I made sure no one saw me. I turned the knob and my heart started beating so fast, I was so nervous. I opened the door and went inside. There he was curling weights and grunting without a shirt. I closed the door slowly and locked it behind me, making sure I didn't make any noise to attract attention and I locked the door.

I walked up to Rey and said, "Wow, your body is looking good."

He said, "Thanks."

He was wearing only basketball shorts and no underwear. I could see the outline of his big dick through his nylon shorts.

I said, "Let me feel your chest."

I touched his smooth chest and his six pack. He was ticklish and he laughed a little. Then I said, "Are you ticklish here?"

And I grabbed his fat sleeping cock through his shorts.

He said, "Don't do that? You gonna make me hard."

"You probably can't even get hard," I said. And I grabbed him again.

He said,"Don't do that, foo. You gonna get me hard."

I get massaging his cock. He said, "Lock the door, so no one sees us."

I said, "I already locked the door."

I kneeled before him and pulled down his shorts. His hairy bush came out and his big inflating uncut cock popped out. I remember the odor coming from it. I started to touch it and massage it and it got semi-hard. I remember my heart beating so fast.

He said, "Put it in your mouth."

I hesitated becaus his dick looked so good. I wanted to keep looking at it. Me Bendeci (I did the sign of the cross) and i went down on his dick. At that time I hadn't sucked many dicks so I wasn't really a pro at it. As I kept sucking it, it started to get harder. I could feel his pre-cum on the tip of his mushroom head.

He grabbed my head and started pounding my mouth. He said, "Ok, you want to be a faggot? Suck that cock."

He kept moaning my name, telling me how good it felt. I sucked him real good for 10 minutes.

The next thing I know, I hear a knock on my friend's door and I hear someone calling my name. It was his sister, telling me that my dad had just arrived to pick me up. I answered to her "on my way" and peeked out the window. Yup, dad was outside waiting.

I quickly went down on Rey's dick one last time and licked his precum off the tip of his head and he just smiled and I left....

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