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Walmart Trucker
By Big Steve,

Walmart TruckerHere it is the night before I leave for a week to the beaches of Mexico and I’m stuck working until 10 pm. On the way home I found a text message on my phone from my roommate asking me to call him. I called and he said we needed some last minute supplies from the local Walmart store. There was one on the way home and it was open 24 hours. I pulled into the parking lot and noticed an 18 wheeler backing up in the lot. The trailer was covered in 50 lb bags of top soil, roped down and secured. The light was on inside the cab and I could barely make out what looked to be a stocky Hispanic driver.

Sure enough, I rolled my window down as I passed by and there he was Hispanic, somewhere between 28 and 38 years old. He parked the rig, looked at me, looking at him but offered no sign of recognition. When the door opened I was pleased to see a tall and stocky man get out. He was about 6'3", buzzed hair cut, mustache and must have weighed in at 250 lbs. He was wearing a sleeveless t-shirt and basketball shorts with some tennis shoes. I noticed right away that his legs were pretty furry for a Latino man. I found a spot to park my truck and met him near the door as we both walked into the store.

He mumbled a quiet, “How’s it going?” and I responded with, “How’re you tonight?” Neither of us really answered the other one. I headed straight for the men’s room to take a leak and he headed off towards the left part of the store. I was in the john for about 4 minutes when I spotted him standing at the urinal outside the stall I was in. I could hear the sound of his piss hit the back of the urinal and thought about whether he was cut or uncut and whether he skinned it back or let it out naturally. I exited the stall as he turned to flash a nice fat uncut dick, skin still over the head of his cock and a hefty pair of balls. When I looked up, his eyes were right on mine. No hint of a smile or anything appeared on his face. He put up his equipment and went to wash his hands. I stood there next to him washing mine, knowing he recognized me from the parking lot and the front door.

He left the restroom and I followed. He made his way through the store and I thought to myself, “No chance of getting a taste of that,” so I went about my business, picking up the last minute things for the vacation. I finished shopping and went up to find a register with no line. I was handing my items to the cashier as I noticed the trucker behind me in line. There was one other register open with no one there but I guess he didn’t see it. He looked at my travel supplies, and said to me, “Looks like you’re headed for the beach.” I turned and said, “Yeah, I can’t wait. I’m flying down to Mexico in the morning.” “Damn, he replied, “That must be nice!” I smiled and said, “That’s why I can’t wait.” We made some more small talk about where I was going and how he had never been to the Caribbean.

As I made my way out to the parking lot, the trucker was walking over to his rig. He walked around the truck, checking it out. I got in my truck and drove over to where he was parked. I asked him if he was driving through the night and he said that he had to deliver this load of topsoil in the morning. I said, “Where are you spending the night, if you don’t mind me asking?” He came back, “Well, I just need to find a good, safe place to park. I’ll stay with my truck.” I told him I knew of a street where I’ve seen a few rigs park for the night that was pretty close. I’d show him the way there if he wanted to follow me. He agreed and we were on our way.

About three blocks from my house was a side street near a vacant lot and there were already two rigs parked there. I pulled a u-turn and parked my truck opposite him, got out and walked over to his cab. I asked him if the place looked good and he seemed okay with it. Then he said, “Hey, you want to come in for a beer?” I said, “Sure, sounds good.” I walked around and climbed up into the passenger seat.

He had the cab cooled off real nice and the full sized bed was neatly made up behind a pair of dark curtains. I said to him, “Man, this is nice! You’ve got it made in here,” He smiled and said, “It’s not bad driving a rig if you don’t mind being away from the family.” I told him I wasn’t married and wasn’t planning on it. He then said, “I don’t mind the time away from my wife so much, but I miss my kids.”

We drank a couple of beers and he put a movie in his DVD player. We were half sitting and half laying on the bed. It was a straight porn flick with a group of men and one woman. He said to me, “Man, you should see the way this bitch goes after these guys. She loves sucking cock.” We watched the movie and I noticed he was getting a little sleepy so I thought I better make a move now, if I am going to try at all. I told him, “Back there at the store I noticed you seem to have a pretty good size dick in there.” He said back to me, “It ain’t that big.” I reached up and put my hands under his shorts to find out that he had no briefs on.

I said, “Going commando, huh?” We both laughed. I found his dick and it was rock hard. He held my hand and looked me in the eyes and said, “I don’t mess around with fags.” I looked at him and said, “Neither do I.” He loosened his grip on my hand and let me play with his meat. I pulled the foreskin up and over his head over and over as he popped open another beer.

I was able to pull it out one leg of his shorts and get a good look at it. He had a real beauty; uncut, nice defined veins, slight curve to the right and a big pair of lemon sized balls surrounded by a thick black nest of hair. I reached down and pulled off his shoes and he mumbled something and I said, “Just relax. I know how to make you feel good.” Then I reached up and pulled his shorts off. His furry legs were spread in front of me with this beautiful uncut, hard cock staring me in the face. I bent down to lick at the head and he grabbed my head with both hands, saying, “I told you I don’t fuck around with faggots.” I just looked him in the eyes, stroked his hard cock and said, “Yeah, I know. It’s okay.” Then he relaxed and I sucked his cock into my mouth. He tasted so fucking good. I could tell he had showered earlier in the day but had a full day’s worth of sweat and scent built up on his meat.

He laid back and closed his eyes moaning something to me I couldn’t understand. I sucked him all the way down and suddenly he grabbed my head and held it in one place as he fucked my mouth fast and hard with his cock. Just as suddenly he relaxed and lay back. I backed off his dick to get a good whiff of his whole crotch. Nothing smells as good as a hot man’s crotch and the special area just under and beside his balls. I let my tongue lick along both sides of his balls and he moaned loudly. Then I took one ball into my mouth, gently sucking and licking on the smooth sack. His legs were shaking as I switched to the other ball. I licked him over and over again until I saw some precum leaking out of his cock head. The foreskin was pulled back just enough to let the hole show with its pearly liquid forming at the tip.

I licked up and tasted that sweet nectar from him and started to suck him some more. I reached up under his shirt to find a nice furry belly and fur covered nipples. As I started to play with one, he moaned again and, “Oh fuck yeah!” I told him to take his shirt off. He just laid there and I reached up to lift his shirt off over his head. His fucking armpits were so full of black hair I just growled under my breath. I knew I had to bury my face in them. He must have known I liked what I saw because he put both arms up over his head and rested on his hands. Now I had this big, strong and husky Latino trucker lying in front of me naked, hairy legs spread, dick hard, hot hairy belly and chest and his armpits fully exposed for me. I reached into my shorts and pulled out my dick and started jacking off. I bent down and licked the inside of his hairy thigh as he grabbed my head and shoved my mouth down under his balls. He kept pushing and pushing until my tongue came in contact with his tight brown puckered hole. I knew what he wanted and lifted up his legs so I could eat his ass some. He was moaning and squirming and talking to me in broken English and Spanish about what a fag I was to be eating his ass.

I rolled him over and spread his meaty cheeks wide so I could really rim him out. He was dripping with precum as I ate his ass, pushing my tongue as far up into his hole as I could get. I reached down between his legs and stroked his hard cock, pulling his skin back and forth over the head of his cock. He was moaning loudly now and reaching back to spread his cheeks for me with both of his hands. I said to him, “Damn, I would love to fuck your ass, boy.” He moaned and said nothing. I got up on my knees and rubbed my dick head against his hole. He pushed back against me and I let a little of my cock slide into him. He tensed up and then pushed back some more. I felt the velvety sensation, to which nothing in this world can compare, a hot ass engulfing a hard cock. He was begging to get fucked with every move of his body. I slid in all the way and let my cock rest deep inside of him.

I wanted to fuck him and at the same time I wanted to suck him off so I flipped him over and got on top of him. I leaned over and starting licking on his neck and ears. He wouldn’t let me kiss him on the lips but he enjoyed my tongue on his neck. I moved down and sucked on one nipple and then the other. Then I made my way past his hairy belly to his beautiful cock. “Damn, I love sucking on Latino meat,” I thought to myself. He was pumping in and out of my mouth and I lifted his legs up and stuck my tongue into his hole again. I got both legs over my shoulders as I stuck my dick back into his hot hole. I was careful to lift up on his legs and let my cock slide across his prostate as I pumped in and out. He was fisting his dick as I fucked him and he was shaking again. I wanted to take his load in my mouth so I had to be careful not to let him come until I was back down there with that big dick in my throat. I fucked him hard and fast for a few strokes and then quickly moved my head to his cock. Just as I swallowed it all the way down I could feel the fantastic sensations of him throbbing as his thick cum coated my throat. I let his cock back out until just the head was in my mouth and I tasted his cum on my tongue. Using no suction or pressure, I just let him lie there in my mouth until he relaxed. I reached up with my hand and starting at the base of his cock squeezed until I had every drop of his cum lapped up. I finished myself off in my hand.

The awkwardness of the moments right after a man shoots his load gave way to his falling asleep. He was out so fast I double checked to make sure he was okay. I found a piece of paper and left him my name and number. Then it occurred to me that I didn’t get his name. Looking around I couldn’t find anything with his name on it. My only hope was that he would call me sometime. I got dressed again, closed the curtains to the sleeper, made sure the doors were locked and left to go home and head out for vacation. I thought to myself as I drove home, “What a great start to vacation.”

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