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Chorizo For Dinner
By BigSteve,

Chorizo For DinerLiving and working in west Texas, it’s pretty hard not to meet a lot of good looking, sexy Latino men. In some parts of the state they come fresh from the “frontera” or have lived in Texas for several generations. In either case, they are generally some of the friendliest, easy going men you’d ever hope to meet. I grew up out in a small city in that part of the state and my dad owned his own business.

To his credit, he chose to hire, as a matter of preference, minorities and other people who might find it hard to get a good job. As a retired military man, dad ran the business in a tough, but family-like atmosphere. I grew up working there along with some Hispanic men who were almost like brothers to me. One of these guys was “Chalie.”

Chalie’s real name was Carlos Garcia. He was a real lady killer and although he was married and had kids, his wife was always getting mad at him and throwing him out for one reason or another. As a young kid in college I couldn’t understand what was she found wrong in him. He was, after all, a perfect handsome, ex-marine, 6'2" tall (pretty tall for a Mexican) with curly black hair, cinnamon colored skin, well built with about 230 lbs on him and under his bushy mustache he had a smile that could melt ice. By the look in his eyes, you’d think that Chalie always had something up his sleeve.

I learned later that what he really had was a fat, juicy piece of good ol’ uncut “chorizo” in his boxer briefs. Chalie flirted with my sisters and the other female workers like there was no tomorrow. He could even charm my mom into giving him time off with one of his half-baked excuses.

One hot summer west Texas Friday, after working at the morning at shop, dad called us guys in to ask if who wanted to go down to our farm to work the rest of the day clearing mesquite trees. Chalie and I were the first to say yes leaving the other guys behind in the comfort of the A.C. I thought Chalie’s motivation was to buy a twelve pack and take it easy.

Damn, if he didn’t make me work my ass off that day cutting down trees and pulling up stumps with the tractor. When 4 o’clock came I said enough and announced that I was going for a swim down at the river on the far end of the farm. I had rolled a nice reefer earlier that week and I was ready to float in an inner tube and cool off. Chalie was about 20 minutes behind me cause I took the truck which left him to walk.

I lying there smoking when he comes up and threatens to kick my “gringo” ass for making him walk to the river while at the same time he’s pulling his clothes off and getting ready to jump in. I pretended not to watch as he took off his work boots and jeans; then pulled off his t-shirt and finally his boxers. I have to admit that it was a good thing I was in the inner tube, cause I sprung a boner just looking at him. His thick legs and torso were covered in dark hair and he had a big “Ankh” tattooed in the middle of his muscular hairy chest and U.S.M.C. tattooed on one of his thick biceps.

When the boxers came off, this fat, uncut and dark piece of meat hung between those thick thighs along with a nice pair of big, fat balls. Chalie did a canon ball into the water trying to knock me out of the tube but with me at 6 feet and 240 lbs he didn’t succeed.

I was 20 at the time and he was about 28, I’d guess. I had known for a long time that I liked sex with men more than with women and I liked “Mexicans” more than anything else. Chalie swam over to me and made a grab at my ass while asking if I was wearing anything. I pretended to push his hand away and offered him a hit on the joint I was smoking.

The inner tube could easily seat both of us and he got up into it with me as we passed the joint back and forth to each other. Things were starting to feel pretty good there floating in the cool river water and looking at this incredibly beautiful god-like hunk right in front of me. For years now, since I was about 16, I’d grab a spot next to him at the shop just to be close to him and make any excuse to come into physical contact.

He didn’t seem to mind me following him around like a puppy and was pretty cool and friendly towards me all the time. He teased me about girls and school and asked me all the time if I was “gettin’ any.” I would just laugh and shoot back at him, “Not what I want, Chico.” To which he would reply while laughing and grabbing his crotch, “I got your Chico right here boy.” He never knew how many times I would jack off in the shop john thinking about sucking his cock.

We were floating in the river and our legs were intertwined to help us stay on the tube and he noticed that I had a hard on. He looked down an laughed and said, “You poor white boys always end up gettin’ cut, don’t you?” I looked at him and fired back, “Its only because we didn’t have a choice in the matter.” Then I said, “What have you got down there anyways, but an anteater.” He pulled up on the tube revealing his totally hard 8 and a half inch uncut sausage glimmering in the late afternoon sun.

I couldn’t believe it was standing straight up and I couldn’t hide my reaction. Chalie laughed and said, “you want this, don’t you boy? That’s why you’re always following me around.” I turned red and said, “What are you talking about?” Then he grabbed his big dick and pointed it right at me and said, “Come on, gringo, have a taste of mi palote, you know you want it.”

I let myself sink down into the center of the tube and grabbed his dick with one hand pulling the foreskin back and forth over the head. Chalie moaned and said, “Yeah, I knew you wanted it. Go ahead baby and have it all.” I started licking it and putting the head in my mouth, playing with his skin with my tongue. I swallowed as much as I could down as he talked to me in Spanish, saying, “Mamame, baby, chupa mi verga toda.”

I didn’t need any encouragement to suck his dick, I was as eager as a baby with a bottle. He rubbed under my chin and the back of my head while pumping that meat in and out of my mouth. I went down and started to lick his balls, and he moaned, “Si, mama mis juevos, despacito, despacito.” (Yeah, suck my balls, slowly, slowly.)

He was starting to leak a lot and I wanted to get at his ass with my tongue before he shot, if he would let me. A lot of macho Latinos will push you away from any attempt to compromise their masculinity by playing with their ass. Together, we pulled the tube out of the water and put it on shore. I got the blanket out of my truck and put it over the tube and motioned for Chalie to turn around.

He said, “What do you want, white boy?” I said, “I want to lick your ass.” He said, “What!!?” and I told him, “Come on, you’ll like it.” He said, “I don’t know... nobody has ever done that to me.... I don’t know about that.” I urged him on saying, “if you don’t like it, you can do whatever you want to me.” He said, “I’m going to do whatever I want to you anyway.” That made me excited and a little afraid at the same time. I knew he was thinking about fucking me and I hadn’t had that much experience with that yet.

Finally he turned around and laid down over the inner tube. I looked down at his beautiful, caramel colored, hairy ass and spread those cheeks open and started to lick his ass out good. He loved it and was pushing back against my face, making me stick my tongue deeper and deeper into his ass. The taste was unbelievable, just the right mixture of scent and flavor to make my dick throb. He was slowing moving up and down like he was fucking someone and reached back with his hand to push my face deeper yet into his ass.

He said, “Yeah, come on baby, eat that Mexican ass. You like that don’t you boy?” I was damn near in heaven. After about 10 minutes of this he turned over and said, “Come on baby, sit on my dick. I want to fuck you.” I said, “I don’t know, Chalie, that’s one hell of a big dick.” He coaxed me on saying, “You can do it.... you want it, don’t you?” I said back to him, “Hell yes, I want it. I want to feel you deep inside me. I want to know you’re pounding my ass.”

We switched places and I knelt down over the tube. Chalie came up behind me and spat all over his dick, rubbing the head against my ass. Little by little he starts to push it in. I couldn’t believe it. This ex-marine, married Latino hunk was putting his uncut, fat, dripping dick up my ass. He reached up and grabbed my shoulders pulling me back, closer to him. Then he pushed me forward and laid down on top of my back and put his dick all the way in.

I thought I was going to rip open with that fat dick. But, he kept talking to me, encouraging me and telling me how good it felt. Then he leaned forward and started to kiss the back of my neck and ears. I felt his mustache on my neck and started to shoot off without touching my dick.

My ass was squeezing his cock over and over again as he started to pound harder, deeper and faster. He grabbed my shoulders hard and pushed it all the way in and I could feel his cock throbbing with each spurt of his cum, filling me up inside. I was still cumming as he started to shoot which made me cum more and more.

While my ass was squeezing his cock he was calling me baby over and over; telling me how good it was. He kept pumping and then pulled out and rubbed his cock on my ass.

Then he turned me over and started kissing me full on the mouth, probing my mouth with his fat tongue. I couldn’t believe it. Here was this man I had drooled over for years lying on top of me naked with his tongue down to my tonsils. He looked at me, straight in the eyes and said, “This is just for you and me Chico; I’ve been waiting for you to do this with me.” I hugged him tight and kissed him hard.

We got up jumped back in the river and played around until almost dark. I called mom and dad to tell them I was spending the night at the farm and maybe even the weekend. They never asked if Chalie was with me. Dad only wanted to know how many trees we got down.

That night, I explored his whole body with my hands and mouth. We slept together and held each other through the night. In the morning I woke up as he was getting ready to mount me again.

I knew he would make up with his wife and go home during the week but I also knew that we had shared something incredible with each other and that we’d have many more chances to play around. I moved away from home a couple years later. I’ve tried to find him when I go back out there, but 22 years have passed, and no one has heard a word from him.

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