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The Tree Cutter

The Tree Cutter(You can use my email for feedback and comments)

The light company sent out a third party company to cut the trees that were too close to the power lines that ran down our backyard. Well around 8:15 AM I went outside to smoke a cigarette, to my surprise there is a big truck parked in the front of my house pulling a wood chipper. So I asked one of the guys how much he would charge me to cut and clean up my magnolia tree that’s in my front yard. The guy obviously didn’t speak English and told me to give him a minute.

Seeing about 4 guys standing in my front yard was embarrassing because I had been commando, and had just put on some PJ pants and went outside. So I went inside to change and put some shorts and undies on. I went outside and the 5th guy shows up and he is short cute and had a big ass for days. So the guys are telling him what I had asked earlier, and so he goes and tells me that he will give me a good price, and started to make conversation, as to who also lived with me, and I told him I live alone.

He said, Oh I thought you might live with your mom, or girlfriend.

Of course I chuckled and said, Naw, I stay one deep.

So he asks me do I have any dogs, I told him yea, but I would tie him up, he wasn’t mean he was just very playful. So I go inside the house and try looking for the dog leash, which of course I couldn’t find his adult one, but I did find his puppy one.

So I go and tie him up against a post that serves as a pole for the fence. I than proceed to go out the gate and leave it open for the guys to work. Mind you my back yard hasn’t been cut in a long time so the grass was really long.

So then I walk into my house and start searching for the dog leash, and lo and behold I found it and went outside and swapped it out, because his puppy leash wasn’t going to hold him down. I went out the gate again to the front and that’s when he told me he would charge me 50 and that was a deal because they wanted to charge me 375. So I told him I would go to the ATM and get the money. He said that’s fine, and started admiring my truck.

As I left I went to CVS, because my bank has ATM’s there, so I get the money out but only could take out 60 so I bought the guys water and cokes, since what they were charging me was nothing. I proceeded to give him the items, and came inside to make myself a cup of coffee. Then I had a wicked thought in inviting him for a cup if he was alone, or invite all the crew for a cup of coffee. He was the only one outside and so I asked him, that I was rude for not inviting him to some coffee. So as I was getting his coffee ready, he started asking me a lot of questions like why wasn’t I working, who lived with me, did I have a girlfriend, etc. He was looking at me to kiss me, but I walked away and instead I showed him around the house, since I live alone and I work from home, I wanted to kind of shut him up about asking me the same questions, so I showed him the master bedroom, but it’s empty, since my roommates had just moved out two weeks prior, then I showed him my bedroom, and lastly in the last room I showed him my office, but I closed the door, and walked back into the kitchen.

Well he went into my room and felt my bed. He comes out and says, “oh man, your bed is so comfortable, so soft! You must have someone to keep your bed warm?” and I said, Naw, my bed is my bed and I don’t share that with no one at this time.

So than I asked him about his status and he said that he was married, but that wasn’t what he wanted anymore. He said, You understand? And I said, Oh, no well yea, I can see the main thing in life is to be happy, and that’s that. So my answer wasn’t what he was expecting it to be, so he said he had to go work, because the other guys would be looking for him, he said he would see me around.

So lunch was approaching, and I told him I would buy them a hot meal for doing my tree, so I went down the street but the place that sold Smoked chicken was closed so I went to the grocery store and bought them two rotisserie chicken and they gave me two 2 litter cokes.

So I got home and they were already starting to eat and I gave them the chicken and invited them to eat inside. They said their supervisor could check up on them and they have to eat near the truck, so I went back inside and started to smoke, and you know a nice meal after a good smoke makes you feel wonders. So I went outside and smoked a cigarette.

He came and talked to me. He told me the guys have their cellphones and when it’s lunch time everyone gets on their cellphone except him because he had no one he needed to call. So I told him I was watching the FIFA games and it was France against Nigeria. He said if he could come and watch it with me, and I said yes.

Well, while we were watching he started telling me his muscles ached and how he has been working out his arms and he flexed for me. He then started a conversation of strippers and how they have muscles and he asked me did I go see strippers. I already knew he was trying to figure me out, so I told him when I was young, there was a club that had strippers on Thursday and I would normally be there every Thursday and that one of my friends was a stripper. And that my friend wanted to give me a lap dance once but security stopped it because he was being a dick. So the guy told me that he wanted to leave his wife and just be with me, that he had never been with a guy and he wanted me to fuck him. He asked me how big I was, and I am not big, but I am thick, and so instead of explaining it, I showed him. He said that it would probably hurt, but once he is used to it that eventually if I wanted we can have a 3some with another dude. So he said he had to leave back to work. So I was thinking to myself this shyt is porn material, this is something that only happens in a hot ass porn. So I went outside after smoking in my room and started to smoke a menthol cigarette and that’s when he told me the guys wanted to start to cut my tree because they would be leaving soon. So he had the tree cut and then he cleaned up after they cut the tree and told me he would see me before he left. He came by to say that he would see me tomorrow and if he could have my number.


That evening my brother came over and brought me the lawn mower. So around 7, I decided to cut the front lawn, as I was cutting it, I was listening to Pandora on my phone with my ear buds, when his call came in. I answered it and he was whispering, telling me that his wife was home but he was going to take a shower, and that he just wanted to tell me thank you for everything and that he will have his phone on him the next day.

So next day I get up at 6 AM to go to work, and I get a text and its him. He tells me that he just got to the other side of the street and that he was coming to see me, of course I say okay, and keep on working. I hear a very soft knock on the front door and it’s him, so I go to open the door and he has this huge smile on his face and he is like, How did you sleep last night, and as if he just saw the love of his life. He goes to shake my hand and I tell him to go to the office, and I would help him out on signing a check so he can deposit at the bank. Well, he ask me to write everything and he signs it. Well then he ask me can I deposit, that he won’t have a chance, so I go and deposit during my break, and come home cause I didn’t want to be late to work (I work from home). He text me and ask me if I could give him the cash I had withdrawn, just to keep 20 so I could get him lunch, please.

So I go and drop it off and it’s like a kid who got his favorite candy. He is a straight guy, about 5’8”, 125, tanned from the face from being in the sun, but really light skinned. So I go and drop of the money and keep the twenty and run to go get him food because he was going to eat at 12 and I was on lunch. So I get a text saying that they moved and that they are in another part of the neighborhood, and he was on lunch already. So I go and drop off his food, and drive away, all the meanwhile the guys are like dang this dude is awesome, he brought us drinks, food, on two days.

So I get home, right on time, and I get a text that the guys said thank you for the food and that he missed me already and wanted me to go see him again. The day ended and he called me all the way home, telling me how much he wanted me and how he can’t believe that he has fallen in love with another guy. How he has been straight all his life and not even thought about being with a dude before, but when he seen me, he said that he felt butterflies and that feeling you get when you like someone really bad. And so he told me that he would text me tomorrow and to dream of him.

The next morning I woke up and didn’t hear from him until about my lunch time, and he told me he was sad because they cut his phone off and that he was calling me from his brother in laws phone, and that this morning they sent his crew to another location, but he just got back in my neighborhood. But that was the last call until 2 days later when I texted his brother in law’s phone in Spanish I sent, “Carlos, do you know if you are going to be able to come cut my yard?” And he replied, “This isn’t his phone but when I see him I will let him know to call you so he can tell you if he will be able to cut your yard.” And of course I thanked him.

The next morning, I get a call, and it’s from a number that’s not recognized on my phone so I answered and it was him. He was apologizing for not being able to call me and that he had been sad, cause I hadn’t gone looking for him, and that he hasn’t seen me, but he told his wife he had to go to the Northside to see his cousin. Of course he had his cousin meet him somewhere and told me to meet him at the parking lot in 10 minutes, so I get there and he jumps in and he has a huge smile from ear to ear.

This guy was saying that he was tired of his wife. This was his second marriage and that he was ready for change. So on our way home, I tell him that I need to stop at an auto parts to buy windshield wipers. So we stop, get them real quick and take off. We were very close to the house and I tell him, oh by the way I smoke and I was smoking this morning if the rooms smell then you know why. He says that is cool. I smoke too, so if you have some we can smoke before having fun. I told him that was fine.

So we get home and we go straight to my room. I get my pipe out, open the window, and fill her up. So we smoking really lightly and he asks me if he could use my bathroom, and of course I say yea, it’s down that way. I walk out too, and go smoke a cigarette. Then I decided to change the windshield wipers, since home boy was in the bathroom. So he opens the door and he sticks his head out and he was like, “Tony, I’m out of the bathroom, come inside already.”

So I grab everything that I was working on and brought it inside the house. I look up and he has a towel wrapped around his waist, and so he told me to follow him to the room. So I go to the room, and he drops the towel, and I see a fat nice round ass, though hairy, but none the less juicy. So he tells me what do you think, and I’m like, Damn, you’re fucking sexy, and so I go to kiss him and he gives me his cheek, so I’m like alright, guess he really hasn’t kissed a dude, cause now he was avoiding kissing me. So I go for that one spot on your neck, right behind your ear, you know the one that makes you feel all kinda good things, yea, I got him right there and he got up and said “Babe, fuck me!”

So he turned around and I started playing with his hole. I had some lube in the night stand, so I got my index finger lubed up, and I went straight for that eye. He said, “ I aint never been fucked, andddd ahhhhhhhhhhhh, it hurts.”

I was like, Calm down, stop thinking about that, and I brushed my cheek across his gasping mouth, and he was trying to get to my mouth, and I told him did it hurt, he says a little, but it’s feeling good baby. I exchanged fingers, and started fucking him with my middle finger. While he moaned, I got two fingers in, and it was tight, he was not lying. He was a virgin.

So than he told me to fuck him, so I pulled a condom out of the night stand and slowly inserted my cock, slowly pushing forward, only when he yelped I would pull out just a millimeter. When I had passed his sphincter, I paused and allowed his pulsating ass to get used to my thick cock. I kept on after about 15 seconds, he would moan in pain, but I would pull back just enough to scratch that itch. He said, Give it to me all, and I pressed forward, all the way and started fucking him face down on the bed. I slowly got a hold of his waist and raised it up and pushed harder and harder. He was moaning load, saying, Damn baby, that dick is mine. I don’t wanna go back to pussy baby. I want you to fuck me, I want that dick to fuck me all the time. I switched him over missionary style, teasing him, as though I wanted to kiss him, and he was like, Baby, kiss me, and I said, no, and he was begging, to please kiss him. I kept fucking him hard, and after a good 30 minutes he was like, cum already and I told him, it took me a long time to cum. So I pulled out and the condom had blood, so I knew I had torn that hole up.

He started jacking off and told me to give him a condom. I said, You wanna fuck me now, and he was like, if you can’t bust, than let me bust. I said take it slow. That foo roughed it up and slammed that shyt in me, he’s about average, not too thick though. He was pumping my ass, telling me that this was better than any pussy he ever had, and within 5 minutes he busted, he got up and kissed me and told me he had to shower cause his wife was home. I told him that was cool. I went into the master bedroom’s bathroom, washed up and got ready to drop him off…

He says that he is going to bring his brother in law next time so they can cut my yard. He doesn’t want me to do anything, but sit and watch him. That dude is fucking crazy, I’m too much of a man to sit and watch him work. I will let you know about our next encounter, he says this coming weekend… We will see.

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