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My Cousin's Friend
By Anonymous

My Cousin's FriendDon't Post My Email.

Hello everyone, it's Omar back at it again. I hope you all liked my story with Jay ;) Now this is another story I need to share with you all sexy guys reading this story.

Last weekend, I was able to go to this college party with my cousin in New Jersey. It was filled with all these sexy ass people, I thought I was in heaven. I'm bi, so my eyes could not keep still on both the guys and girls that were there. However, there was this one guy who happened to catch my attention when I went up to go use the bathroom. Later on I find out it's my cousin's best friend.

Let me describe him to you: his name is Mark, 22, Rican and black, 6 feet tall, bomb body (he was shirtless), nice bubble butt, juicy ass lips, and hazel eyes.

Back to the story: as I walked upstairs, I noticed that the bathroom was occupied, so I knocked so the person would know there's people waiting outside. About two minutes later, Mark opened the door, pulling up his basketball shorts. My eyes could not leave his bulge. That's when he said "Like what you see?"

I could not speak at all since I was scared that I got caught looking. I replied,"It's alrighttttt," and we both laughed.

Mark told me "Damn, only alright? How about I show you more?"

Being a huge freak I told him, "Come inside the bathroom so I can see what you packing!"

Mark laughed and just walked back downstairs to the party. I just kept looking at the round ass calling my name.

While I was peeing, all I could think about was how sexy this papi was. I wanted him, and made sure I would make another move on him since he looks like he would get down.

I returned back to the party and got a few more drinks. Time went on. I couldn't find him all night until the party was over and my cousin said its time to bounce. My cousin was more drunk than me, so I told him I would drive. To my surprise, there he was in the passenger seat while my cousin hopped in the back. My cousin told me to take him home and stay with the car so I could drive home. In my head, all I could think about was this is my chance!

I dropped off my drunk cousin, made sure he got to his room and closed the front door. While I walked back to the car, I noticed Mark eyeing me down ;) and with that I jumped in the car and said, "Like what you see?"

Mark kinda laughed and said "Yes papi, you look too good. How many bitches you get?"

I just laughed and started the car. Once we pulled to a red light, I looked to the side and noticed Mark looking at me and grabbing on his dick. Remind you, all he was wearing was those basketball shorts. His bulge was so fucking big, I wanted it. I told him "Do you need a hand with that?"

He said "Si papi, vamos pa tu cama." (Yes, daddy, let's go to your house.) Immediately I rushed home so we could get it on.

Right when we got inside, Mark pushed me against the wall and started kissing on my neck. I couldn't believe how good this papi could use that tongue on my neck. I had chills all over my legs and my breathing became heavier as he rubbed his fat cock on my leg while kissing on my neck. He whispered in my ear, "You want this fat cock?"

That turned me the fuck on, and I just dropped to my knees, pulling down his shorts. That cock was about 9 inches and very fat. I started teasing him, licking only the head that was full of precum. He started moaning and begging not to tease him like that. Since I kept going, he grabbed my head and started to face fuck me. My cock got too hard in my jeans that it started hurting. I took off my belt while getting face fucked, and I released my fat cock to stroke it.

About two minutes of him fucking my mouth, he noticed me striking my cock. He grabbed me and lifted me up in the air. I couldn't believe how strong he was. As he put me against the wall again, I wrapped my legs around him as I felt his fat cock on my ass and I started grinding on it.

He started kissing on my neck again with his lips. Slowly I started sucking on his bottom lip, he moaned. Then he walked toward my sofa, and threw me on it. That's when stuff got so hot. He slowly started to suck on my cock while I licked his nuts in the 69 postion. He was moaning so loud which motivated me to lick further until I started eating his ass. He loved every minute of it. His moans got louder and louder until he finally was running away saying, "Papi you gonna make me cum."

I told him, "Just cum baby," and that's when I felt a huge load on my stomach, and I dug my tongue deep in his ass. That's when he started sucking my cock faster and deep throating so good that I bust right in his mouth.

We both fell asleep, half naked in the sofa from all of the exhaustion, but I am not quite sure.

In the morning, I noticed that I was laying down, breakfast on the table, and a little note saying "Thanks for the great night papi, I left to practice. Hope to see you soon <3"

About 20 mins later, my cousin called and said, "Hey did you manage to take my best friend home safely?"

I said "Umm who?"

He said, "Mark, stupid."

I told him "Oh yeaaaaa. He got home, we three need to chill sometime" ;)

That's all for this story, but there's more coming. I will tell you another story soon dealing with my cousin & him ;)

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