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Fucking Pals
By Anonymous

Fucking PalsBefore I met Roberto at that bar.

I want to tell you something that happened to me a few years ago at a Gym Spa here in NYC.

Once, while working out in a Gym, I went to take a shower there, and saw/met another "Straight" Puerto Rican, about my age at that time {21 or 22 years old top}. He was horse hung, with a beautiful soft uncut cock, as hot as any verga swinging between the legs of a cute "Straight" slim Latino guy.

I approched him and first being polite, I apologized to him in advance, if I was being blunt or rude; but I told him that I wanted to invite him to join me at my house, to smoke some weed, have a few glasses of wine. But that first, once we got there, we were going to get naked just like we were now at the gym. So that we could in private get erections, so we can compare our 'Bichotes' and JO, while looking at each other, doing it one in front of the other). He got very mad and walked away from me.

Then a few months later, I found him in Central Park in a gay area, and again I said hello to him. He then told me that for a while my conversation, asking him at the gym to come to my place, sort of kept on troubling him. But soon after, he started JO, fantasizing about it. Finally, one day, he decided to try that with another guy, and he found out that he enjoyed it. So he told me he wanted now to do that with me, so we left for his house and did it. After smoking some, and using lots of poppers.

While seeing him hard, that soft cock that I saw first at the gym, was so huge and we became so horny "BELLACOS" that we not only JO, looking at each other masturbating; but we also docked our cocks in our foreskins and self sucked them, lapping at each other's cocks while kissing lips and talking about how good it was to finally get both of us together for all this fun. We ate our asses and licked our balls. It was awesome. Man to Man pleasure.

We spent a few hours alone, holding our loads and just enjoying it, by going to the edge, then stopping before ejaculating; afterward, we went out to a disco to pick up a sexy chic, whom we brought back to his home, fucking her all night long. This time shooting our loads time after time with her. She never knew what we did before, or how we ended up becoming fucking pals.

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