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My First BF
By Jose

My  Frist BFThis story happened my first year in college. My first day I was a little nervous. I didn't know anyone, and I wasn't an outspoken person. Two of my classmates from high school came up to me Abi and Raul. Abi caught my eye. He was really cute, and I wanted him. So I made him a best friend quick. I always felt gay vibes from Abi, but was never too sure until that lovely rainy April night.

It was a beautiful rainy April morning. The sun shined through the blinds, waking me up. Abi was so excited because it was the day of the quince. Yoshi's sister has been telling us at school how fun it will be.

My back was hurting like a bitch though cause I slept on the floor.

"Don't be a bitch," Abi said as he watched me use his bed to get up from the floor.

"Fuck You!" I managed to get out, my mind was focused on the pain.

"Tonight ima sleep on the bed too," I yawned as I stretched.

"That's ku," Abi smiled.

He looked me in my eye. I loved it when he smiled at me, it was so cute. He pulled his shirt over his head. Ugh! I wanted to jump on him right there, his smooth Carmel skin. I could imagine my lips kissing his neck, then his chest.

"Ima go jump in the shower. I have to get ready. Mass starts at 11," Abi said, interrupting my thoughts.

Abi was starting to become more flirty with me. More aggressive, starting to take his clothes off more around me. I loved when he would be in his boxers, it was so fucking sexy!

"Okay that's ku. I'll stay in here," I laid on his bed and pulled my dick out. I began to jerk off. I always imagined Abi sucking my dick. It felt so good. a few minutes later I came. He walked in, and I was all out of breath. I didn't look at him and just walked to the shower.

The day went by smoothly. The Mass was so beautiful, and the party reception was that much better. Everyone was dancing. 1 am came around and everyone went home. It was around 3 am, and everyone started to fall asleep. Soon it was just me and Abi.

He went upstairs to go brush his teeth. I was in his room, looking for my tooth brush. I soon found it and past him in the hall on the way to the bathroom. I was tired and ready for sleep. I was walking down the hall and reached abi's door. He said, "Come lay down."

I shut the door behind me and went to lay by his feet. His bed was a twin, so we had to sleep 69 position. He put his leg on me and said, "Rub my feet."

I loved it when our hands touched. So anytime touching him was involved, I was all in! He started to fall asleep. So I started to rub higher up, rubbing his knee then his thigh. My heart starting racing. I was between his legs, rubbing both of them, my hands inches away from his dick.

My right hand went under his boxers. I could immediately feel the warmth from his balls cover my finger tips. My hand went higher and higher, slowly rising. His Dick was in my hand. I was dreaming about this day for 8 months!! I wanted Abi so bad and it was finally time!

I could feel his pulse between my fingers. His dick was so soft to the touch. It was so hard, my dick began to rise too. I yanked his shorts down. He laid there so still, trying to act like he was sleeping. I pulled my shirt off.

It was so crazy. I was going to have sex for the first time. My body rubbed against Abi. I bit his neck. He started to move his hands up my back. He pushed my head into his neck. I bit harder.

I could feel his penis rub up against my belly button. He pushed it into my stomach. I started to precum. I kissed him on the mouth. He bit my lip. This turned me on, and he realized it. He bit my upper lip. Then my lower lip, switching back and forth. He squeezed my ass at the same time. I moan into his ear.

"Mmmm, so fat," he whispered in my ear. He turned me around and started to bite on my neck. His tongue felt so good as it circled around my neck from ear to ear.

I grabbed his dick and started to jerk him off. He liked it, I know cause he pushed his full juicy lips against mine. I felt his tongue fight through my teeth. I was making out with my crush, you don't know how good that felt.

Once I started thinking: this can't get any better. I felt his dick rip through my ass. It hurt so fuckin bad!! We didn't have any lube or anything. I could feel him cum as soon as he got inside my asshole.

My ass was so tight, it wouldn't let him in. I scratched his back because the pain went through my whole body. It felt so good. He began to thrust his hips into me back and forth, back and forth. My legs started to shake. The bed started to move too much, so he had to slow down.

He started to kiss my head, moved down to my ear. His dick felt so good in my ass. I wanted him to go harder, but he wouldn't. I flipped him over, maybe this will change his mind! I thought to myself.

My lips touched the tip of his nipple. I lick it round and round, my tongue went around. I moved down. I was taken back to my thoughts earlier in the day. I was actually kissing Abi's six pack. I could feel his dick beginning to push up against my chest.. I was going to suck his dick..

Two seconds later, his dick was in my mouth. The taste of the precum felt so good as it slid to the back of my throat. He grabbed my head and started to mouth fuck me. I loved when he took control. It turned me on.

My fingers slid in his ass in and out. I fingered him as I gave head. Two fingers.. Three fingers... Then I pushed myself up and shoved my dick in that tight virgin ass. It felt so good the way it squeezed my dick. It wasn't so hard for me to rip through cause I was pushing with all my body weight.

I went at it. I started to go in deep. I wanted his legs to shake. Back and forth my hips slapped against his thighs so fast and hard he scratched the shit out my arms. (I still have scars). I came inside of him. I fall on top of him. My face pressed against his chest. I could hear his heart racing. I thought it was going to bust right out of his chest. My eyes started to feel heavy... I was out.

The next morning, I woke up in the best mood. I was already dressed. I guess Abi did that. He didn't want anyone to come in and find me naked. His door was open, and I was alone on his bed…Did I dream this?? Did it happen oh please let it have happened!! I was starting to feel more for Abi than I ever had. I was starting to love him!!

"What up, fu?" I turned and there he was, so sexy standing in the doorway as the sun shinned on his perfect face.

"Last night was fun," he winked at me and walked away. Aww Abi was mine!!!!

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