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The Best Sweetest Ass

The Best Sweetest AssThis story happened in 2011. It was the best fuck I ever had. I've written a story about a friend I used to have named Ruben on here before & I feel like sharing another one.

This story is about a friend I have named Jerry. He was an 18 year old skinny Latino guy. Really cute face and a real fun guy. I was 22 and I'm a Black, Panamanian, White, & Japanese mix with 5 inches cut. I know I'm not hung, but I work with what I've got. ;)

I was at work one night, and Jerry texted me to see how I was doing. I told him that I was horny, and I wished I had somebody to do that nasty stuff with. He said he was down to mess around with me. I was soo surprised because I never thought he was all that attracted to me. He said we were friends & we could both help each other out. I told him that I'd roll thru after I got off of work at 10pm. My dick & I were so damn excited.

10 pm finally arrived and I hopped in my car. I pushed 80 mph on the freeway all the way to his casa. It took me 35 minutes to get there, but it was well worth the drive. I called him when I got there and we found a nice dark spot to park. I unzipped my pants & whipped my dick out. Jerry didn't waste any time, grabbed my hard dick & started sucking it up real good. I thought it was cute because he was looking at me while he was sucking me up. He looked like he had been thinking about this moment since the day we met. It turned me on so much.

I put the back seat down & we moved to the back. We made out while he was squeezing on my dick. He pushed me down & sucked me up some more. He gave real good head & his mouth was really warm. I told him that I wanted to get inside of him.

I unzipped his jeans & took them off. I was surprised cuz he had a nice juicy ass for a skinny guy. I lubed that booty up & fingered him for a minute or so. My dick couldn't wait to slip on in.

I laid him down on his stomach & eased my dick on inside him. It was sooo wet, tight & WARM. The best sweetest ass I've ever had. He doesn't believe it but it's true.

I started off with some slow strokes and gradually got faster. I was tearing that sweet ass up. I pounded him for about ten minutes & I couldn't hold it anymore, I busted my load all up his booty.

I was a little embarrassed about cumming so fast, but I couldn't help because it because his booty felt sooo damn good. Now, I was surprised because usually my dick gets soft after I cum, but my dick was still rock hard when I pulled out. ;). I guess my dick knew how damn good it was & was super happy.

I let him know & he said, Round two!

So I slipped my dick back in & it felt so damn good. I was hittin it real good....& I loved how he was moaning. I was pounding him hard, I even started sweating on him but he didn't mind because he said it felt GOOD. I fucked him for about 20 minutes & I busted another load in him. I kissed him & pulled out. We just laid there for a while & talked. We got dressed & I drove him home.

We still talk, but I haven't seen him in a few months because we live far from each other. The more ass I get from other guys, the more I realize how great his ass really is. I have yet to feel any ass that is warmer, wetter, or tighter than his. :)

So if you're a cute guy & live around the Inland Empire area, then please feel free to hit me up at I'm 24 now & I'm always eager to meet a new kool guy.

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