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How I Met My Bisexual Puerto Rican Roomate/Lover At
Straight Bar IN NYC

By Anonymous

How I Met My Bisexual Puerto Rican Roomate/Lover At Straight Bar In NYCI must begin this story of mine, by mentioning that I am in my mid twenties, with a massive thick uncut Bisexual Puerto Rican verga between my legs. Since I was in my teen years, whenever I got horny I would just bend down and suck my own dick. Which means that at least, I go down four times a week for fun selfsucking. I love porno a lot and prefer natural Latinos 19 to 28, hung uncut and sexy.

Well, this is how I met my now Roommate/Lover. Recently (more than a year now) I met at a bar a guy also Puerto Rican that told me, chatting there, that he too has seen Rich Santana, a 28 year old porn model, a hot Boricua like us. It happened that this dude claimed to have a big "Tolete/Cock" like that of Rich. So we both decided, after a few beers, to pick-up a chick that was flirting with us for a "Bien Caliente" Latino three some. {This is a true Story no kidding!} IT TOOK PLACE, JUST LIKE THAT!

On the way home, we stopped at the corner Latin food store and bought some green bananas while taking this hot chick home for a horny "anything goes bisexual orgy."

She was fair skinned, had peach size "tetas" (tits) and hot Latin 'Culo (Ass) and Chocha (Pussy)' that we had touched in the bar before asking her out.

When we got home, we took our clothes off instantly, and damn this dude for sure got a great piece of meat, just like Rich, which game me an instant hard on. Only that his cock was a bit curved to the left, still thick and for a 22 years old Latino, beautifully crown with lots of sexy pubic hair. I got a floor to ceiling mirror in one wall of the bedroom besides the bed, so we all could watch ourselves while having sex. As we both started eating her cunt while playing with our cocks, I pulled out two fresh bottles of poppers and while inhaling, I also grabbed two green bananas and placed then next to us in the bed.

When the popper rush began, we put inside her vagina our big uncut "BICHOS" cocks for a double fuck marathon. She got hysterical with pleasure and so we did too. It always felt so good rubbing our cocks together inside a cunt when two horny "Bien Calientes" Latin men do it. That feeling is hard to describe.

Then each of us took turns fucking her ass, while the other still fucked her wet cunt. Even in this new position, our cocks felt the other one inside her.

Finally, we pulled out our cocks, and used on each of her love holes as dildo those green bananas. At the same time we caressed with our other hand each other's foreskin, balls and cock. The guy and I were kissing while doing this and looking in the mirror as she serviced us with some of that popper rush turn on. Then changing moods, we just left her alone, impaled on those green organic dildos.

We enjoyed ourselves in every which way that two horny men can do sexually to each other. It was awesome. It happened that we both could also self suck. So without any inhibitions we doubled over and we both started self sucking. Sometimes we also kissed our lips at the same time. That drove her wild, fingering her cunt and ass with those handy green bananas.

Naturally at the end of the night, she had a very sore pussy, which we soothed by ejaculating all over her cunt at the same time, our abundant cum loads, which she used to rub her sore pussy.

But since we both still remained hard and horny, we inhaled some more poppers and started all over again. This time fucking each other alone after the girl left.

The next morning we have for breakfast "Fry Bananas" before flip flop fucking, since she went home after midnight.

That actual story happened as I described it.

Thanks to the gorgeous and sexy Rich Santana porno's photo shoot in NYC. On New Year's Eve, he was showing his huge latino "Verga" veined hardon by the Hotel room window. This show by chance was seen by a few chicks at an office building window, directly across from that Hotel window.

Now I have a hot Puerto Rican roommate. I want to repeat something like that, with Rich and another chick and my new Puerto Rican roommate at any time any place...., while someone like NakedPapis documents the orgy this time around for keeps.

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