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Puerto Ricans Chillin
by Danny

Puerto Ricans ChillinThis is a story of two hood Puerto Ricans chillin.

Hi, this is Danny from NYC. I want to tell you how I met my friend Armando. It was hot outside and I decided to cop some bud from the spot. There were about 10 other people there too, waiting to get served. One of the 10 was Armando.

He is dark skinned, athletic body, okay face and messy hair lol

He looked at me and asked , "You're waiting too?"
I said, "Yeah, gotta smoke that kush, you know!"

He smiled and said, "Wanna sypher up?" (share weed.)
I said Yeah.

So we waited, and after we got served we headed towards the block. I told him, "My shortie is upstairs. Wanna smoke in my car?"

He looked at me and said, "Damn nigga, you got a ride and you walk to the bud spot?"

I said, "Hell yea, don't want niggas to know I drive so I stay low key."

I pulled up to an area where you can park and see the ocean, nice atmosphere to smoke and chill. I started rolling up while he was looking out at the waters from inside my car. I told him, "Roll up nigga, no time to waste."

He laughed and said, "Oh shit, got distracted with the view."
I told him, "We'll hop out when we're done rolling up."

We finished twisting up the blunts and got out the car. We headed towards the waters. I tried lighting up, but the wind kept blowing out the lighter. He said, "Huddle up bro."

We stood next to each other covering the wind.

Blunt was lit, and we were walking around the area. We start talking. I asked him, "What you do for a living?"

He told me, "I'm a hood nigga. I do what I have to do 2 survive."

I said, "Really? You hustle?"
He said, "Yea, but not at the moment."
I said, "Ok."

We left it as that. Then he asked me if I knew any fem bottoms. I stood serious and asked, "Come again?"

He said, "Yea bro, no disrespect, but I like dudes, but only if they play bottom cause I'm in control."

I laughed and said, "What makes you think I know anyone?"
He said, "I don't. I'm just taking a risk to ask you."
I said, "On the low I fuck dudes too."

We both laughed, then I said, "But I'm always the top dog."

He looked at me seriously. This guy's background was crazy, he loved to fight, had been locked down and up north, he did 3 years and was always hard. The way he talked, walked and did anything was always hard with this face like, Don't fuck with me.

So he was staring at me serious. I was thinking, Damn I hope he don't think I was making fun of him saying I like dudes too, but I'm only a top. So I looked back at him serious too and said, "Let's smoke this other L in the car." He said, "Let's go."

When I got back to the car, I lit the blunt up and told him, "Yo my dude, I'm serious what I said out there. That wasn't a joke."

I said it with the most serious look anyone could give. He said, "What part of it?"
I said, "All," and I whipped my dick out and told him, "Touch it."

My heart was pounding. I didn't know if he was going to touch it or try to fight me cause I pulled my dick out and started stroking it in front of him. He sat there for a while looking and told me, "Pass that blunt. You had that shit for mad long."

I passed him the blunt. He passed it back quick. He only took two pulls and then he started coughing, saying it went down the wrong hole. I started laughing. He said, "Yo, Ima be real with you. I like gay dudes that are like a little girly, but something about you attracts me."

I said, "Bro, I already told you. I'm a top."

He quickly interrupted me and said, "I know, I know," then he reached for my dick and started playing with it. Then he spit on his hands and started jerking me off. Now I'm not into spit or shit like that, but this shit was feeling mad good. I was telling myself, "Ain't he suppose to be a hood nigga? I'm gonna have to show him what hood niggas do."

So I said, "Oh shit, use your mouth."

He looked at me serious again, and I just looked at him. I grabbed the back of his neck with force, pulled the skin back on my 8 & half inch uncut dick and laid the head right at his tongue. I could now see his eyes closing and him tasting my pre cum. About ten minutes into the blowjob he said, "I want that dick."
I said, "You almost got it all in your mouth."
He said, "No, I want it in my ass."

I paused for a minute and thought out loud, "So you want some real hood dick?"
Then he said at his defense, "I want you to be the first to put a dick in me."
I laughed and said, "Sure."

I turned my car on and drove to the store. There I bought more dutches (used to wrap weed) and a pack of magnum condoms. He said, "Let's go to my house."
I said OK. Parked up, went upstairs to his house. Everything was clean but his room. Typical nigga, I thought. He then openned the window, put a fan facing outward and said, "You can smoke here."

Now I began to roll up as he began to unzip me. Now I was done rolling and told him, "I feel lazy. Ima lay down here while you suck me."

His bed is next to the window with this loud ass fan. He looked at me and said, "Damn, you made yourself comfortable."
I said, "Always."

He started sucking me again. This time like a pro, moving his head round and round, putting his tongue on the head and following down to my balls and I'm like, "Shit, this is great."

He then put the condom on me and said, "Just lay there so I can guide myself."
I was fine with it, plus the blunt was a little less than halfway finished, so I stayed laying

down, pointing my dick in the air. He came by with some kind of lotion and put it over his ass which was nice. His ass had a good shape, but was hairy like a motherfucker. That did not stop my dick from being hard. He tried to sit on it, but it was hurting him every time the head would go in. So we stopped for a little.

I said, "Here, finish this blunt," and told him, "let me try. I'll be gentle."
He said, "Ok."

So he was smoking and now in doggie position. I said to myself, "Gentle. Once my dick is in that ass, I'm fucking till I cum."
So that's how it happened. I started by spitting on his ass and joking saying, "Payback for all the spit on my dick."

Then I put the head in. He tensed up and I said, "Relax. I'm not going any deeper."

He then began to loosen up a little. I stayed still, waiting for him to chill. I could feel the head of my dick pumping in his tight ass every second. I waited without moving cause his ass was so tight it made me want to cum.
So I said, "Fuck it." I started penetrating slow at first. He was like. "Oh stop, hold on. It hurts," and I told him, "I'm cumming already."
He said, "Ok hurry up."

Once he said that, I started fucking him deep, fast and hard, and he was crying and hurting. I grabbed him by the waist and was loving that masculine round ass taking my big long dick. I rocked my hips back and forth real fast, giving him a deep hard fuck he wasn't going to forget. I fucked him so good and hard for about another 20 min before I couldn't even hold it in anymore. I came inside his ass. When I pulled out, the condom was filled with cum. He asked, "Was I dirty?"
I said, "A little."

He said, "Can I taste your cum?"
I said, "Yes," and he tried to suck out the remaining cum in my dick. I took the condom off and began to squeeze the head, trying to get cum out. When I had some drops of cum floating on the head, I put my dick in his mouth and watched him enjoy that tasty treat lol

I got dress and rolled a blunt. He asked, "You're gonna smoke again?"
I said Yea, but on my way home he said, "Thank you."
I asked, "Why?"

Then he said, "Now I know what I like because of you."
I said, "Thanks."

I don't know if he was for real, but I do know he was never been fucked before I fucked him ;)

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