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Walking On His Knees
by anonymous

Walking On His KneesHey guys, I want to tell you something that happen to me at work the other day.
Me I'm married with 3 kids, 23, light skin Puerto Rican with a real big uncut cock, about 5'9", 125lbs from NYC.

Well, one day even though I'm married while I was working I got a call from these girls I wanted to chill with. They were telling me they wanted to fuck so I said, "Hell yea, let me try to see if my co-worker would look out for me."

So I went and found my co-worker. He's a Dominican married guy buff real muscular, tall and dark skinned.

It was only me and him who worked there from 12 pm till 8 am, cleaning a fancy restaurant downtown.
Even though he was married too, I knew he fucked around with girls on the side, so I thought he would be cool with me leaving work to fuck around with these chicks.

So I said, "Hey, you think you can take over while I go meet up with this chick I wanna bang?"

He looked at me serious and said, "That's not fair. I gotta do double the work while you're chillin. What's in it for me?"
I stood quiet. Then I said, "I can give you money."
He said, "I already got money. I don't need money."
"Well, what you want?" I said.

He looked at me serious again, and I could tell he was nervous cause he was quiet, then he said in a low voice like he was nervous and lost his voice, "I'll do it if you let me suck your dick?"
I wasn't sure I heard him right, so I said serious like I was mad, "Excuse me?"

I guess he got scared cause then he got quiet and looked down and he wouldn't look at me in the eye.

I didn't know if he was joking so I said, "How I'm gonna fuck if I get a BJ here?"
This masculine dude finally looked up at me and said, "I'll try not to make you cum."

When he said that my dick kinda got hard. He didn't know this but when I was younger I used to get blow jobs from my uncle. One night I woke up, and my uncle was sucking on my dick. I pretended I was still asleep then came in his mouth. This happened a lot until I stopped pretending to be asleep, then I started fucking my uncle in the ass in the bathroom.

My uncle was the only guy I fucked around with, and I never told anyone about it. Now looking at this masculine dude in front of me, my dick got real hard remembering my uncle's blow jobs, so I told the guy, "Since there's cameras in the hallway, let me go into the restroom first, then follow me in 5 minutes."

So I went to the restroom first. So it could look to the cameras like I was cleaning the restroom, I propped open the door with the trash can. Once inside the bathroom, I dropped my pants and started jacking off my big uncut cock that way my dick could be hard when the dude came into the restroom. My dick is 9 inches and real thick and real hairy so I knew the gay dude would be in heavy.

Five minutes later he came into the restroom and just stared at my huge cock pointing at him. Right away he dropped to the floor on his knees and he started walking over to me on his knees. In my mind I was laughing cause I thought, Damn he really want my cock, walking on the dirty ass floor on his knees.

To tease him, I pulled my boxers back up when he got close to me, and he quickly pulled my boxers back down, causing my dick to come out like jack in the box pointing right at his face. He then started stroking it with his hands, pulling my foreskin back and licking my head with his tongue.

My dick was extremely hard. I liked watching this married dude sucking on my dick. He was all masculine and muscular so I felt like I was punking him, and he was loving my big cock, so that made me harder.

He then just sucked on the head, every now and then slowly deep throating it. He did that for about 10 minutes before I took him by the head and started face fucking him. He pulled back, gagging telling me, "I can taste your pre cum." He also said like a desperate whore, "I'm gonna be sucking you all the time from now on."

I tell him, "You're not done yet."
He said, "Yea, I am. You said not to make you cum."
"Fuck what I said," I told him, "Get back on that dick and suck me."
I fucked his mouth real fast, the whole time he was moaning like a bitch in heat, and I grabbed his head with two hands so he was not going anywhere. Then I came in his mouth, and he swallowed every drop.

I said, "Damn, that was feeling too good. Just suck it for a little to calm it down."
Now you know I was bullshitting. I wanted another blow job, but I was not going to admit it. So he went back down on me, sucking my dick again, and moaning again, telling me, "I love your cock baby."

Before long I was super hard again. I grabbed my dick, pulling the head back and moving my hips to get more of my dick in his mouth. He sucked me for 20 minutes this time, and then I felt the urge to cum again. I thought to myself, Damn I gotta go fuck this girl, but then I say to myself, Fuck her, I will just cum here again. So I whimpered, "Yo Ima bout to bust again."
This time he said, "Cum on my face. I'll wash it off."

I said, "OK" and kept the dick in his mouth for 15 seconds. I felt it dripping cum a little in his mouth while I pulled it out and came all over his dark masculine Dominican face. I couldn't believe how much I came, it looked like cake icing on his dark face. I came even more the second time…that's from that good boy bj.

Other days I started fucking him in the ass. That ass felt fucking good, aint nothing better than fucking a tight married dark ass. The funny thing is I fuck in the restroom at work, just like I use to fuck my uncle in the restroom too at his house.

I always fuck him doggy style with his pants pulled down around his ankles. When I fuck a guy in the ass I don't like to look at his face so I fuck him doggy style.

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