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An Old CrushThis happened a month ago.

I ran into my high school crush while shopping for groceries. His name is Justin. Let me describe him. He's 6'2", light skinned Latino, light brown eyes, black short hair, a nice fit body, a great ass, and a nice thick and big dick.

Anyways back to the story before I get all wet just describing him. LOL. Well I had gotten a job in my old town so I moved back to be closer to it. One day I had gone grocery shopping for my grandmother. While getting some beer for me for later that night. Someone had shouted out my name from down the aisle. I looked in the direction the voice came from. There he stood looking sexy as hell.

He walked over and said, "Is that you Aaron?" In shock he gave me a hug and made small talk.

"Damn how have you been? It's been forever," he said.

"I know right seems like forever and I've been good and you?" I managed to say before turning red as hell.

"Good. So what you doing in town I thought you moved years ago," he asked.

I told him my situation.

"Oh awesome. Maybe we can hang out sometime. Here take my number. Gimme a call later on today," he said.

I handed him my phone and watched as he typed it in. He gave me another hug and walked off. I simply stood there in shock, asking myself if that just happened. As I finally came to my senses I couldn't help but call him. As I waited for him to pick up, I noticed that he came walking back around, holding his phone.

"I just wanted to make sure you didn't give me the wrong number," I said stupidly.

He laughed and answered the phone, "Yes it is the right number," he laughed and walked off again.

I paid for the groceries and drove home. Once at home I decided to give him another call.

"Hey, sorry for calling you at the store. I just wanted to see if it was the correct number," I said.

"Why would I give you a wrong number though? I honestly have to say I would like to hangout and catch up on things," he said.

"Cool. Well, what you doing tonight?" I said confidently.

"Nothing. Why did you want to hangout tonight?" he asked.

"Well, I had bought some beer and I didn't want to drink alone," I said hoping he would say yes.

"Well sure, I'm down. Where do you want to meet up or hangout?" He asked.

"My place. If you want I can go and pick you up?" I said.

"Cool, but what if I need a ride home and we're both drunk?" he said.

"I do have a couch," I said anxiously.

"Cool. What time?" he asked.

"Around nine," I said.

"Okay I'll be ready," he said.

"Okay see you at nine," I said before hanging up.

The rest of day I couldn't stop staring at the clock. Counting down the minutes till the time came. I managed to clean my place up before going for him. I arrived at his place and turned off the car. As I got off I took a deep breath and walked to the front door. I rang the doorbell and waited. Justin stood there, looking sexy as fuck.

"You ready to go?" I asked.

"Yeah," he locked his door and we drove back to my place.

As the night progressed, the conversations got deeper as we drank more. We went from talking about how life has treated us to talking about his single life and my sex life.

An empty ice box later we were on my couch, chilling smoking a fattie. ;) I finally had the guts to just move closer to him with every puff I took. By the time I knew it, I was sitting so close to him that I was getting higher from his puffs.

As he passed the blunt to me, he leaned in and blew his smoke in my mouth. I took it in smoothly and let it out. I took a puff, blew it in his mouth, and then passed the blunt back to him. He then put the blunt down and leaned in and kissed me. I took control and climbed on his lap and started making out with him. He pulled back and then leaned in my ear and whispered, "I've missed you."

I melted and then got off him and sat down on my side of the couch. He then laid on top of me and started making out with me again. This time he took control and ohh how I loved it.

As things got more heated he continued to make out with me. So I wrapped my legs around his waist. He picked me up, and carried me to the bedroom. He laid me down and climbed on top of me again kissing me, biting my lip, kissing my neck, and my chest. Mmmmm I was moaning from the pleasure of his soft lips on my sensitive skin.

He took off my shirt as I did the same to him. He continued kissing my neck, then my chest, licking my nipples, kissing my stomach and then finally getting to my jeans. He unbuttoned them and took them off. He kissed the outside of my booty shorts before taking them off with his teeth. He stroked me and then started to kiss my thighs and sucking my dick. Damn, his mouth felt so fucking wet and good.

Then he got up and took off his jeans. I took the opportunity, this time I laid him down. I started kissing his neck, as I stroked his thick dick through the outside of his boxer, biting his lower lip, licking his nipples, kissing each of his packs, finally removing the boxer, and went for it.

I started licking his head, gliding my tongue down his dick, sucking on his balls, licking the sensitive part in between his balls and his asshole, going back up his dick, deep throating every inch, moaning as he started to face fuck me, moaning even more when he put two hands on my head, and handled me in place as his hips thrusted more dick in my throat.

After a good fifteen minutes of sucking and deep throating that gorgeous dick, he turned me around and started eating me out. Damn, his tongue felt good fucking my asshole. Moaning loud from the pleasure, I got into and held his head in that position making his tongue go in deeper.

Finally he turned me around and held my legs on his shoulders as he slid his 9 inch dick in me. I let out a loud moan from the thickness. Damn, it hurt but felt so good in me. He thrusted his dick in me and started fucking me hard. I grabbed the back of his head and brought him close to me and kissed him. Moaning in his ear saying, "Fuck me daddy. Make me yours."

He got more excited and started fucking me faster and harder, making me moan louder. Damn, I held on to my headboard and he had me sittin on him as he fucked me. It was hot.

After what seemed like a few hours but only an hour had passed, I felt his body tense up and he said, "I'm gonna cum baby."

As soon as he said that he pulled out and told me to suck him off. I stuck that hot dick in my mouth and not even three sucks, my mouth got full of his hot manly cum, and I swallowed every drop. He then finished me off by stroking my dick and making me cum on his chest.

Damn, it was a hot night. We laid there on my bed just kissing and staring at each other. Until we decided to jump in the shower. That was an even better situation, but I'll save that for later.

I hoped you enjoyed my hot steamy sex story. It's true. If you want to hit me up here's my email. I'm single and looking for something real. From Texas only the RGV 956. ;) hit me up tops.

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