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I Fucked A Married Man

I Fucked A Married ManHey wats up? It's A again. This story Ima tell you is quite old, but is still great LOL. I'm the type of guy that's a bit quiet at times, but can be loud or energetic and just have a good time. And I have hazel eyes. I think guys with colors, eyes are sexy. Sorry, getting sidetracked.

I was at the bar, and I was chilling, smoking a cigarette and I saw this guy. He was reaching in his pockets for a lighter to light his cigarette. I laughed cause he seemed tipsy or something. I walked by and I said, "Ha, need a light man?"

And this guy looks around at least 34 or 35. He's not muscular. He's 5'9", a bit dark cause he looks like he works in the heat in Arizona. Oh plus, I saw that he is married (he had a wedding ring on) ;), I thought it would be cool to mess with a married man. He said, "Yea brotha. Argh, I'm having a bad day."

I seemed interested to know why.

"Don't get married bro. Live ur life," he said.

I laughed, "Ha ha ha Why? Having troubles with ur lady?"

"Yea, I can't sleep there tonight," he said.

"That sucks man," I consoled him.

So I got to talk to him why, what was his dilemma, and I realized he was a good guy, but I just kept imagining if I could mess with this married guy. In the end he said that we should go to his hotel room and drink. I took him there in my truck. I guessed he walked over to the bar. The hotel wasn't to far. We chilled and smoked cigarettes outside. He was like, "Damn, I should of brought the DVD and movies."

I asked, "For what?"

"So I can watch porn ha ha ha," he said.

I laughed and I asked, "What kind u like?"

"I like them Latinas," he said.
I thought, "Yeaa! I can probably get away with this."

I talked to him and was like yea. And for some reason I was getting hard. I was like, "Damn talking about Latinas is making me hard."

"Me too," he looked at me and said, "Let me look at it."

My heart dropped but then I got excited. I slowly dropped my pants. He looked at my hard dick and was like, "Wanna look at mine?"

I said sure but said it casually, but I was really excited. And man, he was clean, uncut, trimmed and a rock hard dick that was at 8 or 9 inches. I just stared at it, and I looked at him and said, "Damn, that's something right there."

He said, "Thanks." I was admiring it.

"Can I touch it?" I said.

He said, "Sure."

Next thing u know I'm sucking it. He was breathing and exhaling kinda hard. I took his shoes and pants off. He was loving it.

"Damn this feels good," he said.

I was massaging his balls, and I used my saliva to wet his ass hole and I was sticking my finger in there. He kinda jumped LOL.

"I've never done this. That felt good in my ass. Do u wanna fuck me?"

I said, "Fuck yea. Alright, lay down."

He handed me lotion and a condom. I rubbed the lotion around his ass and put sum on my dick. I slowly stuck it in. His body was tense. I told him to relax. He exhaled out, and I went in more and he tensed again LOL.

So I slowly fucked him. He was doing good, and he was hella tight! We did a couple positions. Then I told him to get on top of me and ride that dick. He did, and fuck that felt good. Then he was jacking off and came on my chest. Ha ha

Then he said he couldn't do it no more, that his ass was bleeding(which it really wasn't LOL)

I told him, "Well hopefully after that u start to feel better ha ha."

I got my Shit and bounced LOL

That's one of my stories, Naked Papis. Get at me at

Please be of age and tell me about you.

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