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Our Little Secret
by Jess,

Our Little SecretHola, my loyal little readers. I have yet another story for you, and since i got soo many compliments on the last story for its poetic nature, i am going to paint a very vivid, graphic picture for you.

Okay this story happened to me only a week ago, and im going to change the names of a few participants to protect some identities.

So ever since i was 7, i had this friend named Ramon. When my family still lived in Phoenix, Arizona during my grade school days, he was my best friend and we were inseparable, although we were quite the opposite. For example, i lived in the country. He lived in the city. I wore boots, he wore jordans. I could dance and sing, he could fight bullies and get away with it. We were the best of friends, even though we couldn't be any more different.

During school we would play basketball and go around the playground fighting bullies, and afterwards he would come over to my house and ride mi caballero doubles (meaning im the driver, he sits behind me and enjoys the ride) and go for trail rides. But when i was in fourth grade, My dad finally paid off our current ranch we live on in Texas, and i had to leave Ramon. He gave me his basketball, and brand new pair of jordans and told me never to forget him. I gave him a picture of me and him riding my horse and told him the same thing.

Well throughout middle school and high school, i kept that basketball near and dear to me, and when i graduated and entered college, i still had Ramon's last gifts, one hangin on my wall and the other in my driveway at my house.

Well, three weeks ago, my mom's parents asked me and my two sisters to go and help them with the branding and calving season because they didn't have any help. Well, while I was in Arizona, i decided to visit the old neighborhood i used to go to school in when i was 7. I drove by my old school and out to the country, by my old house and all the memories of me and Ramon came flooding back to me.

I got all choked up and went to a nearby store to pick up something to drink and get some chocolate ice cream for my abuela, and when i went too the cashier, lo and behold it was Ramon who was at the register.

I looked at him, and he looked at me and yall, it was just the happiest moment ever when he was like "Oh my God, is it really you Jess?"

Of course after almost 10 years i didn't recognize him, and timidly replied, "Uhm yeah?"

He was like, "Ay Dios Mio!!" and came around the register to pick my skinny little ass in his big ole arms to give me a hug. I didn't think he would have recognized me, because of my tongue and lip piercing and even longer hair.

Well, let me describe him to you. Ramon is about 6'2", light skinned, blue eyes from his contacts, a light goatee, a hair cut with those designs in em like the pelons wear, and about 215 pounds of ripped muscle.

He was soo happy to see me. He even left work that day to catch up on old times. Well, he jumped in my truck and we cruised by my old house, the old school, and he took me to his mother's house. I was like "Hola Mrs. Rodriguez. Dont you remember me.?"

She was soo cute this lady, "(gasp) ay mijo, we havent seen you in almost 10 years. We thought you forgot about us."

We visited for a few minutes and she was happy to see me once again. She said how much we both grew up.

Well, Ramon and i just went and cruised all day and caught up on old times until it got dark. That night Ramon wanted to go to a club and i really wasn't doing anything that night, so i decided to go clubbing with him.

I dropped him off and went home and showered, put on my tight fittin jeans, fixed my hair up nicely, i wore my blue contacts, my jordans, and even put on a little eyeliner lol just to look sexy in case i wanted to get frisky.

Of course I had to sneak out of the house because my abuelo is a old school vaquero, like alimale status and pry would have shot me if he saw me dressed like a puto lol.

Well i went and picked up Ramon, and yall should have seen his face when he jumped in my truck. He was like, "Dayum. you got all beautiful just for me.?"

And to pique his interest even further i replied, "Yeah, i guess you could say that," and gave him a coy smile with a slight wink.

He laughed and we drove to the club, which was a bi-curious club i think? But anyway they were playin some bad ass bump and grind music, and i grabbed Ramons' arm and said ,"Lets go dancing!" and I did every sluttish move i could think of and i even went and did some shit on the stripper pole. I even had the club cheerin me on.

A lot of guys came up to me, wanting to hang out, since i looked kind of like a girl with eye liner on, but i just went over to Ramon when they played a slow dance. And he went and picked me up and made me stand on his feet and dance, since i was way lighter and shorter than him, and slow dance with him. I put my head into his chest and thought of how lucky it was to find him after all these years. Damn the cologne he wore that night smelled sooooo good. Mm mm lip biting good.

I wrapped my arms around his neck and laughed, thinking that people might think we were a couple, and Ramon just said, "Fuck what they think. I've really missed you," and he leaned in and gave me a kiss.

I was equally shocked as i was enjoying it, because all this time i didn't think he would actually go for it. But as i melted into his arms and kissed back, his hand slipped into my back pocket and caressed my bubble butt. As our lips parted ways, he looked deep into my eyes and said, "Let's go back to my place."

With that he scooped me up in his arms and carried me to my truck, and he drove us to his apartment. As soon as we entered the door we started to get freaky. He pulled my shirt off and then pulled off his, pulling me against his tight, amber colored skin, and gently caressing me all the way to the bedroom.

He laid down on the bed, and started to grind his hard cock against my ass, and holding me by the waist. He flipped me on my back and got on top, then started to take off my pants, until he got to my boxer briefs, then i switched him out, and got to work pulling his pants off of his muscular legs.

I went and got a belt and tied his hands up to the bed. I gave him one last kiss and then i started to work my way down his tight six pack until i got to his verga. I very gently bit it and enticed him into a state of pleasure when i took his uncut verga and sucked on it. I pulled the foreskin back and started to lick the head and get it nice and moist.

Then I pulled the foreskin back up, and swirled my tongue around inside the space between his dick head and the foreskin. Imagine the feeling of my tongue piercing swirling around his big, hard verga. Picture my head going up and down the shaft of his cock. Hear his voice gently grunting and softly moaning, telling me what a good job a was doing.

I looked up at him with my big grey eyes, and smiled with a little giggle and said "aye que rico."

I stood up and demanded him to remove the rest of his clothes, which consisted of nothing more than his pants and boxers basically, and i undressed as well. I am a quiet, little, in-the-closet country mouse, and if i wanna get freaky in bed, I will get FUH-REAKAY lol.

I tied up his hands to the head board and decided to lick and bite him all over as i sucked his dick. After almost 35 minutes, he wanted to repay me and so tied me up to the headboard. okay so here is where the vivid portrayal begins:

Picture Ramon looming over me, holding my leg straight up in the air, as he slides his dick into my culo. See him sliding in and out of me, doing a slight spinning motion. Hear my screams and fits of passion yelling, "Aye papi chulo, violame please.!!"

Smell both of our bodily musks combining to make a spicy, warm smell in the air. Imagine the taste of his mouth in mine as he leans over to french kiss me. Feel him sliding his tongue into my mouth as they dance among each other as the rest of our bodies are pre-occupied with each other. My eyes begin to roll back inside my head and I bite down on my lip while i slide my tongue piercing between my teeth and smile up at Ramon.

As we move from the spooning position to me on top of Ramon, i slide myself onto him. I thrust my hips up and down, doing a spinning motion, trying to get every ounce of pleasure as i can get. He slaps my ass and i moan even louder as the stinging feeling of him slapping me hurts soo good. He turns the tables and puts me underneath him, while he is still inside me, and fucking pounds my boy pussy. He begins to get louder and louder and i feel him tightening up, getting ready to bust his nut.

He asks me, "Where do you want my leche, baby? In your culo.?"

I could barely answer him from all my screams. He yelled, "Ay, ay.!! baby ima cum.!!"

I scream, "I want it in my mouth papi.!!" and he pulls out of me and I feel his hot salty man leche all over inside and around my mouth, slowly dripping down my chin. He takes his finger and gets the rest of it off my chin and cheek, and i suck it off his finger with a look in my eyes like i want more.

As a reward for giving me probably the greatest sex I've had, i gargle his leche, and swallow every last drop until there wasn't any left. We are completely out of breath as we hear his fone buzzing, and it is his mother calling to check up on him, since it's now 6:00 in the morning, and he never came home all night.

He just tells her, "Mama I stayed with Jesse all night because I was drinking."

I heard his mom, "Oh ok mijo. I just don't want any cochinas or putos bugging you."

And I couldn't help, but laugh as i thought too myself, "Oh Mrs. Rodriguez, if only if only..." and as I roll over in the bed to go to wait for Ramon to get off the fone, i couldn't help but think, I'm so glad nobody knows or saw us doing this, because this entire night was Our Little Secret ;)

Well my little readers, i must once again leave you until the next time, so sweet, naughty dreams and good night.

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