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Sexy V-Neck GuyYo, wats up. The name is "A," keepin it short ha ha.

I'm mexican/ Nicaraguan, 5'6", a lil built. I have hazel eyes and lil dark carmel skin color. lol.

Check this out: Iwas home alone, parents went to the casinos, had a day off the next mornin, and I got some weed. I was sayin to myself, Damn, I want my dick suck!

I ate and drank a lil bit and went for a ride to the porn shop and you know I was jus checkin it out. Of course I went to the gay section lol to see what they have to offer.

I got my movie and paid for it. As I'm doin that, a guy walked in, he was 6'1", wearing a hat and a white v neck shirt, sexy hell blue eyes and a well built body. He was standing behind me and I knew he saw my dvd ;)

I was walking away, and he went to use the "arcade room." I kinda said, Fuck it. I was walking to an open room and as I was opening the door the door next to mine opened. It was him!! I looked at him and nodded and then went inside. Sure enough I heared a door open and close right next to my room!!

In the room was a tv and sum 4 different types of porno playing. A couch and sum tissues. Also a Glory hole :D

I laid back next to the couch by the glory hole. And I was watching the tape, feeling myself, and I saw a blue eye thru the glory hole. I looked at him and he turned away.

I stretched my fingers out to the glory hole, put my finger through it to show him 'wats up'. Mmmmm, he put his fat ol' dick through the glory hole. I started kissin it and slowly sucking that beautiful head of his. I jacked him off and I stood up and put my dick through there.

This dude was at least 35 or so, and damn I still couldn't believe this was goin on! Ha ha then I realized someone else was watching through the other hole ;).

I got so turned on that I told him, I'll be there in his room.

Wen I went inside his room, he looked at me and said, Damn you is hot ass hell! I smiled and got on my knees and was sucking him. He was moaning, loving every deep throat I did, and I played with his balls. The vibe was great!

He told me that he wanted to suck me, and so I let him. He was fucking mind blowin. He knew how to suck dick! I told him I was coming, and he grabbed my ass checks and pushed my dick to his face and swallowed my load.

That was the most craziest thing I've ever done. So I got my shit together and told him that was fuckin great thanks...

That was all. Hope u enjoyed it. I'll be writin another soon ;)

If you want to message me go ahead, please no creeps. Hope you liked it NakedPapis fans :)

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