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Almost Got Caught
by Anonymous

Almost Got CaughtI've gotten a lot of request to write another story for you guys, so here's one that just happened not too long ago.

As you know, me and my step-brother have a very special relationship. If you remember from my previous story, I'm 5'4", light skin with grey eyes, and my step brother is now over 6'2" with a nice six pack and a big uncut dick.

Well, one day our parents left to go out of town and left me and my step brother home alone for the weekend. They left about 9 pm, and I locked myself in my room. I could hear my step brother watching porn in his room.

I grabbed my phone and text him, "What are you doing?"

He replied, "Watching a movie. Why you want some?"

I was playing hard to get so I told him, "No, I'm ok."

I know that pissed him off cuz I never said no to him. As I was laying there, my step brother sent me a picture message with a picture of his dick. It was already hard, dripping with pre-cum. I got so turned on cuz I love getting dick pictures lol.

He told me to come to his room, but I told him no again. Next thing I knew he busted open my door and came at me with his big verga hanging out of his boxers.

He said, "You're gonna say no to this?"

I wanted it so bad, but I wanted him to work for it. So I said, "Nah I'm good."

He then grabbed me and draged me to his room. He told me, "You're gonna shut up and just do as I tell you."

I was so turned on cuz my step brother has this firm deep voice that's makes me melt. He laid me at the edge of the bed with my head hanging off the side and he began face fucking me. I could feel his dick all the way in my chest.

He was going so fast, but I loved it. He made me look at him while he yelled at me, "You like it? You like it, huh lil bro?"

That just drove me off the edge. I could feel all the pre-cum coming out of my dick in my boxers. He turned me around, spit in my ass and said, "Are you ready for this dick?"

I did not reply so he said, "Fuck it," and he put it in all the way. It hurt sooo bad. It had been a while since we had fucked around so I was like a virgin again.

As I moaned real loud he said, "Yeah, that will teach you to not respond to me when I'm talking to you."

I moaned louder and louder. Like five minutes later, we heared his dad knocking at his bedroom door. He said, "Mijo, what are you doing in there."

We both stopped and nearly had a heart attack. All we could do is stutter. My step brother said, "Uhm, nothing dad, just watching a movie."

His dad was not convinced. His dad said, "Open the door, mijo."

We both were laying there butt naked, him still in me, thrusting very very slowly. He said, "No dad, you can't come in."

His dad began to get mad and said, "Open the fucking door now!"

He told his dad, "Ok dad ok, but I'm watching a nasty movie."

His dad replied, "What?! A nasty movie? But why?"

He told his how he was bored and just wanted to watch it for the first time. Then I heard my mom ask through the door, "Mijo where is, Joseph? His car is in the drive way."

He told her how I left with my friends, but they had picked me up. Finally his dad gave up and said, "Ok ok, go back to your porn, you freak! Just don't get sperm everywhere," and left.

We looked out the window and saw their Hummer pull away. He looked at me and was like, "Bitch! We could of got caught!" while he is still inside me, thrusting his dick in me.

So I said, "Ok let's stop. No more of this."

He looked and me and said, "Are you stupid? I can't stop having this tight ass culo. This shit is mine," and gave my ass a kiss.

He finished fucking me and left my ass full of cum. It was so hot, but yet very scary.

When my parents returned, my mom told me, "You know, your step brother was watching porn in his room the other day."

I was like, "No way."

And she was like, "Miralo, tan cochino." (Look at him, so dirty.)

Little did she know we were making our own porno lol! I hope you enjoyed my story!

(keep me anonymous)

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