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My Friend's Brother

My Friend's BrotherYo’ was good? My name's Eduardo and this happened to me back in July.

I'm 21 years old 6' with a really good athletic built and an 8 inch uncut cock. This happened back when I was about 20 years old.

I’ve always chased pussy my whole life. The first time I had sex was with a girl, I was a freshmen in high school and ever since that day I was always trying to get pussy whenever I could, but I was later gonna find out there was more to life than just getting pussy.

I played a lot of sports in high school, mostly football and baseball. I made varsity all 4 years so when I graduated I got offered 2 sports scholarships to play for a local community college.

When I started playing football in college, I met this one dude named Vicente. He was cool and we had a lot in common cause we both liked the same shit so we became friends quick.

We always hung out with the same group of friends so we got to know each other a lot. Anyways 2 years had passed by; we had played sports, hung out and shit. I also would sometimes go over to his house to watch games or just hang out.

Vicente had an older brother named Juan who was 22 at the time and is the same height as me, had a REALLY good built and is a straight up ladies’ man. He would set me up with girls and I would do the same so I got to know him too.

So one day Vicente hits me up and tells me that a bunch of guys that we hang out with are going over to this one place called Warehouse Beach to get fucked up and just kick it.

He asked me if I was down to go and I said yea. He later texted me and said to go over and wait for him because he was fixing up some garage shit at his Tio's and told me to wait at his house and when he got there we would take off.

I asked him who was at his house and he said just Juan. I said aight, so I got ready and I took off and got there in about half hour.

As soon as I got there, Juan said wassup and he asked me what I was doing here at his pad cause Vicente wasn’t home. I told him we were going to a party and he told me to wait here. He said it was cool so I just went in Vicente’s room and started watching TV to kill some time.

Juan stayed for a while and I still remember every word he said. He said to me, "Ay bro, I'ma go shower real quick I’ll be out in a bit."

I said "alrIght man."

So I’m sitting there and about 15 passed by and Juan got out of the shower. I was still in Vicente’s room when Juan came in wearing nothing but some tight ass boxer briefs that made his ass look nice and fat.

I looked over at him and then I turned like nothing and kept watching TV. He sat across from me and said " who’s winning?" and I said, "The Mavericks, they're up by 7."

When I looked over to say this, he was looking at the TV and I glanced down at his boxers and you could clearly see the outline of his dick head through his boxer briefs.

I don’t know why but my dick started getting hard and soon it was hard all the way.

He said "You want a water, dude?"

I said, "Yea bro, if you’re going in the kitchen," and then he said, "Yea hold on, let me get some shorts."

He went over to a cabinet that Vicente had full of pants and shorts and that cabinet had a big ass mirror on the top. (Keep that in mind.) Meanwhile he was doing this, I was staring at that nice tight ass, and he grabbed some red pair of shorts. I turned away hella quick so he didn’t see me.

But before I turned all the way, I saw a small cocky smile on his face. I didn’t know why till later. Anyways he walked out and went to go get water. I was thinking, Why the fuck am I getting hard over this shit? Maybe because I hadn’t had sex in 3 months or jacked off. I didn’t know. But then Juan came in. He didn’t put a shirt on just the red shorts. Now you could see a bulge somewhat of his dick head and those cut abs.

He gave me the water and said, "Here." I said, "Thanks."

This time he sat on the floor, and I was still on the chair. We watched the game for a while and talked and shit and my dick was no longer hard. We just kept talking until the conversation got to girls.

He said, "So was good man? Where’s all the girls at?"

I laughed and said, "Shit dude, Warehouse Beach is where all the pussy’s gonna be at tonight man."

He said, "Is that right?" and I just nodded my head and kept watching the game.

Then he said, "You getting it in tonight or wassup?"

I said, "Hell yea man, I’m talking to Esther and I know she wants to get down". (Esther was a girl who wanted me.) and then I said, "But first I'ma get my dick sucked on some porn star shit you know?"

And then we started laughing and he said, "You make em choke on that shit or was sup?" while he was staring at the TV.

Then I said, "Yea, I whip out my dick and slowly rub my dick head around their mouth and then make them go down on me real slow you know? And sometimes when I’m getting head I take my 2 fingers and massage their clit with their asses bent over."

Then what happened next was fucken  unbelievable. He was staring at the TV and he said, "What else?" when I looked over to say "what?" I looked down and I saw his dick hard as fuck through his shorts resting on the right side of his leg.

I turned hella quick. Meanwhile he was staring at the TV. My dick started getting real hard again but for some reason I wanted to keep going. Then I said, "Then I bend her over and I shove my dick in there and start splitting that pussy in half."

I looked over out of the corner of my eye and he was still hard. Then I saw him fix his dick and hide it. He looked over at me and said, "Yo man, you're always getting a lot of pussy. You packing heat or what bro?"

I laughed and said, "Nah man, it’s just game. But I have a good size on me."

Then I got curios and I said, "And you? I know you're packing right? All the females keep coming back to you for more."

Then he straight up just said, "I am bro. I’m thick too."

We stayed quiet for a bit and then he said,"Who do you think is bigger me or you?"

I laughed and said, "Bro, ain't no competition there. I know my dick's bigger than yours."

He looked at me and didn’t say anything.

Then he said, "Let’s see it man. Back it up."

I told him, "I ain't showing you my cock bro."

Then he said, "Pussy."

I said, "Yo dude, how much you wanna bet my dick is bigger than yours?"

He stood up and his dick was hard as a rock. You could straight up see his boner pinned inside his shorts. He said, "Come on pussy, prove it."

I stood up and you could see my boner trough my pants. He just stared at it, so then I took off my belt. While I was doing this, he pulled down his shorts and slowly stroked his head with his thumb.

DAMN, his head was so nice. it was the perfect shape and his dick looked so smooth with perfect round balls and to top that shit off, he was already pre cumming and was somewhere around 8.5 and 9 inches in length and it was a thick piece of meat also.

I took out my dick and he said, "Get closer wey. Alright put your cock besides mine." I did what he said. Meanwhile I was hella turned on. I never knew he was like this.

He was always manly and straight up jacking girls. I didn’t think he would do this shit. He grabbed both our dicks and said, "See, I told you I was bigger wey."

Then he stroked my dick a little bit and said, "Have you ever done shit with a guy?"

I said, "Nah but I’m down."

I then put my hands slowly on his ass and started squeezing dat shit and then I told him, "You down to get fucked bro?"

He didn’t say shit. He just leaned over and kinda kissed me but licked me at the same time.

Meanwhile his dick was full of pre cum and then I started feeling that shit and then whipping it on his ass. He then dipped his 2 fingers in his pre cum and made me lick them dry. Then he did that shit again but then wiped the pre cum on my abs. Then he started kissing me and going down my stomach till he was sucking my dick and FUCK, it felt SO FUCKEN GOOD. I was really close to cumming while he did this.

I took off my shirt and my boxers and then we started making out on Vicente’s bed. I loved the feeling of my dick against his dick, and feeling my cock covered in his pre cum and mine covered in his.

Then I said, "You got a condom?"

He said, "Nah wey, I don’t use condoms. You know that."

I said, "Fuck what about Vicente?"

Then he said, "Yea he might have some in his drawer." So he got up and found one in the drawer with the mirror.

While he was putting the condom on me, he said, "Bro, I saw you looking at my ass while I was trying to look for shorts. I knew you wanted to fuck. I just had to find a way to get you to have sex with me."

I just laughed it off cause I didn’t know he saw me. But whatever. We made out a lil more then I told him, "Turn around."

He turned around, and I spread his legs really wide so that his ass was spread too and then I slowly shoved my dick inside him.

He moaned so fucken loud I had to lean over and kiss him so he would calm down. We then started going at it (HARD AS FUCK). We both knew how to fuck so we knew how to move. I would go hard and then go slow and put him in a shit load of different positions in Vicente’s bed.

We fucked for about 2 hours till I said, "Oh fuck dude I’m gonna cum."

I quickly pulled out and came a shit load all over his face. Then I got on my knees and he busted his nut all over my face. Then for the first time I tasted his dick, and man I loved it.

Now I knew why all the girls went crazy for his cock. I couldn’t stop sucking on it. It tasted so fucken good, and it was so nice and felt so good in my mouth.

Then he pulled me up and we went on Vicente’s bed again and started making out till we got tired. There we were with both of our faces covered in cum, laying down on top of each other.

It was hot as fuck. Then we just laid down for a bit till we remembered Vicente was coming.

So we cleaned up and while we were getting dressed, I told him, "I didn’t know you were bi."

He said "I’m not. This was just a one time thing dude."

I said, “For sure man now it’s back to girls. Yo, this doesn’t get out to anyone, alright?"

He said, "Yea."

Then we went to the living room, and Vicente came about 35 minutes later. I took off to the party, but damn that was fucken good.

Now I’ll hook up with guys if they're hot as hell like him every once in a while. Now every time I go over, Juan does little shit to remind me we fucked like grab his cock or show me his dick when Vicente’s not looking and I do the same shit right back. But fuck, that was a night to remember.

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