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First Time For Everything
By Anonymous

Latino Dick, Latino PornHi all, so I'm known as Chicago’s Chi Towns Mijo. I've been known for my nick name since I was 12 years old.

I was pretty much interested in both girls and guys, come to find out when I

started high school at age 14 I started checking out guys more, especially in

P.E. class.

When we had to change into our gym uniforms and swim suits oh gosh was I in heaven, secretly I would always peep at the guys dicks and go home and jerk off thinking about them and how it would feel getting fucked.

I was secretly in love with this one guys dick his name was (Sidney) and he had the biggest dick out of everyone in my gym class and he also had a bubbly butt.

I would always make sure I was the first one in the locker room just to catch him take off his cloths and walk around naked towards the shower for some reason he seemed to always be hard and I always seemed to catch him stroking it.

Until one day he caught me staring and when I noticed I had been caught he looked my way and smiled, it felt like if I was going to get my ass kicked lol.

Well after class he came up to me and handed me a piece of paper and once I opened it sure enough it was his phone number. I was not sure what to do with it. Until the next day he asked me why I never called and I told him I wasn't sure why he had given me his number. Afterwards he told me to have some fun.

I with a confused face said okay lol. I finally got the balls to call him and one day we meet up by a local park, he said what’s up to me and said if I was ready and I told him ready for what and then he said he has always noticed me staring at his dick and wanted to know if I wanted to taste it.

I was kind of scared but was like fuck it there is always a first time for everything. So we then went by some bushes and there we were. He pulled out his 7.5 inch dick and I started sucking on that shit. It was the juiciest thing I've ever had in my mouth and was enjoying every minute of it.

After he busted a nut he asked if he can suck my dick too and that this was his first time with a guy as well. So I did I dropped my pants and he started sucking on my dick I've had my dicked sucked before by girls but for a beginner he definitely knew what he was doing it was the best suck I've gotten.

I busted 3 hot loads in his mouth after that moment we kissed and went our way home. Next day at school we never said a word to each other oh well at least I had my fun. =)


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