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Cummin' Out: Jose & Kenny's Story
By Anonymous

Uncut Dicks, Nude Cock, Latino Guys, Latin - NakedPapis.comHey everyone, it's me again. I wrote the story Weekend In Vegas about my crazy weekend in Vegas and how I ended up being fucked by the man of my dreams.

This story happened three days after returning from Vegas. To recap, Jose is my boyfriend now. I met him through my good friend Anna (Jose and her were fuck buddies). I was his first everything and he had Anna set up the trip to Vegas a few weekend ago to see finally come out to me. Long story short, we went out, partied and he fucked me all weekend. It was GREAT!

So back to my story, Jose was eager to come out to the people he cared about the most. He told me he wanted all the important people to know because he knew they would accept us and would love me like he loved me. I normally don't move that fast and it takes me months to decide if I actually love someone but since I had known him for a long time as friends I found that I too loved him the way he loved me. So on top of a very adventurous and highly satisfying sex life, I found a man who I feel I can make something more with.

Well, enough with the mushy stuff. Jose and I spend most of our free time together. He treats me like he would treat any girl he was dating. He makes me breakfast in bed, takes me to the movies, dinner, shopping and he buys me things just because. Well, I confided in him on our last night in Vegas that I really never thought that this would happen and that I actually had the hots for his brother.

Jose's brother Kenny is his half brother (Jose's mom and Kenny's dad met when the boys were both 8 and had 4 children together). I first met Kenny at a birthday party for Jose last year. Anna had invited me to go with her since she and Jose were just talking at the time. I agreed and when we got to the party it was pretty wild. Jose and Kenny's mom is a beautiful Latina who can definitely hold her own. Their father is white but is equally sexy. (O yeah, forgot to mention, Kenny is half white and half Mexican... his mom passed when he was 3). Anyway, they knew how to throw a party. It was not even two hours after I had arrived when Anna and I were already tipsy and laughing our asses off to the two boys being boys. That night, Anna ended up staying because she had given her nani to Jose for his birthday so she asked Kenny if he could take me home. I told them it was ok and that I would walk but Kenny said "naw man, you crazy. You go walking out there alone and some crack ass is gonna take you and make you his bitch". I laughed and said "you don't know me like that booboo I can handle myself just fine" and started to get up. I was more drunk then I thought and nearly stumbled when Kenny caught me. He said "o yeah I bet you can... it's cool I don't mind driving you home, sexy!" The last part caught me off guard but I brushed it off as it being just the alcohol talking.


Well again, long story short, he got me in his truck and turned up some slow jamz on the way to my house. He parked outside my house and we started talking. He asked me if I had a boy and I told him no that I was single because boys are stupid. He laughed and said "not all boys". I looked at him and asked him if he had a girl. He said he did but it didn't work out so he was just playing the field. I laughed and said cool. Then he reached over with his right hand and touched my thigh. I stopped laughing and tried to process what was happening and looked over at him. Then he said "Hey man, I'm not gay or nothing but I couldn't keep my eyes off of you tonight. You and your homegirl Anna are fine as hell". I laughed and said "aw thanks, I didn't even notice". Then he went on to say how lucky Jose was for finding a girl like Anna and what he wouldn't give to be able to be inside of her or any pussy right now.

I asked him if he had ever messed with a guy before and he said no. I asked him if he wanted to fuck me and he said that he knows that I would be a great lay. I laughed and said why do you say that. He said "cause yo, the way you dance and move your ass plus the stories my bro tells me about the head Anna gives and how good she is, I know that since you friends you gotta be just as good". I laughed more and said you're crazy. He said "so what, you gonna let me come up and give you dis fat dick". I took a deep breath in and said "o so its fat huh". He said "yeah pa, come over here and handle it. you won't be sorry". I reached over and put my hand over his crotch (he was wearing bball shorts so it wasn't hard to locate). I had to admit the boy was packing. But then my phone rang. I jumped up got scared and Kenny was like "whoa girl, you ok?" I laughed and reached for my phone. It was my mom telling me that my cousin was taken to the hospital and that I needed to come home so we could all go and see what was wrong. I told Kenny I was sorry and that he should hit me up some other time, passed him my digits and he gave me his, kissed him on the cheek goodnight and went into my house.

That night was a crazy night. My cousin passed away from complications to a long term illness he had so it was pretty crazy. I was close to him so I had totally forgotten about Kenny's number and calling him and by the time I was able to hang with people again, I had forgotten my encounter with Kenny. Fast forward to the present and the story I intended to tell.

So I confided in Jose that I remembered how I had the hots for Kenny and that before I even thought to make a move on him I wanted to get fucked by Kenny's fat dick. He asked me how I knew it was fat and I told him that I was playing with him at his party and dared him to let me touch it to show me he was "really straight". He laughed and said that Kenny told him he wanted to get some ass and was gonna make a move on me. Jose told me that he even encouraged Kenny to do it and to let him know how it is cause he wouldn't mind it. We made our way back to Cali and Jose wanted to have dinner so he could come out to his brother about him. I said cool and offered up my house since my parents recently moved and gave me the house for myself.

He called Kenny and set the date to the Wed night after we got back form Vegas because both he and Kenny would be off Thus. Jose is a great cook and decided to BBQ some ribs for dinner. Wed came and I came home from work with some groceries and things for dinner. Jose had the BBQ going already and was preparing the coolers. We ended up inviting Anna, Josh and Dane over for dinner as well. I walked out to check on my man at the grill after getting changed. Gosh he was so damn sexy. Who wouldn't wanna walk out to their pool to see a sexy shirtless latino with his fine and ripped body in some bball shorts, a backwards fitted cap and some shades on sweatin in front of a hot fire. I stopped at the door and just looked him up and down. Damn he was all mine and I was a lucky bitch. He looked back at me and smiled and I nearly melted. I walked up to him, hugged him and started to kiss his neck and back. He laughed and said "you had a great day today I take it" and I said "now that I'm home, hell yeah..." He laughed and asked if I was being naughty and I told him that when I'm with him I'm always naughty. He chuckled, picked up the ribs that were grillin, placed them in a bowl, turned off the grill, turned to me and planted a passionate kiss. I felt like dying. Then I felt him wrap his arms around me and lift me. I threw my legs around him and wrapped my arms around his neck. He carried me into the shower and we made love for what seemed like ages. After busting 2 nuts a piece I had to remind myself that we were expecting company. We cleaned off, got ready and got back to preparing. Anna and Josh arrived first with some coronas and wine followed by Kenny and then Dane. We all sat and had dinner and everyone complimented the ribs. Like I said, Jose is a great cook.

We started drinking but Dane and Josh had to head out so Anna said she had to go too since Josh was heading out. They all left at around 9pm so it was just me Kenny and Jose. I told Jose I was going to run and make a phone call while he talks to his brother in the living room. So I left the two alone. I figured it would give them time to talk and give Jose time to come out with his confession to his brother. I called my mom and we talked for roughly 20 minutes before she had to go because she was sleepy. I took my time straightening the bed and getting into some comfortable sweats and a wife beater. After all, it was my house and I was there with my boy and my bro-in-law haha. I washed my face and made my way out to the living room. I stopped at the entrance to the living room and was complete shock. What I saw was not what I expected. There Jose and Kenny were smiling both holding their fat hard dicks in their hands naked on the couch. I nearly choked at the site of my godly boyfriend and his equally sexy brother naked in front of me smiling at me like they planned it. Then it hit me... they did plan it! I asked Jose what was going on and he just laughed and said "well baby, I told him". Then I asked him "when?"... and he said "before I went to Vegas"

Turned out Kenny was the first person Jose confided it and Kenny was the one who told him to go for it. Kenny actually told Jose the truth about that night at his birthday and I was in shock. Jose then said that Kenny said he needs to go for it because if he doesn't then Kenny will. I had a look like "huh" and Kenny explained that after that night he wanted to call but heard about what happened with my cousin and didn't want to risk being pushed away. He also said that he hoped I would call him but I never did so he figured I wasn't interested. Jose told Kenny that I was interested in him and admitted to me that he found it hot to think of his brother being intimate with me. I asked Jose why and he said because he knows that his brother would be just as good to me as he is.

So I stood there and flat out asked them both if they intend on fucking me together tonight and they both looked at each other and Kenny said "it's up to you sweetness... this is your call. You can have one of us or both of us... take turns, together or whatever... you let us know we are here to make you happy". So there I was standing in the living room with two of the hottest men I knew and both were giving their dicks to me and offering to satisfy me any way I wanted... so I decided to play it crazy!

I asked them if they wanted to see a strip show and both my boys got hyper. Kenny got up from his couch and sat about a food away from Jose with both their legs touching. I asked them how many times they have seen each other naked and Jose said all the time growing up... they used to jack off together and sleep naked in the same bed. So I put on some stripper music and turned down the lights... I had some spot lights in the living room for when we have parties and I turned a few on and faced em to the middle of the living room. I grabbed a chair and placed it there and asked my boys if they were ready. They both said "hell yeah" and the excitement in their voices was obvious. So I took my time and began my dance. By the time I was done with my dance I had Kenny licking his lips, the smile gone and nothing but pure horny on his face.

Jose got up and made his way to me reaching out for my hand. He guided me (I was naked wearing just the thong I usually wear when I want to tease Jose) to Kenny. Kenny looked up at me with those sexy eyes... full of lust and love... and I straddled him. He asked me if I was cool and I told him I've wanted him for months now. Jose leaned into me and gave me a kiss and told me he was fine with anything that happens tonight and that this was all about my happiness... then he asked me to kiss Kenny. I looked at Jose and he said "it's ok baby, I trust you both and I want you to be happy... if you want me and my bro you can have both of us"... I wanted to say something but before I could I felt the greatest feeling on my neck. I closed my eyes an chills spread all over my body. Kenny had wrapped his arms around me and pulled me into him and I felt his thick manhood rubbing against my crack. His tongue swirled and licked my neck and I was in ecstasy. I opened my eyes and looked down at Kenny. He pulled off my neck and our lips met. There was the fireworks again. Man these boys sure know how to drive a bitch crazy!

I wrapped my arms around Kenny' neck and felt Jose move to the end of the couch to watch. Kenny continued his passionate kiss and I was in heaven. He pulled off and started to kiss my body. He made his way to my nipples and sucked on them and continued to caress my body with his big hands. The smell of his cologne was making me so horny and the sight of Jose seated at the end of the couch with his dick in his hand had me shaking from excitement. Jose spoke up and told his brother "handle it bro, show my babe that you love him just as much as I do". With that Kenny held me around the waist and lifted me up. I guess it's a good thing I aint heavy and these boys were strong cause I was like a pillow to them. He carried me to the bedroom and Jose followed. He laid me down on the soft mattress and continued his relentless exploration of my body. Jose made his way to lay beside me and planted a hot kiss. The feeling of his firework kisses and his brother's expert tongue had my dick so hard and leaking pre-cum.


Kenny made his way to my thigh and began to such and lick all over them. My chills got harder and I was gasping for air between my kisses with Jose. Then I felt Kenny begin to pull my undies off and I knew that it could only get better. Kenny raised my leg and Jose pulled off my mouth and raised himself up so he was sitting in front of me with his dick by my face. He placed a pillow under my head and helped Kenny with my legs. Then I felt it... I explained the feeling in my last story... the feeling of a hot tongue hitting your sensitive hole... yeah the chills kept coming. I swear I was going to cum at any moment. I sighed form the feeling of Kenny eating my ass out. But it was a short sign as Jose guided his fat cock to my mouth. I opened up and took in the whole thing to the base. All the practice I've had over the last few days had me use to his nice cock. He wasn't rough or anything... he worked it in and out and it flowed with the fucking Kenny was doing to me with hisĀ  tongue.

Jose reached down and started to stroke my cock while I was being fucked by a hot dick in my moth and a hot tongue in my ass. I warned him I was close and Kenny looked up and told me to give him my nut. So Jose continued to stroke me and I closed my eyes and sucked his cock harder... then I let it go. I waited for the feeling of my cum hitting my body but it was not there. Then I realized that Kenny had his mouth around my cock and was eating my cum. Then I felt Jose let go and he nutted down my throat. I love the taste of his cum and I swallowed every drop. I pulled off his cock and felt the feeling of a hard dick at the entrance of my hole. I looked and saw that Kenny had assumed the position and was ready to plant it in me. I grabbed him by the neck and pulled him into me and kissed him. The taste of Jose and my cum mixed and it was hot knowing that Kenny was eating his brothers cum and loving it. Then I felt it... Kenny penetrated me. I realized at that point that Jose was longer but Kenny had more girth. He stretched my hole further than Jose had done over the last few days. It hurt and you could see it in my eye brows. Kenny asked me if I was ok and if I wanted him to stop and I told him no. I looked around for Jose and realized that he was sitting on the sofa by the bed filming us with the camera he bought me the day before. That made the mood more exciting and I decided to let the inner porn star come out of me. I gave Kenny the go ahead and told him to "fuck me baby"... he didn't need much more encouragement and he began to pound my hole like there was no tomorrow. The lust in his eyes and the flow of his body was enough to make any bitch go crazy and I knew that I was the luckiest bitch alive... I had two gorgeous brothers all to myself.

I raised myself up to my elbows as Kenny pushed my legs down further to gain leverage for his merciless fuck... I looked him in the eyes and he leaned into me and kissed me. He pulled off and started to suck on my neck and I knew he was leaving his mark. I whispered in his ear "baby your fucking mes so good...." and he whispered back "this is only the first time baby... we got a lot more to go...". I smiled and closed my eyes... his dick was perfect in me and I knew Jose was loving the view from the chair. Then Kenny said something that made the sex even better... he said "I wanna love you like my brother... I wanna be our man if you'll have me"... as he did this he picked up the pace and I knew he was getting closer. I looked at him and he said "Jose and I talked about this and he doesnt mind sharing so as long as it's only us two"... he wasn't whispering anymore so I knew Jose heard it. He stood up at his chair and nodded to me giving me the confirmation I needed... I closed my eyes kissed him and said "I want your cum deep inside me". With that, Kenny tensed up slightly and I felt the first rush of juices in me. He filled me up and continue to pour his sweet babies deep inside me. I closed my eyes as the feeling sent me over the edge and I let my nut to all over Kenny and my chest. He continued to fuck me for another 3 minutes before collapsing on me and closing his eyes. Jose put the camera down and came to lay next to us. He kissed me and told me I need to give him a chance to make his mark on the other side and I realized he was talking about the hickie Kenny gave me. Kenny opened his eyes and said "it's official bro... we are dating the greatest boy in the world" I laughed and asked them if they were serious and they said they were. I asked why they wanted to share and they said they love each other like real brothers and refuse to fight over the same girl so they both agreed that they would share the same girl and that I was perfect enough thatĀ  they were willing to do it. I felt so good inside and then I saw Kenny call Jose over with his eyes. They kissed and I nearly died. I felt Kenny's dick twitch in me and I reached down to stroke Jose's hard dick.

To end my story, we continued our three way fuck until the wee hours of the morning when we all fell asleep together. It's currently Wednesday evening one week later and I am sitting here at the computer after having been filled with cum by Jose. Kenny had to work late today but will be home early tomorrow morning. Jose has errands so it'll be Kenny's turn tomorrow but we are currently a three party gay couple. In the last week I've gotten Kenny and Jose to open up sexually and they began to explore sex with each other (mainly oran but I did get them to eat each other out and they love it). I am in love with two Latinos and they love me back. This weekend they want to take me to Vegas for some couple fun and we have a cruise planned in a month. How did I get so lucky.

I am trying to get my boys to model for BLM but we will see!

Hope you enjoyed it and I'll write more when I get the chance or when something exciting happens!


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