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Couple Of Beers
By Michael, San Miguel

Bi Porn, Latino dick, Nude CockI got out of work on Thanksgiving Day. I got home and had a 30 pack of bud light.

I opened one up, laid back and watched television. It was about midnight and then I heard the door bell ring. I got up to see who it may be. It was my homie Rick, so I let him in.

Long story short, we started to drink and talking mess. A bit later he had to go to the rest room.

I was buzzed already. Not knowing he was in the restroom, I went in and took out my verga.

He was like, “Damn yo, hold up! I am here.”

I said, “It’s all good.”

He moved towards me, pulled down my jeans and boxers, then he grabbed my verga.

As he held a grip on my uncut pito, I took him from behind and put him against the wall and pounded the shit out of his tight culo.

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