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Fruit In The Morning (Fruta En La Mañana)
By Fresno Scott

Bi Latin Men, Vergas GrandesI travel a lot and was in Seattle, Washington. I am Latin and 30 y/o with a nice body and a 7 inch cock.

Well, the hotel I was staying at served breakfast for free and you know that shit gets boring after a while. Anyway, one morning I stopped at this chain fastfood for breakfast. When I arrived I ordered my food, and then a few minutes later this hot Latin walked in and I smiled and said buenos dias (good morning)!

He replied with a smile, and said buenos dias also! He was about 5'10”, 145 lbs, brown eyes and black hair, wearing baggy pants!

Anyway I sat down and they brought me my food and as he left he smiled at me and left! So all day long he was on my mind. I even had to jack off, thinking about him!

So the next day I stopped in to see if he would stop by and sure enough he walked in! I made sure I was at a table close to the door. When he walked in, he smiled and waved. I waved back!

So off I went to my office, thinking of this hot guy! So this went on for a few days and finally I got enough balls to talk to him. When he arrived, I spoke to him, hola buenos dias (hello good morning).

He replied the same and I asked him, Vas al trabajo? (Going to work?)

He replied, Yes at a car wash down the street! I told him I am from Fresno Cali and was here for work.

He said, Orale que bien (Cool, that's good).

I asked him what him his name is. He said Danielo and he was from Honduras! I told him, Que passes un buen dia (have a nice day). He smiled and said, Tu tambien (u too)!

The next day I stopped in, and this time he walked in and said hi and walked past me towards the restroom. I got up and walked to the restroom and little did I know it was a single restroom with a toilet and urinal. I opened the door and he was pissing in the toilet. I said, I'm sorry. He replied, No problema (no problem).

He said, Use the urinal! We’re both men and laughed!

So I walked over and started to piss and looked over and saw his nice uncut cock about 7 inches! He started to stroke it and he was getting hard! He then said, “Te gusta me fruta? (Do you like my fruit?)

He then walked to the door and locked the door and walked over and pulled his pants down and said, Come tu fruta (eat ur fruit).

So I dropped to my knees and put his man hood in my mouth! His cock grew to about 8 inches and fat! He grabbed my head and started moving my head back and forth over his big cock and moaning and moaning! I started licking his balls and sucking faster and faster.

He then said, Te gusta me fruta papi? Comete lo todo! (U like my fruit, daddy? Eat it all).

Then I could feel his cock pulsating, and he was moaning and holding my head and saying, Ay te va mi leche!! (here comes my milk). He shot 3 big squirts of his man leche in my mouth !!

Afterwards, he said Gracias and smiled! We cleaned up and as we opened the door there was a senior citizen there waiting. You should have seen the look on his face!!!

When we left, he said he had to get his food and go before he's late! The next day it was a repeat of lust!!

After that incident I gave him my number, and he said he would call me after work! At about 6:30 pm, he called and came to my hotel! I'll tell that hot sweaty story later!!! I hope you enjoyed that story!! laterz @ peace!!!!


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