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My Friend Xavier's Pillow
By Jaime

Latino Dick, Latin Men, Latino Guys, Hot GuysThis happened many years ago. One day friend Xavier came to live with us. He was older than I was. My two older brothers shared one room, and my friend and I shared the third room. The first couple of years were difficult sharing room with him because he was a neat freak, and I just wanted my own space. Three-years later, we kinda got used to one another but still fought. One of our "fighting" routines was "pillow-fighting.” He would throw a pillow at me from his bed, and I would throw it back to him. It started as a little game but became a lot more.

My friend was about 5'9”, 160, soccer player built, black hair, tan-caramel skin. He was looking pretty good, going to clubs, and dating the ladies. I was 18, (honestly I don't remember my weight/height but I was average/slim), black hair, NOT dating the ladies.

One Saturday afternoon Xavier came home from a soccer match in his uniform and sat on the floor with his legs spread wide. I couldn't help but to stare at his legs and take a peak at his package. He was wearing white bikini-briefs. I was used to seeing him walk around in his underwear in the room, but this was different.

Later that night we all went to bed and as usual he threw the pillow at me and I threw it back to him. I couldn't stop thinking about him in his dirty soccer short and underwear. I just wanted to jump out of my bed and into his. We continued to throw the pillow back and forth for a couple minutes until I did something I couldn't believe myself. I grabbed the pillow and threw it at him, but then I jumped into his bed also, over his cover-sheets and began to tickle him. why? I don't know, I just did.

To my surprise he began to tickle me. We tickled each other for a few minutes until he said, "Vete a tu cama, porque nos puede escuchar tus papas" (go to your bed, because your parents might hear us). I got up and went to bed.

The next couple nights to come were the same; pillow-tossing and tickling each other over the cover sheets. Until one night, we went through our pillow-tickling routine and he asked me to go under the bed-sheets. I wasn't sure what to do, but of course I did it. He was wearing his blue bikini-briefs and I was wearing white boxers. I began to tickle him (he was laying on his back and I was on top of his crotch). All of a sudden I felt his dick getting hard, it seemed like the more we tickled each other the harder his dick would get. I kept my mouth shut and continued to go with the moment. It felt wrong but good at the same time. The tickles began to minimize but the hip movement began to increase. His dick felt so hard, I thought it was going to burst out of his underwear.

He asked me, "Te sientes bien mijo?" (are you ok son?)

I replied with a low-pitch, "Yes.”

By this point my hands were against his chest. He continued to push his dick against my ass, and slowly began to take off his underwear. In my head I knew it was so wrong, but I couldn't get myself to stop. He then asked me to take of my boxers. He said it was going to feel better like that; so I did.


I began to feel his nicely-trimmed hairy wet dick all around my ass. It was wet and sticky from all the pre-cum he was releasing. He then asked me, "Quieres sentir rico Jaime?" (Do you want to feel something real good, Jaime?)

I replied with a "Si.”

He then asked me to lay on my back, and he got on top of me (missionary). As I wrapped my legs around him, he began to push his wet pito into my ass. He had asked me to bite the pillow because it was going to hurt a little. A little???? A little too much!!!

As he first began to penetrate me, it felt HORRIBLE, but after a couple minutes it began to feel good, really good. All I could think of was how good it felt to have my friend inside of me.

After a while Xavier was ready to cum. He began to moan and shake a little, until he came inside of me. By then, the sun was barley starting to glow in the sky. He pulled out of me and we spooned the rest of the time (30 mins), until I had to go to school and he had to go to work.

We did this several times after, until he began to bring this girl around and soon got married to her. They now have 4 kids. Now that we are older, we don't have the closes relationship but we are cool with each other.

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