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The Night I Will Never Forget
By anonymous

I live in Brown Town, TX. This happened about 3 months ago. It was raining and it was night my favorite kind of setting. That’s all I remember.

Gay Latino Porn, Hot Guys, Free Latino Men, Nude Boyz, Latino Men, Nude Men - NakedPapis.comI was working. It was almost closing. I was texting like always, and I felt like someone was looking at me, so I looked up. It was this hot guy. He was 5ft 7in, tan, slim but built with an 8 inch dick. I’m also tan, 5ft 7in, slim, with a 8.5in dick and built.

Anyway I looked at him and he smiled at me. (His smile was so beautiful, it could melt u away.) and I looked away like nothing happened. I went on with my day and he would follow me throughout the store. I was like AH, and I was getting distracted with him lol good thing my boss wasn't there lol

It was a slow evening. I stopped what I was doing to "look" for a pair of scissors to cut the plastic off some boxes, but actually I was looking for him. I didn't find him and I thought he left, so I turned around to go back to work and I bumped right into him. I liked feeling his body against me when I bumped into him.  I guess so did he cuz he smiled at me big.

My work was closing time. It was 10:45 pm. I asked him if he needed a ride. He said yea cuz he came on a bus. I said ok and told him to wait by my car cuz I needed to close the store.

Later we got in my car. I just got in and he just kissed me. I almost punched him cuz it scared me, but I liked it LOL

We were making out for like 15 minutes, and it was getting real hot in the car, so he took off his shirt and his body was so well built words can't describe it. I was getting so turned on, and I was wishing he would take off his pants. My wish came true. He had those boxer briefs on, and I took my shirt off. He helped me. “What a gentleman,” I said.

I took off my pants. I also had boxer briefs, and then we both saw that I had a "tent." He just grabbed it and started playing with my dick. We made out some more and then we moved to the back seat. I was finishing what happened inside when I fell on top of him.

I took his boxers off and then I took off mine. He started giving me a blow and it was so good I thought I was going to nut right there and then. He said he wanted me inside him.

So I stuck my dick in him, and he loved it and so did I. He screamed as I pumped him lol but all manly, "Oh yea, fuck me harder" lol

We were there for like 30-50 min doing it and then I told him I was going to nut and he said to do it inside. I blew like 3 - 5 loads and I said, “Let's continue this at my crib.”

He said Yea, so we put our boxers on, but he kept giving me a blow while I was driving to my crib. We made it home at 12 or 12:30, and we were making out on the porch in boxers while cars passed lol I couldn’t give a fuck and it was raining and we were getting all wet. Then we went up inside and we fucked some more and then he fucked me. He asked, “I nut inside u or on ur chest?”

I said, “Inside.”

He was getting ready and he yelled this sexy, manly yell "Oh yes!" and he came and we stopped and called it a night. But we continued to make out lol

I will never forget that night and his name is Robert. Since then we are going out and we’re bi. Once in I while we mess around with chicks lol hope u love it lol

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