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Hot Latino Boyz, Latino Jocks, Nude Latino Men, Naked Latin Men, Gay Latin PornOk, I’ll tell u a story. I call this story “Serio?

My name is Alex. I’m 23 and live in Sacramento. I’m 5'9”, weigh 160, nice and built, brown skinned and have slicked back hair. I always wear dickies and a wife beater and my locs and to top it all of, I have an 8 and a half inch uncut pito to go with it.

Well, I was walking down da street to my car cuz I just left da flea market. Then I saw my homie Beto. We talked for about 5 min and I said, “Ay beto, who's that lil vato u wit homie?”

He said, “That's my cuzzin Oscar.”

I was like cool. Oscar was a sexy ass vato. He's 23, 5'8”, and he weighs about 140. He's slender with nice ass lips, light skinned and a nice ass bubble bootty to go with it.

So beto told me, “A foo, can u take this foo home? He's been tellin me all day he wanted to go home.”

So I said, “Simon foo, I’ll take him.”

So me and Oscar hoped in my car. The whole time I thought about how good it would feel to get those nice ass lips wrapped around my pito. I started to drive and we were talking about cars and clubs, then we went to sex.

Then for some odd reason I was like, “I wonder what it would feel like to get my pito sucked by a vato?”

Then Oscar looked at me and said, “Serio?”

I was like, “Ya hommie serio.”

He told me, “I wonder what it’s like to suck one?”

As soon as he said that, my dick became super hard, and he seen my boner I got. I pulled over to a dark alley and unzipped my pants and took my 8 and a half inch pito and shoved it right in Oscar’s mouth. He sucked my dick hella good.

Then I got really horny and stated to rub his asshole with my fingers. It felt nice and warm. Hella good. I could feel the pre cum come out of my pito. Then I took it out of his mouth and told him to take off his pants.

As soon as he did, he sat right on top of my big ass pito, and all u can hear was his moan. It felt so good. I felt his tight ass boy pussy all on my pito, then I grabbed his ass cheeks and spread them open and it felt so good.

Then out the middle of nowhere I could feel the nut coming out of my ball sac. I told him, “I’m gonna come, Oscar.”

He said, “Cum in me papi,” as soon as he said that I busted 3 fat nuts in his ass. It felt hella good.

Almost every day for a whole year we fucked. Now we are a couple. Thankz for reading. 

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