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Nude Latino Men, Uncut Cocks, Gay Latin BoysOk so I am new to the LA area, & one day I was out job hunting & came across this fine ass cholo looking dude, so here’s my story....

One hot day in LA I was walking the streets looking for a job & every place I went into wasn’t hiring, so I was getting mad & on my way back home this fine ass 6 foot, baggy jeans, fresh white t, clean cut pelon, tatted down cholo is walking past me & see's me with aps. in my hand & asks, "Are you looking for a job homie?"

& I answered, "Yeah!, but I ain’t having any luck!!”

Then he says, "Wut kind of work you looking for?"

I told him, "Wutever I can get my hands on at this point dawg!"

Then he says, "Well, my homie owns a tire shop a little up the street & might be looking for someone!"

So I said, "Cool!..where’s it at? I’ll hit it up!"

He says, "Come on foo, I’ll take you!"

I was kind of nerves being I don’t know this guy!..but at this point I didn’t care, I needed a job!

So we get to the tire shop & he introduced me to his homie & told him my situation & his homie was actually looking for someone to work the register which I have experience in!

So the guy’s homie that owns the shop told the foo that took me there to take me in his office & have me fill out an ap. & he'll be right in, so we go to the office.

Once in the office he tells me, “Have a seat let me get you the ap. & a pen.”

So once I was done filling it out, the owner still hadn’t come in so this foo & I started talking. He asked if I had a girlfriend, wut made me move to LA etc., & when I said I was single I got this weird vibe from him.

Then out of nowhere he asked if I was str8, bi or gay & I told him str8 (which I was.) & he's like, “Oh, that’s koo.”

We stood quiet for a min. Then he says, "So you know u got the job right?" & I was like, "Oh yeah!?!"

He’s like, "Yeah, we just have to have your ap. on file.”

Then I told him, "Thanx dawg, you really helped me out! I gotta get you back for that.”

Then he says, "I know wut you can do.”

I said, "Wuts that?"

& he looked down at his dick. I was like WTF!!..."Nah homie, I don’t get down like that."

He was like, "Come on foo, no one will know! I'll lock the door" after awhile I gave in...

He locked the door then went over to the chair & pulled down his jeans. B4 sitting down I could see he was rock hard through his boxers & it looked big & thick, so I was getting scared!! Then he told me, "Come around the desk!"

So I did & he pulled out his dick thru his boxers while I was standing in front of him. He looked at me & said, "Go ahead foo, handle it. It’s all yours right now.”

So I got on my knees. I started to play with it so see wut I was getting myself into. His dick was very thick,9 inches, uncut, I start to lick the head very slowly. I played with the shaft a lil & mean while he was already moaning saying, "Damn foo, that shit feels bomb...don’t stop!!"

So I put a little more than the head in & started stroking with my mouth not too fast but not too slow, while he grabbed the back of my head, just guiding it up & down saying, "Damn foo, you give bomb head Yeah, like that. Stay right there!!!!"

It started turning me on for some reason, so I unzipped my pants& let my8.5 uncut dick hangout & started stroking away. He saw I pulled mine out & told me in a moaning heavy voice, "That’s right homie, get into."

As he pushed my head down further to take in about 3 more inches of his dick. Damn, I started precumming a lot, getting my dick all wet!! Then I went for it & deep throated all 9 inches & he moaned hella loud, "Aww shit!!! Fuck yeah!!"

I was so into I didn’t even care if ppl heard!! Then he told me, "Hold on," so I pulled it out of my mouth. He stood up in front of me & started rubbing & smacking his dick on my lips, then he said, "Foo, open wide.”

He put the head in my mouth, grabbed the back of my head & started fucking my mouth slow at first, then he started moaning heavier & the heavier he would moan the faster he would fuck my mouth, then he asked, "Where do u want my nutt? Can I mutt in ur mouth?"

I said, "Go for it foo!!!"

& I started sucking his dick even faster & I could feel him getting close & when he said, "Aw shit, imma nutt!!!!!"

I deep throated that dick & let him nutt in my throat. I could feel his dick throbbin in my mouth & his legs shaking while he released that nutt!! & he let out a big moan saying, "Yeaaaahhh foo, right there!!! that foo!!!..damn!!!"

Then he cleaned up & said to me, "Damn foo, you sure u never did that b4?"

I just laughed & he said, "By the way my name is memo" & I said "My name is Kris, nice to meet you dawg!!"


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Nude Latino Men, Uncut Cocks, Gay Latin Boys

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