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My First Puerto Rican Cock
By Alex

Latino Boys | Gay Latino Porn | NakedPapis.comWassup my name is Alex from North Hollywood. Well, this all started at my godmother’s house out here in the valley. I happened to stay with her because I got kicked out my house. I liked staying there, living there, but more because of her boyfriend. He's 5'9”, light skinned, bald, very cute with that raspy voice from the east coast. His voice dominated me. I don't know why every time he would talk to me, I would get weak and not know what to say.
Well, one day it seemed very awkward how he would always talk to me and be in a good mood cause I never hardly ever talked to him. At this time, I was a virgin and he knew it. I was 18. He was 32 but he looked 21. We were on the couch, just sitting down, watching tv, bored, cause everyone left. I noticed he had a hard on because he was in his white briefs. I kept staring, but he didn't say nothing. He happened to like me staring at it. I say it was about a good 8 or 9 inches long, fat and uncut. 
After that, nothing happened till 2 weeks later. We were talking more, having a better time, spending quality time going out just us two. He would shower me with gifts so I’m like fuck it. But I got a weird vibe that he kept buying me stuff without hesitation.

I stopped and thought, "Why would he be buying me shit?"

I guess he read my mind cause he told me, "I like buying you stuff. You make me real happy.”

I was like WTF, so I just giggled. He took me to eat and we started talking and somehow hit the subject on how it would feel to suck or get sucked by a dude. I asked, "What's your fantasy guy to guy?”

He's like, "My fantasy is to fuck a guy and get head, but he has to be of a young age.”

At this point I was putting the pieces together. He knew I wanted him and he wanted me, but it was just so weird how we got along. 
That passed like it never happened. We never talked about till what happened 2 months after. 
We went to this party, just me and him. East coasters party hard though lol. So we went. He told me," I want to get fucked up tonight. Are you willing to drive us back to my place in Pacoima?"

I’m like, “Yea, sure no problem, but I wanna drink too.”

He's like, "Don't drink much.”

I didn't answer him back. 
As we walked into his friend’s house, I saw that his friend Josh was Puerto Rican and fucking sexy as hell. He introduced us and his friend Josh had that Puerto Rican accent so he's like,"Hola pai, no te pongas nelbioso. Yo toy aqui pa a lo que tu quiera.” (Hello daddy, dont get nervous. I’m here to serve you.)

Little did he know that I got turned on so damn badly. My godmom’s boyfriend noticed cause he saw me bite my lip when Josh turned and went outside.

As we were drinking, Josh told me to go upstairs with him. When I got there, he didn't look drunk, but he was fucked up. He's like, "I need to take a piss. Can you a help a nigga out?"

I was nervous cause I had never done this, so I was like, “Aight cool, but don't try nothing.”

As I unzipped his pants, I happened to be on knees. I don't why. He told me,"Levante pai, I don't wanna pee on you!" (Get up)

I got up and pulled out his dick. I was dumb happy to have his thick 10 inch uncut fat Puerto Rican dick on my hand. I pulled back the foreskin so he could piss. As he was taking a piss he told me, " Damn papi you got some warm soft hands. What you be doing?"

I’m like, "Nada,” and smiled and he replied with a cute sexy smile. 
He was like, "Aight, I’m done pai, shake it for me!"

I replied with a shake and told him, "Do you know how much pussy you can get with an accent like that?"

He's like, "Yea pai, pero I like something else.”

I’m like, "And what is that?"

He giggled and said, "C'mmon pai ill show you.”

I thought to myself, Is this my night to be with the best Puerto Rican ever?

I was nervous as hell to be with a 21 yr old Puerto Rican. He laid down on the bed and called me over to lay next to him. Without hesitation, I laid next to him. He asked me, "Have you ever been with a guy?"

I’m like, "No and never thought about it till now.”

I did have my fantasies about guys. I was just makin sure he would be "straight" up with it. As I said what I said, I turned my head towards the window and out of nowhere I felt sumthin warm and soft peck me on my neck. I knew he was kissing me on my neck, and I didn't stop him cause it was so hot of him doing that.

I replied with rubbing his thigh and told him slowly moaning and breathing deep, licking and biting my lips,"Damn papi, if you’re not the best neck kisser I've met!"

He's like, "I've only been told that by girls but not from a guy. You’re the first!"

He kept on kissing me. At this point he was already on top of me with no shirt on, kissing my neck, chest and my whole upper body. My dick was so hard it almost ripped my pants open. I kept telling him to stop, but everytime he did, it made me want him even more. I told him," Yo, can I suck your dick? I been craving it since the moment I met you and you seemed like you wanted my mouth over it by the way you shook my hand.”

He replied with kissing my lips and guided my hands to his pants to pull them down. 
We were like that for at least 30 minutes till we were completely butt naked. 
As I was kissing his chest, he guided me down by pushing my head with his hand. I didn't stop cause I wanted it so bad! 
Once I got down to his dick, I felt it so soft and smooth cause he shaved it clean. This turned me on even more. I went back up to kiss him and whispered to him, "Do you know how bad I want your dick in my ass right now?"

He told me, "Papi, suck my dick and I’ll show you how bad ill give it to you.”

I went back down on him. His dick getting harder and fatter by the second in my mouth made me feel suffocated cause I kept choking. 
He saw me choking and gagging for 10 minutes straight. He was like, "Chulo, that's enough!"

He pulled out his dick out my mouth and slapped me with it and told me to get ready. He positioned me in doggy style and told me, "When you want me stop just say so. I don't want to hurt you cause I like you.

I’m like, "Just fuck me baby! Fuck Me!"

He started by spittin saliva on my ass hole and lubricated it with his fat dick head. He tried putting it in and told me, "Damn chulo, u so tight! Te lo voy abril tu ollo pa meteltela papi chulo!" (I’m going to open up your hole so I can put it in you.)

As he was trying to fuck me, he pushed it all the way in slowly. He started at a slow but steady pace. It made me want to crawl off the bed, and scream. I put up with it but after getting used to it, I happened to like it so much. I pushed him away and told him to stop. I just kept telling him put it back in and don't stop! 
He was like, "Who's your daddy nnow? Quien tu cree que es tu papi chulo?” (Who do you think is your handsome daddy?)

I replied with moaning and grabing the pillows so tight. 
He bent over, still fuckin me, tellin me I’ll never forget this night with a whisper.

Twenty minutes into it, my godmom’s boyfriend walked in. He looked shocked, but we paid no attention and kept going non-stop. He walked up and asked, "Aye, wtf is going on? I want to fuckin join!"

We were like wtf?

So he got naked and positioned himself in front of me to suck his dick while Josh was butt fucking me. Josh said, "Now you know how it feels to get fucked by 2 niggas!"

I replied with telling him, “Nah, now I know how it feels to have 2 good ass dicks!"

They both laughed and gave each other props. Josh stopped fuckin me and I told him, "Get that dick back in there baby!"

He's like, "Get on top and ride it, that's only if you want it.”

Quickly I took out the dick out my mouth, laid Josh on the bed and sat on his dick. I was jumping on that cock like there was no end. Jumping on him and looking at his gorgeous face made me want to never stop. With a moaning voice Josh told me, "Keep jumping don't stop! But suck his dick too!"

At this point he was in control of everything, so I did as he said. I sucked Carlos’s cock and rode Josh. I was in heaven. Having a 9 inch dick in my ass and a 10 inch cock in my mouth I couldn't ask for more. After 15 minutes of that, Carlos was ready to cum. I felt him start shaking a little, moaning louder, had my head locked in his hands cause he was mouth fucking me. He screamed out, "Ima cum! Ima cum! Ima cum!!!"
When he let it out, all I felt was warm juices hit my throat about 6 times. He kept pile driving me and told me, "I’m not pulling it out till he's done.”

I replied with laying on my back so that he can be on top of my motuh and Josh fuck me with my legs opened for him. It felt so good, that without me jacking off I told him, "Keep fucking me this good, I’ma cum.”

As soon as I said that, I came all over my chest and stomach. About 5 minutes later, Josh started to get more deeper and quicker. He said, "PAPI, I’M ABOUT TO CUM. LET ME CUM IN YOUR MOUTH!"

All I did was go down on him to suck his dick. As I was sucking his dick, I held his balls. He let out a big moan, feelin his balls go up and down on my hand felt so good. Also  I felt 7 pulps of warm cum in my mouth. 
When were finished he told me, "Papi quielo que tu sepas que tu eres el unico hombre con quien yo a tenido relciones. Te quielo solamente pa mi amor.” (Daddy, I want you to know that you are the only man with whom I’ve had relations. I want you only for myself, my love.)

We told Carlos to leave, and so he did. I stayed with Josh in his bed with his dick in my ass just hugged up. I oke up at 2 pm with him kissing me. 

Till this day, it’s been 4 years that I've been with him. We now live together. Fortunately he's my first love. He also gives me the best cock ever. A month later we had a 3-way with his cousin. That's a different story though so stay tuned. 

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