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By anonymous

Nude Cock, Latino Guys, & Bi Latin MenI met this one guy through a friend. He goes to a college about 3 hours from where I live. I'm 18 and he's 19. I called him a couple weeks before I arrived at his school for competitions. (I'm still in high school and he's a freshman in college) I had gotten the chance to get to know him and we had sent pictures back and fourth to each other. Now, we both live in Washington state and there ain't no way in hell that you'd be able to find a fine ass chulo here. But I got lucky! hahaha! This chulo was about 6'2", got a tight body and biceps to spare. He had this cute baby face and this bomb smile. He's Mexican and...DAMN! I love my latinos! I, myself, am an Island boy, (mixed with Samoan, German, Tahitian, & Hawaiian) and I'm about 5'11", athletic build. We had planned for me to stay with him in his dorm for that one night and I was all excited to see him in person.

I stayed home on Friday to get things ready for my drive out there. I left around 10 and arrived to the college around 12pm. I called him when I got there and we hugged when we met. Then he showed me to his dorm. His room mate had left home and we had the dorm to ourselves. Now this chulo got some bomb lips..I couldn't resist..I had to give him a kiss. i stopped and asked him if he liked it...he said nothing and just pulled me in for another kiss.

Later that afternoon, I had to compete and when I was done, I went back to the dorm to meet up with him. I gave him a hug and he was standing with his back towards me. I couldn't resist again..I went behind him and started to grind on him, while holdin his waste and kissin his neck. He was lovin it and started sighing with passion. This shit was turnin me on but I told him that I was gonna go take a shower and that I'd have to save that for later. We went and got somethin to eat and then I took a shower.

We planned to head out to a party at 10pm. It was around 8 when I got done showering. When I returned to the dorm room, he was laying down. He told me to lay down with him, so I did. We cuddled and made out for a good hour then he told me to get on top of him. We were just dry humpin but it was hot! I've always been a top but I wanted to be bottom fed for the longest. I thought..well, now's my chance and to make things better...the fool is fine as hell. So I whispered in his ear that I wanted him to fuck me. He said somethin in Spanish and I laughed. He asked why I was laughin and I asked him what he said...instead of translating, he did it and took my clothes off. he grabbed a condom and I grabbed it. I ripped it open and started strokin his dick. This chulo had a nice pito! It was about 7.5" and thick with a trimmed bush.

I told him to fuck my mouth. So he did. His dick tasted so good and the manly smell was bomb too. So, while he was fuckin my mouth, I stopped to lick my finger and slowly put it in his culo. I was gettin even more turned on just listenin to him quietly moan and breathin hard. The moment got flushed when his homegirl came bangin on the door. We both put our clothes back on and he gave me a kiss. I laid there in bliss and smiled. Minutes later, we left to the party.

We arrived at the party and started dancing. More and more people showed up. Damn! There was a bunch of fine ass fools there! I didn't wanna stand there lookin like a creep starin so I joined in on the fun. I started chilling with all these fools. It was hella cute to see how fine they were. The fine ass chulo that I came with just stood aside watchin me. He was hella sweet. He was makin sure I was alright.

Later in the night, he came by and walked me out to his truck. When we parked, he followed me up to the dorm room. I sat in the chair and took off my watch, my earings, and my shoes. I sat there feelin dumb as hell but we both laughed. He locked the door. And took his shoes and shirt off and laid on his bed and turned off the lights. He told me to come lay down with him. while I was layin there, we started kissin.

I was still horny as hell and he rips my clothes off. He goes down and starts suckin on my 6.5", thick pito. I started moanin, then he spits on his fingers and slowly puts it in my culo. Shit was hurtin but I couldn't resist, I wanted it so bad! Then grabs my neck and kisses me. He starts kissin my neck and makes me moan. I glance at the window to see it foggin up. Then he forces my head down to his dick and I start suckin it and chokin on it. Shoot! I couldn't get enough of it! Then he spits on his dick and tosses me over onto my stomach. He asks me how I want it..he kisses me and I tell him to make me scream. He plays with my ass some more then takes his dick and sticks it up my culo. Shit hurt so bad!

I shoved my face in the pillow and was screamin. He goes a little slow while he feels on my body. Then he pulls my hair and asks me if I liked it..he kisses me and I tell him to keep fuckin me. Before I thought that tears were gonna swell up, I was beggin for more. I kept screamin "Fuck yeah! Fuck dat shit pa!"

When he noticed that I was gettin a little bit too loud, he p ushes me down on the bed and started fuckin me faster and put his finger in my mouth to keep me quiet. He starts kissin my neck again and then he pulls me toward him and started suckin on my lip. He then whispers that he's bout to cum and I tell him to cum in my ass. Faster and faster he goes and the last few pushes he makes were hard as fuck but felt bomb as hell! While he was pumpin my culo harder than ever, it felt like ecstasy that I noticed myself cumming at the same time as him. He laughed and asked me how I felt..I laid there, kissed him and said..Fuck..I'm sober now. We laid there the rest of the night, naked under the sheets in eachothers arms.

The next morning I woke up early and left around 7am. I kissed him and said goodbye. Hopefully, I'd get back with him soon. Then I'd be able to tell more...

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