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My Uncle's Friend
By Gaupo

Vergas GrandesThis happened last night. My uncle and I get free haircuts because his friend cuts hair, but we go at night around 8 or 9 o'clock before closing time. He dropped me off around 7 and said he would be back because he had to go handle some business. Every time he says that I know he’s going to take mad long. He's probably fucking some bitch. Anyways the shop usually closed around 8:30. He friend’s name is Rob. He has long ass hair down to his ass, he lifts so he is built, and is sexy as hell. And the good part is he closes the shop.

Everybody left so he cut my hair. And then me and him were chilling and talking. And he was telling me that his girl was getting on his nerve and how he don't feel like going home to her shit. It was funny because this has been happening for years and he always tell me.

My uncle still wasn’t back, and it was like 9:45 so he asked if he wanted him to drive me home. I said yea.

He stopped at the store and got some Vodka and some blacks( Black'n Milds), and we started smoking. He told me not to tell my uncle, but he was going to let me drink. So we are getting trashed and pulled up to my house. I called my uncle.

Rob asked if he could use my bathroom. The bathroom has mirrors on the ceiling of it, and he pissed from the side so I got all types of views of his 6 inch soft uncut cock. My mouth got watery and my lips started dripping with lust. I couldn't take my eye off of this sexy stud.

He turned around, and I acted like I was just checking to see if I could wash my hands, even though the kitchen was around the corner. He said yea he was finished anyways. He didn't wash his hand, ha.

Then he said he forgot his phone at the barbershop, and I asked if I could come and get it with him. I was so horny I already made up in my mind that I was going to try and get a fuck out of him. So he said yea and we were riding in the car.

I asked him why he was with that bitch for so long. He said the pussy was good, but she stopped sucking dick. I don’t think if he was sober he would of put it in such detail, lol. So I was like that he needed to get his dick sucked and that’s why he was so cranky. He laughed and pulled up to the shop.

He couldn't find his phone, and it was dark and he didn’t want to turn on the lights because it’s a window shop and he didn't want people to think it was open. It was like 10:30. So I had my phone, and I called his phone to help locate it, and it ended up being in the backroom where there are boxes and stuff. He said he musta left it in there when he was getting something out of there.

And he said, Let’s leave, and that’s when my hoe came out. I was like, “Na, let’s stay here and chill. I’m trashed. I don’t feel like moving.”

He was like, “Iight” because he felt the same way.

So I brought up again that he needs a blow job. He was like he wasn't going to get one unfortunately. And he clutched his dick and said now that I kept talking about that he really wanted one.

I said, So get one, and he said, From who?

And I got up and walked over to him. He backed up, and I grabbed his dick so he could not move back. He had this confused but yet horny look on his face. Then I kissed him. He didn't kiss back at first. He was still trying to fight it, but then he gave in as I was rubbing his cock and clutching it.

He never removed my hand away, that's how I knew he wanted it. So I got on my knees and started to unbuckle his pants, and I could feel his dick busting through his pants. So I helped relieve the pressure by sticking it in my mouth until I choked. I made him gag me, and I knew he liked it because he couldn't help moaning.

Now he put his hands around my head and said that if I was going to act like a bitch he was going to fuck me like one. He bent me over and spit hot warm saliva into my hole and started to finger me. As he was opening me up with his thick and long fingers, I moaned louder and louder, and he put more and more fingers into me.

Then he put his dick into me without any warning, and he covered my mouth because he knew that his big dick was going to make me scream.

At first he did it slowly, then as he could tell when I got used to it a little more, he slammed me hard. One by one I could feel every hard inch of him coming into me. The fucker has pounding me hard as if I was a bitch.

After a while he took it out and made me suck his dick again. He started to moan and I could tell he was about to cum so I sucked hard an deep throated him. Then he busted the biggest load in my mouth and I swallowed every drop.

Then he gave me one passionate kiss and said he would call me but he had to get home to his girl, but I didn't care I was so drugged from his dick that I just I had to lay down and nod.

And he calls now and then when he wants a good fuck. IM THE BEST, he said.

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