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El Hustler Loco
By El Veterano, OC Cali

gay latin men & men nudeI've been single for awhile now and the stories I could tell.  This is my latest relato (story).  The following is true only the names have been changed to protect the not so innocent. 

I was @ the vapor on calle 1ra in Tijuana, Mexico.  I was checking out the vergas of all sizes and flavors as we say in Spanish.  This one vato came into the steam room, and even though there were about 7 other vatos inside, he grabbed my dick. 

Then he sat next to me and caressed my thigh.  I loosened his towel so I could feel his ass.  He bent over and started to suck my dick.  I guess the timing was right. The other vatos were alright or didn't care. 

He stood up and I sucked his verga.  The vato was about 30, 5’7”, slim, moreno claro, trimmed mustache and his dick was 6", uncut , light brown with a juicy foreskin.

After awhile I realized the vato was buzzed, and I guess this explained his openness.  I told him let's shower cuz I wanted to eat his bubble butt culo. 

I showered in my stall, and then I heard a commotion.  It was an attendant arguing with the drunk vato. 

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