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Mexican Party - First Time
by anonymous

Mexican Party - First TimeMy name is Jesse. I am 21. It all started on the day of my cousin’s baptism. My cousin brought some of his friends who are pretty boys and so fine, muscular, clean. They are fine asses, the ones you can’t keep your eyes off of them.

They were sitting in a corner table, drinking and having fun. It was about 8 pm when I saw Elias, my cousin's friend. This fine ass dude got up, grabbing his package like he had to go pee. I watched him and saw him go to the backyard where I followed him. He was drunk so he didn’t notice. I turned on a small light and saw him pull out his big dick and balls. I pretended to be on my cell phone, but I was actually just staring at his dick. He finished and went back to drinking.

I could  not stop thinking about giving him a blow job. The party ended around 2 am, and my cousin and him were so drunk they stayed over to sleep. I was like, This must be my lucky night.

My cousin stayed in the living room and Elias in my room on a pull out couch bed. We walked to the room, and he started taking his shoes off, socks and shirt. When I saw him pull his pants down and sleep in nothing but boxers, I got a hard on fast.

I wanted to get him horny so I put on a porno. I waited till he was completely hard with his dick making a tent in his boxers. I got up around 30 min later and saw he had his hands inside his boxers with his legs spread wide open, so I could see everything.

So I went back to my bed I got up 15 min later again and saw him just laying there with his hand still in his boxers. He was just watching the porno and ignoring me. I crawled up into the bed and then started giving him head, I pulled his boxers off and saw his big cleaned shaved dick and  balls. He got all hard as I sucked him for about an hour, jacking him off too. I wanted him to cum in my mouth, so after tugging on his dick for a long time, it finally happened. It was some great oral sex for me.

In the morning when he woke up, he was still laying there butt naked and he said, That was a bomb blow job, you little faggot, and he laughed.

I said, Shut the fuck up, and laughed too.

He said joking, You suck better than a hyna.

I said, So you should try fucking me next time.

This was my best oral sex ever.

He is straight but he calls me up every couple of weeks when his dick needs to be sucked and his girlfriend don’t want to do it. That’s all we have oral sex. I wish we could have it anally.

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