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Psyched Out
by anonymous

Psyched OutI’m a freshman in college, and I’m really interested in studying the mind. Two weeks ago, I met a guy named Eric. He’s a sophomore at my school, and he is a very sexy guy. He’s Mexican, on the thin side, brown skin, and he speaks with a Mexican accent.

This chavalo I know, well he’s not gay or nothing, or so he says. But he’s the one to give mixed signals, and he became one of my amigos, so I was really not so sure if I could get anything out of him.

I knew he had a big one because he’s been with a few of the hynas I know, so he’s "straight.’ But every day in psych class he sits by me. He didn’t really talk to me, but then one day we started talking more when he wanted to know if I knew one of his friends, and it turned out we had a friend in common.

He went to this party that I was at. It was nothing special, but then he was getting drunk and so was I. He started acting a lil weird. Then I thought that he liked me a lil bit, but I didn’t know for sure.

So I went to another party with him, and he was even worse, acting as if he liked me, and at other times he would hide it. It was funny cuz I really liked him.

After the party, he told me he was just joking, and he asked if I knew that. I said I knew he was playing.

Then on Sunday he called me and asked if I wanted to get high. Of course I said, Yeah. I wasn’t going to pass up an opportunity to be with him.

So he blazed his shyt up, and I was taking little puffs so I could have a clear head. Then a little later he asked me if I liked him.

I said, “Yeah, you know I’m your friend.”

Then he said, “No, not like that foo. I really like u, but I’m not gay though. I like my hynas, my bitches, but I like you.”

I said, “Well, I like you to but…”

Then his lips were on mine. I was shocked. He didn’t hesitate to kiss me.

Then I kissed him back and I started to touch his chest. I took off his shirt, and he said, “See, I knew u liked me.”

I told him, “I knew u knew.”

So then he said, “Can u suck dick?”
I just kissed him and went down on his 8 inch dick. I was not trying to stop. It was so good and it grew MORE. I was loving it and he started to fuck my mouth.  I loved it and he was going faster and faster, then he stopped cuz he was going to cum, but he didn’t want to cum yet.

He said, “I don’t know, but I wanna fuck you.”

I didn’t know what to say cuz I’m always the fucker, but I thought, What the hell? I said finally, “Fuck me.”
He got a condom and started to finger me with one finger. Then he got more fingers into my butt hole one by one. Finally, he put his verga in my ass.

Oh what a  verga it was! He was fast, fucking me real quick and hard. I loved it. Then he put me on my back and he said, “I wanna see ur face when I’m fucking you.”

He put me in the position he wanted, and he fucked me with passion that day. My ass was so sore, but we fucked for a half an hour even after he came the first time.

Afterwards, he was going to take a shower. I followed him into the shower, and I sucked his verga some more. He loved it.

He doesn’t really like to fuck a lot. We kiss all the time, and he’s like a fun friend, but I think it’s going to be funner soon cuz there’s a fun party coming up.


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