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Meet At The Park
by Edgar

Meet At The ParkEverything happened on Tuesday. I ditched school, and I was walking around the streets. I wanted to go to the park, so I went. I was there walking around at the park. Then I got tired and I sat under a tree, getting sum rest.

After 5 minutes, a guy passed by, and he looked at me. I looked at him. I got up to walk, and when that guy saw me, he sat down on a bench. We were too shy to talk to each other. We passed by each other three times. We were smiling at each other, and then he called me over. I sawt next to him, and we had a conversation and we exchanged phone numbers. He had to go back to work.

We talked a few times on the phone, then on Wednesday he was off work. He asked me to come over to his house, and I said of course. I went to his house. We were chillin’ for a lil bit, but then he asked me if he could shave my head. I said, Yes, OK.

We went inside the bathroom. He took off his shirt, and I was shaving his head. Then I started getting horny, and he knew that I was a lil bit horny. I told him, “You got me horny.”

He said, “Oh well.”

And I was like, Whatever.

Afterwards, he went into the shower. I was waiting outside the bathroom. Then I asked him, “Can I go inside the bathroom?”

He said, yeah, and I walked inside while he was taking a shower. He asked me, “Have you had sex before?

I told him I was a virgin.

He said, “For real?”

I said Yeah, and he finished showering. He said, “I’m not a virgin no more.”

I just looked at him, and then he looked at me, asking “How big is your dick?”

I told him, “I don't know. You have to find out yourself.”
He was like, Ok. He was totally naked. I looked at him. I got horny really fast. As I was looking at him, he asked again. “Have you had day sex?”

I said, “No. Have you?”

He said, “No,” and then he kissed me. The action was starting. We were making out for like 15 minutes. I got naked, and we started jacking off each other. Then he said, “I’m so horny.”

I told him, “Me too.”

He said, “Can I fuck you?”

I said, “Wait for a lil bit…I’m a virgin.”

He said, “I will do it slow.”

Then I got on my knees. He started putting his dick in my ass. At first I screamed. Then his dick was inside me, and were fucking for 30 minutes. Suddenly he stopped and he came on my back. I was jacking off, and he said, “Can you cum in my mouth?”

Of course, I said OK and shot all over his mouth.

We took a shower together. When we got dressed, his mom came home from work, and he introduced her to me. ‘

He walked me out of his house, and I told him bye. Since then we haven’t fucked no more….

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