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How Do We Do It?
by anonymous

Gay LatinosThis is the story about my first gay sex, which just happened to be with a Latino guy. We were in School at the time. I played football, and after practice one day me and this other guy on the team named Ruben were picked by the coach to do clean up in the locker room because we had been playing around, laughing and joking, instead of practicing.

We were just chilling when we started cleaning up the locker room. We were still playing around and by the time we finished everyone else had left. We both went to our lockers and took off our uniforms. As we were starting to put our underwear on Ruben pulled out a cigarette and lit it up and handed it to me.

"Don't worry, everyone's gone." He told me. We both took a couple of hits and he put it out. We were talking this whole time and gradually our conversation turned towards sex. Then he asked me what I thought about gay sex. I was careful in my answering because I had known I was gay since 7th grade, just hadn't told anyone. I said, "Let them be what they want to."

Let me clarify something, he was wearing tight white CK briefs and nothing else, and I was in my boxer briefs.

He must of known I was checking his package out, because he asked me if I was gay. I stared at him, trying to look offended, and his response was, "Dude, I know that you can't be straight. You have been trying to look at my crotch ever since I got undressed. Is this what you're trying to see?" He pulled out his dark chocolate brown covered uncut dick, which was half hard.

My dick started getting hard instantly. I knew I was busted, but relieved when he said, "But it's okay. I'm gay too." I looked at him in shock. Then I looked down and saw that his dick was getting hard, too. I was still a virgin and had never met anyone that admitted to being gay. I then asked him if he'd had gay sex. He replied, "I have never been fucked, but I've sucked dick and had my dick sucked before."

"No way! What was it like?" I said. Without answering he just walked over and pulled down my underwear and got on his knees. Then he started to play with my cock and balls. I got hard instantly and he wrapped his beautiful thick Latino lips around my dick and sucked it and played with it with his tongue. Getting head for the first time was amazing. I had never felt so good in my life.

He pulled off and asked, "How's that?" I said, "Damn, that feels good." I stepped out of my boxer briefs and then motioned for him to stand up. I pulled his underwear off and got down on my knees in front of him. For the first time in my life I had a throbbing hard dick in front of my mouth and couldn't wait to taste it. I started sucking his dick and loved having his big, warm uncut tool in my mouth.

He made me stop because he was going to cum. I waited a couple of seconds and started to suck him again but he had to stop me again because we was about to bust. We tried a couple of more times but he couldn't last so he told me to stand up because he had a different idea.

He told me he had always wanted to know what it feels like to get fucked. "I am so horny now, I need to know what it it's like." I had never fucked anyone before. I turned him around and looked at his smooth round, tan brown ass. It looked really good and I wanted to pop his cherry. "How do we do it?" I asked. He told me to lay down on a nearby table. He sucked my dick a little more and got it really wet. Then he got up on his knees on the table with his butt over my dick.

I asked, "Are you sure you want to do this?" He said nervously, "Yes." And then started lowering his ass on to my dick. He looked like he was in pain as he lowered himself enough so that the head of my dick was inside his ass. He moved around a little and my dick started going in a little further. His asshole felt warm and wet with all the spit on my dick and I wanted to feel all of him. I pushed it all the way in and he screamed. "Oh fuck!" He said.

"That shit hurts dude." I told him it was OK if he wanted me to pull out but he told me to wait. After a couple seconds of getting used to having my dick all the way inside of him he started gently moving up and down, and then started moaning very quietly. Before long he began to move up and down more rapidly as I began thrusting.

There is no way to describe the pleasure that was going through my body. He was feeling it too. I saw him shuddering with the pleasure. Pretty soon I could feel my ball sac start to tighten up and an intense pressure in my scrotum that was much more intense than when I jacked off and I knew I was ready to cum. I told him I was getting close and he cried, "Me, too."

Then as he kept riding my dick I felt my dick throbbing and started shooting my load up his tight virgin ass. He grabbed his dick and gently rubbed it a few times and then it erupted like a volcano, covering my chest and stomach with his hot white cum.

After we had both finished draining or dicks of all their juice, he practically jumped up and seemed embarrassed. He started getting dressed really quick but I stopped him and told him we should take a shower first. He nervously agreed and practically ran to the shower. He calmed down once he was under the warm water and I walked over and washed his back for him.

Then I started kissing him and felt my dick getting hard again. Pretty soon my dick was back in his ass and I started fucking him all over again, this time with more passion. We both shot our loads and finished showering. This time he was calm afterward and said he really liked what we did and couldn't wait to do it again. Needless to say we have fucked many times since then.

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