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Gay LatinosThis story happened about a year ago. I met this guy at my dad’s taco shop in San Diego. He was what I mean hot: tall, 6 foot, light skinned Latino with a six pack, bald head, really sexy.

He was illegal, and he worked at my dad’s restaurant with fake papers. His name on his fake papers was Lalo, but his real name was Eduardo. We called him Lalo.

I had started sleeping over at my cousin’s house and to my surprise Lalo was now living there also. The days passed and we started talking and having fun hanging out together.

One day Lalo was talking on the phone in his room, and I walked into his room because the refrigerator was in there. I put a soda in the frig, and as the light from the frig filled the room when I turned around I saw that he had a big hard on. It was about 11” long uncut and stood at a 45 degree angle.

Damn, as soon as I saw it, I got a hard on. I was dying with horniness, thinking about him as he slept later that night.
So what I did, after fighting with myself over what I should do, I got the confidence to grab it. I went into his room, and started massaging his dick. I felt him move and I stopped. As soon as I backed off, to my surprise he grabbed my hand and put it on his big ass dick.

So then I saw his face. He still had his eyes closed, and so then I thought, "Fuck it, it’s now or never.”

So I started playing with his huge verga and stroking it up and down.

Then he said, “Mamamela,” (suck it) and I did as he commanded. I went down on my knees and started sucking on it. I first licked it from head to base, and he moaned in excitement. Then I said fuck it, and I stuck it in my mouth and started sucking it. He started bobbing my head up and down, and I was getting really excited. I started sucking fast, making motions with my mouth and as soon as I was feeling that he was gonna come, he stopped me.

I asked him, “Por que me parasite?” (Why did you stop me?)

He said, “Por que te quiero cojer.”(Becuz I wanna fuck u.)

I said, Damn.

As soon as I heard that, I took off my clothes, he took off his clothes, and I was a little scared cause this was my first time. I told him I was a virgin, and he said
It’s not gonna hurt.

I said, “To u maybe, but to me yeah.”

So he got me in the missionary position, and he started to put it in. I started tensing up, and he said, “Loosen up baby, if not it will hurt more.”

I said, “I can’t.”

He said, “Do u want me to stop?”

I said, “No.” I wanted to make him happy.

Damn, I said, “Shove it all in.”

He did. Damn, that shit hurt. I was crying but loving it. He started to put it in and out. We did this for about 20 minutes, and he said, “Turn around.”

I did as he commanded, and as soon as I did, it went in all the way. I screamed. He kissed me to shut me up, but I couldn’t keep quiet. Itt hurt, but it felt so good and deep inside of me. I said, “Cum soon,” and he said “I’ma bout to cum.”

I spread my legs and pushed my ass out to let him finish. So after 30 ass-pounding minutes he came in my virgin hole.

He said, “Damn baby, how come u didn’t tell me you were a virgin?”

I said, “I really liked, and I’m glad u took my virginity.”

He said, “Me too,” so this went on for about a year and he left to mexico but i still miss him alot i miss his 11" inch pito

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