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Finally A Fine St8ght Guy
by L.A Chulio

BiLatinWe all have seen those fine ass young 18-28 Chicano str8 guys maybe at the Mall or at a str8 bar or club.

The ones who are pelon, not cholo but still Urban Pretty Boy Thuggish types. Who speak good English but still say a few words in Spanish when they speak. Who act all confident and dress nice and have, cute ass faces. The ones with a nice body, a nice face, and are maculine homeboyz.

I finally picked one up. I was at a cruising spot the other night. There you see many DL guys, Chunti Queens, some Trannies and local people coming out of bars and shit like that.

I was driving around and saw this fine ass guy like what I described above. He was standing by himself. I wasn't sure what he was doing so I passed by and lifted my head up and said "Wuz up?” He did the same.

I drove by and passed again. That time I saw other guys cruising. So I parked not too far from him and said wuz up again. He said wuz up & if you know what’s up, you usually go to the car or signal or something. But this guy didn't do this, he just stood there. I waited for a few minutes and nothing happened. So I drove up to him and said, “Whats up?”

He said "Whats up Homie?"

I said, “Nothing man. You need a ride?”

He said, "Nah man. I’m waiting for my ride, but do you know the time.”

So I told him the time.

He then said, "Aight homie, they shouldn’t be long from now."

So I said, “Aight then man.”

I drove off. I was pretty disappointed because he was so fine. He was tall, Laitno, about 5'11”, light skinned, about 160, dressed urban, with no accent. (Not that there’s anything wrong with that, just describing him). He was very masculine and very super confident.

I was like, Damn that fucking sucks, so I was thinking to myself, Fuck it, I’m gonna go home.

But I drove around like 2 more times, and he saw me and I saw him. As I was leaving, a friend called me on my cell phone, and I pulled over in some other area and talked to her for like 20 minutes. By then it was pretty late. I was thinking, Damn I wonder if that cute ass guy is there. I didn't see him. I thought he was probably going to work and his ride came.

But as I was driving off I saw him across the street talking to some guy in a SUV. I was like, Damn he still here maybe that his ride, but then I thought why is he across the street?

He saw me and put his hands in the air like, Wuz up?

I was thinking fuck, maybe he thinks I’m stalking him and he wants to talk shit. So I drove off but thought, he was coo when I asked if he needed a ride. So I passed by again, and he said, Wuz up again and called me over. I wasn't going to go to the car, so I reversed and he came up to me. I lowered the window a little bit, and he said, "Wuz up homie, what you doing?"

I was like, “Just driving around.”

He's like, “Man do you smoke weed?”

I was like, “Sometimes man.”

He was like, "Damn, you know where I can get some? My ride never came, and I’m bored ass hell.”

Then he said, “Are you looking for weed. That’s why you’re driving around?”

I was like, “Nah man.”

He’s like, “Hey, can I use your phone real quick, mine just died.”

But my phone had just died too, so I told him it just died. So he was like, “Aight man, I'll let you go.”

But I was thinking, Damn this guy is so fucking masculine & fine. So right before he left, I said I was looking for something else. He asked what. I said, “I’m looking for some dick.”

He said, “Oh shit, you’re looking for hoes to suck your dick?”

I said, “Nah man, I’m looking to suck some dick.”

He was like, “Oh shit, is that for real man? That’s what you’re looking for?”

I was like, “Yeah man.”

He then asked, “Do you know what you’re doing?”

I said, “Fuck yeah man, I love it.”

He said, “Damn man, like that? Aight, let me go with you.”

Before all this, I got my phone and put it on the side, just in case you know. So he got in, and we were talking, and he was like, “Damn, so you like sucking dick?”

I was like, “Yeah man.”

He’s like, “Damn, I don’t miss out on a good dick sucking. “

I was telling him, “Man this area is known for that.”

He said, “I realized it when that guy in the SUV was telling me all this shit.  I thought he was just joking, but my ride never came and I got stuck here. So we kept on talking.”

Thn he told me he has a girl, but she bitches too much cause she is so jealous. I was like, “I can see why man. You’re fine as hell.”

It was already day time by this time. So we chatted, but for some reason I was nervous & a bit shy maybe cause he was so fine & I”m never like that. So we pulled up to an area that I know. We talked a bit more, and he was a coo ass guy.

We parked. I told him to lay back. He asked, “Do you think you can make me hard?”

I was thinking, Damn maybe he’s got a little dick and he won’t get hard. I told him I could.

So he laid back, pulled down his boxers and took his dick out. It was average size. It wasn’t hard, but it smelled really clean. He was uncut and it was thick.

I began sucking on it. Let me tell you, that dick grew so fat and long. I almost came just sucking it. It was a light uncut fat dick, with a beautiful soft thick head. He told me, “Easy man, easy, calm down.” Cause I was sucking that shit, like crazy. So I slowed down and licked it. He was telling me, “Damn homie, you really like that, huh?”

I was like, “Hell yeah homie, your dick is fat and long. I love it.”

He’s like, “Yeah man, girls love that shit. They get addicted to it.”

I was getting so turned on by that. He was like, “It’s big, right?”

I was like, “Fuck yeah man, it’s big & fat. I love it.”

I was getting turned on even more. He was like, “Damn man, you’re a fucking pro. You suck it good, you really enjoy it.”

I was like, “Hell yeah man, your dick is so good.”

I was licking it, licking the head, rubbing it, and jerking him off. I then told him to pull down his pants. Man, his legs were so nice and his stomach, and his face was so fine. I was rubbing his legs and sucking fat pito. He then put his hand on my hand. Man, it felt so good. His hands were so masculine, and he was so fine. His dick was so thick, long, uncut and his body was so nice. He kept on talking about how good I sucked it and telling me different ways to suck it.

Then I told him J/O in my mouth and he’s like, “Man, you want me to nut in your mouth?”

I was like, “Fuck yeah man.”

He’s like, “Oh shit, homie are you serious?”

I was like, “Yeah man, I want that good nut.”

So then I kept on sucking him. I grabbed his hand and placed it on my head and he then started to "bob" me up and down. He was like, “Fuck man, you got me rock hard. Damn, this is so fucking good.”

Then I started to make noises, and he was like, “Damn homie, you love it huh?”

But I didnt want him to cum so I started to lick his nuts and his dick, and I did all these things with my tongue which he loved. But then he said, Open your mouth, and he stuck his dick in there. He told me that many times to open it, and I did. We were at it for ever I was so fucking hard. So was he. Usually I get tired of it and want to be pleased too, but knowing how fine, masculine and sexy he was & his dick was so nice, & knowing he was a str8 man, it made me so fucking horny.

I then told him j/o in my mouth and he started to. I was licking his dick with my tongue, and he started moaning and pushing my head. He then asked me, “Man, are you sure you want me to nut in your mouth?”

I started to moan and said, “Fuck yeah, give me that nut fool, give me that shit. I want it.”

Man, we kept on for about 3 more minutes and he nutted. I then kept on licking his dick with my tongue, and he kept on moaning harder. He’s like, “Fuck man, that’s so good. Oh Shit.”

I kept on sucking, and I was going to spit out his cum, but I kept on sucking and licking him, and instead I swallowed his cum.

We lasted a good 35 minutes. Man, I was so rock hard. My dick was poking through my shorts, and he said, “Looks like you got a big dick too. Bitches must like that shit,” but then he thought and then said, “Man, I’m not even going to lie. I don’t know if that’s good or bad, but that was the best blow I have ever had. It was so fucking good man.”

Then he started asking me, “Do you live around here?”

I told him, Yeah, then I said, “Man, usually I get mines sucked.”
He’s like, “Man, I can’t help you there.”

I was like, “Nah man, I meant usually I get sucked, but you’re so damn fine and your dick is so good. I had to suck it, meaning I normally don’t suck dick, but yours was so good.”

He said, “So you were looking to get yours sucked?”

I was like, “Yeah man, but you’re so fucking sexy that I wanted to suck yours. “

He was like, “Man, it was honestly the best blow I’ve ever had. I was like, Man anytime.

So he’s like, “So you live around here.”

I was like, Yeah man.

He’s  like, “So give me your number.” I did.

Then we started talking about different things, and we actually don’t live that far from each other. We drove around for another 30 minutes, talking and stuff. He told me, “Man, you look like a homie.”

I said, “I know man, I’m on the DL.”

He’s like, “Nah, it’s cool when I’ll call I’ll be cool.

I said, “Coo man, anytime seriously man. I can see why those hoes love your dick.”

He said, “Seriously man, those bitches get addicted.”

I said, “Man it’s cool, you’re open minded.”

We talked about fucking a guy. He said he’s never done it. But the blow I did was so good. He told me how one of his homie’s brothers blew him about 2 yrs ago, and that was the 1st guy he said, “Man, he was so good, but damn you’re a true pro.”

We talked more. I dropped him off. He kept my number, and I came home and nutted like 3 times afterwards just thinking about him. I could smell his dick scent on my hand. Man, it was so fucking hot. He was so fine. I got turned on thinking about it again.

Man I love L.A. Seriously only in L.A. with some fine ass guys. Sorry guys, I won’t say where in L.A. it happened. I don’t want that cruise spot to be filled by trolls & queens who ruin it for us.

Any feedback, stories?

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