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Latin CocksI was at the mall one day all by myself, you know, shopping for some shit that will make me look even finer. So I just entered the mall from the parking lot. I walked into this magazine store to check out the latest issue of VIBE magazine. It was too crowded in there, so I left and told myself, “I'll come back and check out that magazine later.”

Then I walked out and walked down to a corner and saw this fine Latino staring at me. He was lookin’ so damn good. So just to make sure he was lookin’ at me, I turned around again, and I saw he was staring at my every move. Then I knew I was the one he was lookin’ at.

And so I kept walking, trying to get back to shopping for what I came here for, but I was bothered by that Latino staring at me. I walked a little further where he couldn’t see me any more ‘cause I felt better doing my own thing without someone staring at me. So I kept walking and minding my own bizz. I thought about that fine man that I left behind. I looked back, and there he was not only was he staring, but he was following me. I told myself "Damn,” cause I didn’t come here for this; I came here to get some stuff.

I continued to ignore him and tried to run away, but he kept comin, so I told myself, "Just go back to the magazine store and finish looking at the VIBE magazine, maybe he won’t follow anymore.” So that’s what I did.

I picked up the magazine, but at the same time I was looking through the glass to see if the fine guy was there, but I didn’t see him.

I guess I was kinda happy now, but at the same time, I was thinking to myself, “You stupid dumb ass! You could’ve had some dick tonight, but oh well maybe some other time.”

On the other hand, I was real into the magazine, and as I looked up, I saw the guy right in my face in the next section. He was pretending to look at a magazine, and I was pretending too. He kept looking at me, giving me some signs of wanting me. So I licked my plump kissable lips, then smiled at him and walked out slowly.

He followed me. Then I stopped at an ATM machine, leaned against the wall and waited for him to come chat with me. He did. He said, “Wussup?”

I said, “Hey.” We exchanged words, but I got to the point and said "You wanna wait ‘til it gets dark and go to the beach?”

He said, "Sure, whatever."

There was a beach located down the street from the mall. That’s where I took him as soon as it got dark. I wasted no time ‘cause I was hot and starving for big Latino dick.

We went into a small dark abandoned building. It was kinda dark, but that’s ok I thought. Then I pushed him against the wall, and slowly touched his soft dick with his pants still on. Then I quickly unzipped his pants and felt his dick up and down to make it hard. Slowly his dick started to rise, getting bigger and bigger.

Then I got on my knees and popped his 7 uncut inches into my mouth. First I nibbled the tip of his dick while I stroked the rest with my hand, going up and down real slow. Then from the tip, I went down to the nut sacks, putting two big balls all in my mouth, trying to swallow all of his nuts while at the same time jackin’ his dick real fast with my hand. When I was done with his nuts, I swallowed the dick and sucked in my cheeks to make him feel better.

I was going in and out real fast ‘cause I wanted to drink his cum. I could feel his dick tapping the inside of my throat. I gagged twice. I continued this routine for 20 minutes until his dick got real hot and bigger. I knew he going to cum, so I sucked faster and harder. The brother was moanin like nobody's bizz.

Then he came right in my throat, and I started to drink it all up. He splattered it all over my face. I licked his dick clean. There were no traces of cum on him. I drank all his babies.

The whole time we didn’t even say a word to each other. The only sounds were the moaning of him and me. Then I told him that I had to go and that we probably wouldn’t see each other again ‘cause I wasn’t going to give him my number, and I didn’t want his. He thanked me for the blow job, and we went our separate ways…

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