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My First Gay Sex
by Ricky, Los Angeles

Men CockMy first sexual experience with a guy happened when I was 18. I had lost my virginity to a girl first. But that was just because of the pressures of high (Or just being really horny).

When I was out of high school and starting college, I was attending PCC (Pasadena Community College). The first day that my English class met was the day that turned my life around. I met the person who would help me find the real me. He walked into class late. There were no seats available, except for one way in the to me. I never did like sitting up front. So he sat next to me.

His name was Anthony. Right there and then, I felt something rush through my body. I got excited, like when you see something you really like and you get like butterflies in your stomach and you feel nervous. Something like that.

I wasn't sure why I was feeling that way. Right away, he turned over to me and introduced himself, "What's up? I'm Anthony. I hope you don't mind me sitting here.” I said; "It's cool. No one was sitting here anyway". So then the class went on. After an hour or so, the professor gave us a break. Anthony asked if I wanted to go get something to drink with him and of course I said yes.

We walked out of the classroom, and I walked slowly next to him. I was still feeling butterflies inside me. I asked myself, "Am I feeling an attraction towards him?" I didn't want to think about it. I had to concentrate on school work. When we got to the little vending machine, he turned to me and asked if I wanted anything, that it was his treat.

I said, "Yeah, cool, whatever you're getting.” When he asked me that, that’s when I paid more attention to him.

When I saw his eyes, I felt the butterflies even more. He had hazel eyes....just like me. He had a nice tan color skin, and his hair was short and in a fade. He looked like your typical pretty boy. And he was built. Not super muscular, but through his T-shirt you can see a defined chest and his arms were nice. His jeans were not all that baggy, so you can tell that he had nice thick thighs and a nice ass.

Hey, I couldn't help it anymore. I had to take a good look at why I was getting nervous around him. That's how I knew that I was feeling some sort of attraction to him. That's why the butterflies in my stomach. So we started walking back to class. Then he said, "I know you. You don't remember me, do you?"

I said, "No, from where?"

He told me he had met me a while back. That he had gone with one of my friends to my senior prom the year before. He said, "Yeah, I went to prom with Marcella. You were sitting at her table. You and all your band buddies were there."

I sort of remembered him, but to me prom was a bore, so I tried to forget about it. So that's why I didn't recall meeting any of my friend’s dates. So I was like, "Cool, so you remember me? Are you and Marcella together?"

He laughed and said, "We were never together. And I remember you cause you looked pissed off that night, and not only that. I don't forget guys with pretty eyes like you.”

I stopped and looked around, was he talking to me? So I said, "Who? Me?"

I guess he noticed how uncomfortable I must have felt, so he apologized. I said, "It's cool.”

We went back to class, and for the rest of the class he just sat there, and we didn't say a word to each other. But during that last hour, I couldn't get what he told me out of my head. So when class was over and he was walking out of class, I stopped him. I said, "Hey Anthony, what class you have next?" He said that he had about a 2 hour break and was just going to chill on campus. I had another class right after that. I told him, "Hey, you wanna walk me to class?" He followed me. I turned to him and said, "Hey, don't worry about earlier. It's all good. You have pretty eyes too. After all, they're like mine."

He just giggled. After that day, we would see each other in class and talk. Nothing else was said about that first meeting. When midterms were coming up, we both decided to get together and do some library time and study. While we were in the library, he sat right across from me. I noticed he kept staring, and I would look up and he'd turn away. So I asked him what was up. He said nothing. I insisted on asking him what was up, if he wanted to say something. But he said, “Nothing dude.”

So then about after 2 hours of studying, we decided we were done. He asked me what I was going to do after, and I just said that I was going home. He was too. We walked to the parking lot and started talking about class and the upcoming weekend. When we got to the parking lot, he asked where my car was at. I pointed to it, and he told me that he was on the other side, but that he'd walk me.

That's when he turned and said, "Hey, remember the first day of class? What I told you about remembering you?" I said yes and he said, "Well you never said anything else about it.” I told him that I wasn't sure what he meant. Then he said, "Well, what did you feel or think when I said that?" I told him that I wasn't sure why he had said that, and what he meant by it.

"I honestly thought you were just complimenting my eyes,” I told him. He said, "Yeah, I was. But there's more. After prom, I kept asking Marcella about you." I looked at him and asked him why. He continued by saying, "Well, I'm gay. I went to prom with her, and she knew it, we're best friends. I thought you were very cute. But at first I didn't say anything to her because of the fact that you were there with a girl who Marcella told me was your girlfriend."

I told him that she was someone that I was going out with. But that it was over right after prom. I also told him that I had never really looked at guys or thought they were attractive until the day I met him.

He gave me the biggest and prettiest smile I had ever seen. So he asked me if I thought I was bisexual or curious. I told him that I wasn't sure. Then he said, "Well, what would you do if I tried to kiss you right now?" I told him that I wouldn't let him cause we were in school, and there was people all over.

So he asked if I wanted to go to his house, that no one was home. I wasn't too sure, but figured that there would be no harm done. We got in my car and drove to where his car was parked. He got into his, and I drove behind him. He lived really close to where I live.

When we got there, he asked me to sit down and asked if I wanted anything to drink or eat. I was cool. So then he came over to the couch and said, "So can I?" and I said, "Can you what?" and he started to lean in. I just closed my eyes and let him kiss me. It felt so good. He had soft lips, and he knew how to kiss. It was very passionate and slow. We made out for a while. I was liking it more and more.

He put his hands on my chest, and at first I removed them, but then I myself put my hands on his chest and started to feel all over him, and he did the same to me. My whole body felt like it was trembling. Slowly he layed me down on the couch. He stopped kissing me and asked if I was ok. I responded by kissing him. We went on with him laying on top of me.

After a few minutes of being like that, he reached for my belt, started to pull it off, I felt scared, but let him continue. So I did the same to him. We kicked off our shoes and socks and took off each other's pants and took off our shirts. So we both were just in our boxers. He asked again if I was ok, and again I just kept kissing him. So then he spread my legs apart and laid in between my legs. That's when I felt his hard on. I wasn't sure what would happen next. I let him lead me.

We kept kissing and feeling each other up. Then he started to pull my boxers off, I let him cause I knew by then that I wanted to have sex with him really bad. So then he pulled his off as well. He got up from the couch and led me to his bedroom. When we got there, he pulled a bottle of lube and a condom out.

He asked, "Are you sure you're ok with this.” I said, "I think I want this more than I've wanted it with a girl before.” So he held me and lowered me into his bed. He continued to kiss me all over. I was trembling and he said, "It's ok. I won’t hurt you." He then started to put on the condom and rubbing lube on his dick and in my hole. When I felt his finger in there, it hurt. So he pulled it out, and he said that he would stop if I wanted him to.

I just said for him to go ahead. So then he spread my legs apart and held them up. He started to poke my ass with his dick, slowly pushing it in. I felt pain, but he kept being gentle. I didn't want him to stop. I wanted to find out if I really did want this and if having sex with a guy would be better than with a girl. So he slowly got the head in and starting putting the rest in. It hurt for a while, but I managed to not yell out loud. I just grunted and moaned. So then he started pumping me slowly. I was starting to get used to it. It started feeling good and I let him know it.

He laid on me while he was pumping, and he was kissing me. He was doing me very slowly, letting me get used to it and enjoying it. For about 30 minutes this went on. Then he picked himself up and sat up. He asked me to sit up on top of him. I did. So we did it like that, and I was getting so into that I didn't notice how hard I had started to ride him, which he enjoyed. I know that I used to like it when girls rode me. So I did the same thing to him. Then he kept his tongue in my mouth. After a few minutes of me riding him he said, "I'm going to cum."

So I kept it up and all of a sudden, he started squirming. I knew what was about to happen. He kept his dick inside me. Then it happened, he came. He let out a loud satisfying moan and kissed my chest and bit my nipples. Then I felt something weird, I was about to cum also. So he told me to keep riding him until I did. I couldn't believe it. Riding a guy made me cum. I shot my load on his stomach. After we were done, we laid in his bed. He held me tightly and said, "So?" and I said, "I liked it". I kissed him, and we fell asleep holding each other. When I woke up, I saw him sitting up and just staring at me. I said, "What's up?" He said, "I think I've fallen in love.” I smiled. I said, "You're crazy, dude.”

After that, we dated for 3 years. He was my first real love. The only reason we're not together is because he passed away, but that is a whole different sad story.

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