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Cyber Dick
by Mischievous One

Gay Latin MenThis online conversation happened between a friend (THAT SUSPECT) and me (Mischievous One). I changed the names.

THAT SUSPECT: yeah, i'm talking about Latino frat boys

THAT SUSPECT: they're pretty 'hot'

Mischievous One: hell yeah, now you’re talking

Mischievous One: I use to take advantage of them while they were drunk in college

THAT SUSPECT: really? :-P

Mischievous One: this one time I blew three guys in a fraternity house

THAT SUSPECT: so that kind of stuff really goes on?

THAT SUSPECT: and they were all straight, right?

Mischievous One: hell yeah of course, but they have to be drunk or passed out

Mischievous One: yes, straight

Mischievous One: the first guy, I went into his room and he was passed out drunk

Mischievous One: he had a roommate, but the roommate was out of town

Mischievous One: when I went into his room, he was laying on his bed, but his feet were on the floor, and he was snoring

Mischievous One: I knew he was drunk and no one was around, so I said fuck it


Mischievous One: I kneeled in front of him and unzipped his pants

Mischievous One: he had a nice dick too, not that big, cut and curved

THAT SUSPECT: but didnt he wake up?

Mischievous One: no, he didn't wake up, he just moaned and moved around a little, but by then I was too much into it so I said, fuck it, and kept sucking him

THAT SUSPECT: hmm...maybe i should try something like that in the library. lol

Mischievous One: I kept sucking him but he wouldn't come, so I started to jack him off, but I myself was drunk and tired, so I gave up 'cause I wanted more to drink, and I said to myself I'll came back later and get him

Mischievous One: Well, I came downstairs and started drinking again. It was getting late and there was snow on the ground outside

Mischievous One: this all happened in one night, it was unplanned, it just happened

Mischievous One: well, I came downstairs and kept drinking, I was so drunk, I was even drinking the stale warm beer, I didnt' care


Mischievous One: it was about 4 in the morning or 5 in the morning, and most of the people had left the party, and there were two guys watching a porn in the living room

Mischievous One: they were getting horny I could tell, their dicks were tenting their jeans and they kept looking at the porn, and i kept looking at them

Mischievous One: one of the guys said he was going to the kitchen to get something to drink, he got up and left. The kitchen has a huge silver refrigerator, and he went in there, and i went after him

Mischievous One: he stood by the refrigerator with a big hard on in his pants. I looked at him, licked my lips and then I started to grope his pants

Mischievous One: I grabbed his dick, and he had a really big dick. His dick was so big, I took it out of the top of his jeans and started to suck him right there. He let me suck him while he held a carton of orange juice in his hands

Mischievous One: then he told me to go to his room, so he went to his room, and I followed him

THAT SUSPECT: oh man, that sounds hot

Mischievous One: he had two twin beds in there, and he laid down

Mischievous One: it gets better, wait till I tell you what happened next

Mischievous One: dude, this guy had a nice dick, I pulled his pants down and his underwear, and this big ass dick pops up against his stomach. It was thick and uncut. I thought he was going to be cut because he was a Latino born in the US. I sucked him off for a long time. The sunlight was already coming in through the window, and he was going strong.

Mischievous One: He had a beautiful dick. Finally, he came, and he wanted me to take his cum in my mouth, so I let him 'cause he was so hot.

Mischievous One: Then the other guy who was downstairs watching the porn came upstairs and knocked on the door, and asked John (that was the name of the guy with the big dick) if he was done.

Mischievous One: This surprised me, and John told me not to worry that that was just his roommate


Mischievous One: so the roommate comes in, and I feel stupid, like a whore, you know what I mean, but the roommate just walks in and acts as if nothing happened.

THAT SUSPECT: yes, tell me more

Mischievous One: I think the roommate knows, but then he acts like nothing happened, strips his pants and goes to his bed, remember there were two beds in there

Mischievous One: I think, fuck how do I get out of here?

Mischievous One: John whispers in my ear, Suck my roommate too

Mischievous One: I tell him, are you crazy? But my dick gets hard just thinking about it

Mischievous One: Then John tells his roommate, "Hey, David, do you want a blow?"

Mischievous One: Fuck you, David said, that fag was sucking you, huh? he asked

Mischievous One: They're talking about me like I'm not even there



Mischievous One: I get embarrassed, I think it's too surreal, so I tell John I gotta go and I leave but as soon as I left I regretted leaving ‘cause I wanted more dick

Mischievous One: I walk down the hall and use the common restroom, I'm looking at myself in the mirror and splashing my face with water, and then the roommate walks into the restroom

Mischievous One: I think he followed me. Now, that we're alone, I don't feel as shy or as inhibited because John is not here

Mischievous One: the roommate goes into a stall and tells me to go in there

Mischievous One: I squeeze in there with him and then I drop to my knees. He's wearing some red boxers with a blue strip in them. His dick is fat, but it wont' get hard. I think he is too drunk. He has a very nice dick. I suck it for a while, but he doesn't get real hard, just half hard, swollen, and I know if it were to get super hard, it would be big.


Mischievous One: I suck him for a long time, and he tells me he doesn't think he could come, so we stop

Mischievous One: I gave him my phone number, but he never called


THAT SUSPECT: well that sounded hot

Mischievous One: I walked home in the snow, and then I thought about the first guy I had sucked off in the frat house, and i thought about going back, but I was too tired, so I walked home in the snow.

THAT SUSPECT: do you have any more adventures that happened to you?

Mischievous One: I met a Mexican Fed Ex guy--he he he

THAT SUSPECT: ugh...this chola is bugging me

THAT SUSPECT: i dont know how she got my screename

Mischievous One: should I let you go?


THAT SUSPECT: i'm ignoring her, tell me about the Fed Ex guy

Mischievous One: oh, okay.

Mischievous One: I met this Fed Ex guy once, and he fucked me

THAT SUSPECT: and it was an especially good session?

Mischievous One: this Fed Ex guy shows up to my house because a friend in DC sent me a package, I go downstairs and through the screen door, I see this fine Latino guy. He's about 6 feet tall, looks like an x-gang member, short hair, like he was pelon but now the hair is growing out,

Mischievous One: he has a really handsome face and moustache and goatee, I see him, and I think, Damn! I dont' think he's gay or anything or if he'll let me do anything with him, but I'm on automatic flirt pilot.


Mischievous One: It's a hot day, and I ask him if he wants some lemonade. He thinks about it a little while, and then he says, okay. He walks up the stairs and I follow him. As he walks upstairs I can feel the trail of heat that he leaves behind, it's that hot outside and he's a big man so he leaves a trail of heat behind him.

Mischievous One: He walks into the living room where we have our dining table and he sits on the sofa. I leave and go into the kitchen, and come back with a really nice big glass of lemonade with a lot of ice cubes in it. I'm trying to spoil him.

Mischievous One: We talk for a long time, like does he like his job, and shit like that, and then out of the blue, he asks me if i'm gay.

THAT SUSPECT: really??


Mischievous One: I don't say yes or no, but I ask him, Why do you ask me that?

Mischievous One: In his macho voice, he says, Because I saw that gay magazine on the table.

Mischievous One: For a while I think, Oh, fuck, I'm busted. Then he asks me, If I like vatos.

Mischievous One: During our conversation I found out he was an x-gang member. I wonder if he's going to kick my ass or do something stupid, so I dont' answer.

Mischievous One: Then he tells me, I've thought about what it's like to have a vato suck my dick.


THAT SUSPECT: i'm sure you got a big mental grin

Mischievous One: My dick pulses a little in my jeans. As you can imagine this masculine cholo guy is telling me he wants a vato to suck his dick.

THAT SUSPECT: riiiight

Mischievous One: I still dont' believe him or I want to be sure, so I ask him, You want a guy to suck your dick?

Mischievous One: Yeah, he says. I asked him, Why haven't you done it. He said, I dont' know no gay guys.

Mischievous One: When did you want to do it? I asked him He said, Whenevers, but I know that means right now.

Mischievous One: I went over to him, and let me tell you, he had a nice dick. It was really big. It's hard to describe, but there was something really nice about his dick. I liked it because it was fat, real nice and fat around the head, and proportional everywhere else. He was also uncut.

Mischievous One: There is also something really nice about his dick, and also how he used it. He was big enough, but when he pushed his dick in my mouth, it didn't gag me. I knew right away I could fall in love with this guy, and by that I mean, I know I'd want to do this again with him.


Mischievous One: I sucked him for a while, but then he said he had to go to make deliveries and he wanted to see me later when he got off work. I doubted that he would return, but I said okay.

Mischievous One: Later that day around 7 pm, he came back to my house, and i was surprised. To make a long story short, that guy knew how to fuck, I mean, he fucked me good, like a real man. He knew how to use his body, his dick was nice and hard and thick, and his whole body was beefcake, latin beefcake, he was really hot and exotic in bed, the only thing that could have made it better was if he kissed, but he was straight so he didn't want to kiss. He fucked me for a long time, and then he came, and he had this facial expression like he was really concentrating

Mischievous One: like he was really concentrating and trying to remember something, it was a real sweet expression, and he's a sweet guy, only he's straight, so I can't date him.

Mischievous One: that's my Fed Ex guy

THAT SUSPECT: sounds really good

Mischievous One: since then I've sucked him about three more times, but we're more friends than anything.

THAT SUSPECT: yeah too bad u didnt kiss

THAT SUSPECT: oh shit, i thought you didn’t know him anymore

Mischievous One: yes, we're friends, he tells me about his girlfriends, friends he goes out with etc. If I see him 5 times, I get to suck him about once, so it’s unpredictable when he’ll let me suck his dick.

Mischievous One: Hey, papi, what time is it? I gotta wake up early

THAT SUSPECT: I don’t know but it’s late, u wanna go to sleep?

Mischievous One: yeah hit me up tomorrow okay?

THAT SUSPECT: alright thanks for the stories, I thoroughly enjoyed them

This happened somewhere in cyberspace.

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