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One Night Stand
by anonymous

Bisexual MenIt was a Saturday night, and I was in San Antonio, Texas, just cruising around. I was alone in downtown, just checking out the crowd. They were having some kind of celebration, and it had just ended so there were people all over the place.

I went down this one road that had numerous outlets to the other larger roads on its sides. I went past this one road which was really an alley and just glanced over. I saw this cholo just walking slowly minding his own business. He wasn't too light, but he wasn't too dark either. He had a nice tan brown complexion. He had on some black jeans that were sagging a bit and his briefs underneath went just up to the v-shape of his waist. He had a muscle shirt, but he didn't have it on. Instead, he had it hanging over his shoulder.

When I saw him I thought, “Man,this mothafucka is fine.” So I went around the block again. I could see him still walking towards the other end of the alley. I quickly drove back around to try and catch up to where he would have come out. I thought, “If I get to the stop light on time, he would have to go in front of my car to cross the street, but only if the light was red.”

So I hurried and when I got over to the other side, it worked. The light was red, and he appeared, pausing for a bit while he waited to cross. Since it was warm, I had my two front windows half way down and my sunroof opened. As I looked over at him, he stared at me right in my eyes and then looked away. He didn’t even acknowledge that I was there. It was just a quick look y ya. (and that’s it). I thought, “Damn, I gotta think of something before this fuckin light turns green.” So I quickly rolled the window down the rest of the way and yelled, “Excuse me! Do you know how to get back on to IH 35?”

He looked at me and said, “Que? Es que no hablo ingles” (What? It’s that I don’t speak English). So I asked him in Spanish. By now the light had turned green, and I waited since there were no cars behind me, but at the same time acting like I was in a rush so he could hurry up too. Then he said, “Si.” "Where are you going?" he asked me in Spanish. And I told him that I was from out of town and was going back home. Which I was.

He asked me if I could give him a ride real quick to his house, and on the way he would point out and tell me how to get there. So I said o.k. As he got in the car, I felt like, “Hell yeah. This fine-azz vato is getting into the ride. That’s a good sign.”

On the way we spoke a little, and he asked me where I was from and what I was doing over here. And I told him. I was driving slower than usual on purpose so I could have more time with him and try to get something to happen. I passed up exits and streets on purpose so I would have to go back around. Then I asked him what he was doing there and what he liked to do for fun. He said he likes to go out and just party. Then he asked me what I like to do for fun. And I told him whatever. I said, “I like to do anything and everything. If it's fun to me, I do it. Whatever happens happens. You go to sleep and wake up the next day and forget about the past” In other words, I was insinuating that if he and I did something, oh well. You do it, go on and forget about it.

Then I asked him again what he liked to do for fun, and he told me anything also. I asked him that again to try and estimate where we stood. After a while he asked me, “Are you gay?” And I told him, “No!” I didn't say it real loud and insistent, but I said it direct.

Then he asked me if I was bi-curious. And I told him, “I really don't know.” I didn't know how he would react if he knew I was curious. If he'd tried to hit me and then I'd have to woop his ass or what. But then he asked me the question I was dying to hear all night: "Me la mamas?" (Will you suck my dick?)

I acted surprised and said, “What?”

Then he repeated himself. After that I said, “Yes.”

And he replied, “For real?”

And I said, “Yes.” I said, “Right now.”

At that time we were in a little neighborhood. The moon wasn't out, and there were no street lights and there were a lot of trees that lined the street whose combination made that particular area virtually pitch black. I pulled over and parked. If the law or someone passed by they'd think that my car belonged to the house it was in front of. Since my windows have dark tint, I knew no one could see inside.

He then told me, "Let's go to the back seat so we can have more room." I told him o.k.

After we got situated, my dick was pounding so hard and was so erect, I thought it was literally going to burst open. He asked me if I was ready and I said, “Hell, yeah!”

I put my hand under his shirt and began to rub his chest nice and slow down to his six-pack. His body was so smooth and warm, I felt like a little bitch wanting to be his. He got his hands and rubbed the back of my head, sending chills through my whole body. Then I unbuttoned his pants and made my way to his cock. When I finally felt it, it was hard. I placed my hand over it and began to fondle it. I rubbed it back and forth and jacked him off for a little while. It was huge. My fingers barely fit around it, and I knew it had to be at least 8.5 to 9.5 inches.

I felt so excited. This was my first time actually doing this kind of stuff with a guy. Then I leaned over and blew on it very, very lightly. My hot breath gently brushed up against his erect penis, making him moan in delight. I could feel his hands kind of forcing my head down closer to his cock. I licked my lips so they could be moist, and then I licked the head of his cock. I let a little bit of saliva fall on it to so it could be slick. Then from the head I took in another inch of his cock, then another, then another. I had at least 6 inches in my mouth. I tried to do the whole thing, but it was impossible. Unless I just didn't know how to take it in all the way.

So there I was sucking and sucking and jacking off his remaining inches with my hand. He was breathing heavy and was talking to me in Spanish, telling me how good it felt and for me not to stop and asking if I liked it. I was getting so excited, all I wanted to do was just cum all over myself! After about 10 quick minutes of doing this, I looked up at him and in a practically begging manner asked him, "Me cojes, papi?" (Will you fuck me, daddy?")

He said, "I don't know." I guess since we didn't have a condom, and he didn;t know me, he thought what if he has something. But yet I was sucking his cock.

Then I told him, "Porque?" (why?)

He said, “Okay, come on.”

So I quickly removed my clothes, and he pulled his down to his ankle. I was so excited, yet nervous and scared. I had never taken a cock up my azz before, much less a big one like his. I was in disbelief at first also. I couldn't believe this was happening. I was actually going to live out a fantasy. My first instinct was to turn around and get on my hands and knees on the doggie-style position. When I turned around, I felt him situating himself behind me. He placed one firm hand on my waist and he used the other to kind of guide it inside me. His cock was already wet from me sucking it so all he had to do was put a little spit on my ass.

When he was rubbing it, I could feel my cock spasming from the sensation. As his cock got closer, I could feel the anxiety build up inside me. The warmth of his body coming towards mine made me feel good. Then all of a sudden, his head was right there touching my ass hole, and he began to slowly penetrate me. Inch by inch. For the first couple of minutes, I was there trying to get used to it. Telling him to go very slow cause it hurt real bad. I had to tell him to take it out real quick like two times cause it was so big and I couldn't stand the pain.

But then finally I just told myself, “Fuck it. Close your eyes, try and make it feel good and just take the fucking pain.” So I told him to put it back in. Then after a while, it started to feel good. I was throwing my azz back and forth real hard as if I wanted more to go in me. I was making light noises as was he, but then a cop car had to go by. He fucked everything up. We got scared and decided to go somewhere else.

This time I was driving fast and rushing, thinking of where we could go. Neither of us had money for a hotel when the issue came up so that was out. Then I asked him about his house, and he said he lived with nothing but guys, and they were all there right now. It would be impossible to do something there. So I said, “Fuck it. Let’s go to my house. The city I live in is only 32 miles from here. We'll get there in about 20 minutes with the way I drive.” So we went.

When we got to my house, my little brother was out there, and I was with this guy. I didn't want it to look suspicious, so I told my brother that he was my friend, and that I just came to get something real quick and was gonna drop him off.

Then we went around the block a few times and came back to my house. I snuck him in, and we came to my room. Without saying anything, I turned off the light and took off my clothes and went to where he was and took off his clothes too. Now we had a whole bed instead of a backseat. I sucked his dick for a while, and then I wanted to try him fucking me in the traditional position. So I laid down on my back and opened my legs. Just the thought of a guy coming in between was enough to make me spread them open real wide like a chick. He tried a few times, but his dick wouldn't go in so he told me to turn around. So I did, and he stuck it in me the way he did in the car. Slow and then slid it all the way in. He would move it in and out, in and out, rubbing all the sides of my ass. It felt so good. I was just there moving my azz back and forth and trying to make him cum. It was perfect.

Then I told him to let’s try it again the other way and see if it goes in this time. So we did, and it did. I guess that made him go crazy that he was able to get it in cause then he just started fucking the hell outta me. He threw one leg over his shoulder and the other in the air and was just pounding my ass. I don't know which was better, the actual event or me looking over in the mirror and seeing this happening to me. As he plunged his huge cock deep inside my hot, tight ass, he rubbed the sides of my legs. His masculine hands softly touching and caressing my skin was awesome.

I just moved my legs all over the place. One over his shoulder and one straight up. Both opened real wide. Then both legs wrapped around his waist. Then both legs over his shoulder. And with every single pound of his hips and his cock against my azz, I just felt pleasure. I couldn't stand it anymore. I had to cum. I came all over, squirting his chest, my chest, my stomach, even up on my pillow.

Then my azzhole got tighter after I came for some reason. His cock kept falling out, and it was harder for him to stick back in, but I helped him. I tried to fuck him back and squeeze tighter to make it feel even better so he could cum. Then with my legs spread open, I felt him moaning faster and harder, and breathing harder and moaning louder, he leaned over laying down on me and grabbed my head and just let his cum all out inside me. Hot squirts of gushing white cum shot out and flowed inside me. He body pressed on mine. His head nestled next to my. Cheek to cheek. It was the bomb! It was perfect. My first experience, and it turned out perfect.

After a few minutes, he rolled over and layed next to me and asked if I liked it. “Fuck yeah I did,” I said. He chuckled and asked him if I could give him my number so we could meet up sometimes whenever I was in San Antonio. I gave him a wrong phone number of course cause I told him I would take him back home and when we got on the road, I stopped at this store and when we got off, I used the restroom and got back in the car real quick and drove off, leaving him stranded.

I felt sooooo bad. It broke my heart to do that. His beautiful sensual eyes just gazed at me as I drove away. His eyes looked as if they were wondering, how the hell am I gonna get home? He was so sweet. Masculine, yet tender. I could tell he was the type that did care a little for his fucking partners. Even if his partner was a male.

When I left, it kinda felt like going to the store with your boyfriend or girlfriend and then just taking off and leaving them there. Helpless.

I still go to San Antonio almost every weekend alone. I stop guys that are walking and act stupid. A lot of them know what my intentions are cause a lot of people do what I do. Since Joaquin (the guy I'm talking about), I've sucked only 3 other guys and fucked two of the three. Sometimes I go back to the area where I met Joaquin, hoping that maybe I'll see him again. But I know he lived downtown and probably far way on the other side or something. I still think about him to every once in a while, especially if I'm watching a porno and jacking off. Sometimes I wonder, maybe he went back to Mexico. But I’ll always wonder, “Will I ever see him again?”

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