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Theatre in Tijuana
by anonymous

BlatinosThere's a theatre in TJ that shows adult movies. The movies are straight of course, but I know that's a place where you could go to suck straight dick. This summer was my first time in this theatre. It's kinda hard to find. You have to go up a flight of stairs, and once you find it, the theatre is small. All the seats are in a slope, like this theatre used to be the balcony of a bigger theatre, but now this section is cut off from the rest of the theatre.

I walked inside, and the theatre was dark. I couldn't find a place to sit because the place was crowded, and my eyes had to get used to the darkness. I walked around, and once my eyes got used to the darkness, I even checked out the restroom for any signs of action. I could tell there were some gay guys there looking for dick to suck like me, but most of the men there were straight Mexican men.

I left the restroom and walked back outside into the rows of seat, and sat down on one of the back rows. I sat there because in the row in front of me and to the left, was this fine looking, very straight looking man, staring at the porn movie in front of him (on the movie screen one woman was licking the vagina of another woman on the beach). This guy seemed to have a big lump in his pants, but he wouldn't let the guys who sat next to him touch him, so I didn't think he would let me either, so I didn't try.

Near the front walkway, there were two guys talking who seemed gay to me. First, they were annoying because this was the movies, and they were talking loudly. Second, they seemed to like me. Especially one guy with longish hair that was crimped at his neck. I thought, Oh, god, how gross, because I didn't like him. Each time I walked by, he said comments like "papi," but I just ignored him and pretended not to hear him, even though inside myself I chuckled because I thought the situation was funny.

Then this gangster-looking guy walked into the movies. He was wearing a loose black sweatshirt and loose jeans, was handsome, and hella masculine. The crimped-hair queen also liked him and chirped, "Ay papi!" I don't know if this fine-looking guy heard the queen, but he walked away into the opposite side of the theatre.

I said to myself, "I'm gonna be better than that queen and go for that man." I quickly got out of my seat and walked after that gangster fast. As I passed by, that queen made some feminine comment, and I ignored her again.

Finally I found where the gangster guy was standing. He was standing against the wall in the dark area at the bottom of steps that lead up to the highest part of the threatre. There were other guys lining the steps. There were even two guys at the very top of the steps, and one of them was jacking off the other guy using his sweater draped over his arm as a cover.

I went and stood in this crowded part of the theatre. The gangster guy was standing right behind me, handsome and masculine, in the shadows looking at the movie. I stood right in front of him, but I gave him my back. I made sure my body was real close to his, but not too obvious in case other people were watching or in case he got pissed and wanted to hit me. Little by little I moved back, until our bodies were touching slightly, and the masculine guy wouldn't move out of the way, so I thought maybe I have a chance, he's the best-looking guy I've seen in here.

I took a chance and reached backward with my hand. I touched loose jeans, and then a real thick hard piece of meat. I know this is gonna sound crazy, but just by touching a dick I know if I'm gonna enjoy sucking it. There's some dicks that are just so much more better to suck, and this I knew was going to be one of them. Just by touching the base, I could tell it was proportional, well shaped and strong, and I knew I was gonna have fuckin' fun.

I kept groping his dick, and salivating, wondering if he would go with me to another, more private part of the theatre where I could blow him.

I looked around. This place was packed with horny straight men, and young gay-looking guys looking for a dick to suck. The vast majority of the men where straight and looked ahead vacantly at the porno images in front of them. A few men quietly groped their cocks through their jeans. Very few men, mainly those in the dark in the highest part of the theatre, unzipped their pants and were openly jacking off. About 100 feet away, there was an aisle of steps that rose into the darkness besides the rows of seats, and a guy standing there was getting blown by another guy.

I told my Mexican stranger in Spanish, "Ay que sentarnos en un lugar mas oscuro" (Let's seat somewhere darker).

I squeezed his dick hard, letting him know that there was more to come, and then I walked up the steps, hoping he would follow me, but afraid that he wouldn't. I found a spot that was dark and with few people around because it was near a big column that supported the ceiling of the theatre. The goodlooking gangster sat down in the aisle seat, still wrapped up in his silence. He put his hands under his chin and looked straight at the move, he wouldn't look at me. I didn't know if he was straight or he just wanted a blow job. I didn't know his name, and I hadn't even heard his voice.

I was going to ask his name, but I didn't know if he was gonna let me blow him or if he was down like that, so instead I just grabbed his crotch to see if he would still let me grab his dick. Damn, this was a better position to feel his cock because I could play with the entire length, including the head, and I thought, Damn, why waste time, he might change his mind?

So I slid to knees on the floor in front of him. I squeezed myself between his legs, and started to squeeze the side of his dick through his pants. Quickly, I let go his dick to open the buttons of his jeans. I pulled out his uncut dick through the fly of his boxers. Immediately, my mouth closed around his smooth head, which was already hot and a little slick with precum. I loved the taste of the fat cock, so I slid it all the way in my mouth until my lips were on his boxers and hairy bush.

I quickly came up for air, held his wet dick up by the base to admire it, and sighed out with satisfaction and desire at the same time, "Ay papi."

I went back to servicing him. Jacking him off with my hand while I buried the head in my mouth. My favorite was to suck him all the way down, feeling his dick head like a big gum ball at the back of my throat, and squeezing the whole length of his fat dick with my lips.

I was getting super horny, the way I get only when I suck fine-looking masculine guy with a big beautiful dick. These type of guys are hard to find which is good 'cause I'd probably go crazy if they were everywhere.

I kept servicing the straight homeboy for about half an hour. I was really getting to know every inch of his body, and even though he remained silent staring at the movie ahead, I was learning what to do to bring him to the corner of ecstasy. No matter how hard I tried, I couldn't get an involuntary moan or sigh out of him. I thought, Damn, this guy is fuckin' masculine, I couldn't even get him to sigh.

Half an hour later, after being soaked in sweat, I was still sucking on his dick when it started to get fatter and longer, and I thought, Okay, here it comes, he's gonna cum. For the first time, I put my hand up inside his sweatshirt and felt his hard smooth chest and his hard nipple, he raised his hips a little, and his long hard dick started to shoot in my mouth. It shot almost in slow motion. I swear, I could feel his cum traveling up his shaft as the shaft pulsated upward, depositing his long-awaited hot delicious-tasting spunk in my mouth. I felt about three or four convulsions travel up his beautiful fat dick until the good taste of his cum was deposited in my mouth.

I sucked his dick for a long while after worshipping that tool of manhood. When I got up and sat back on my seat, I talked to him for the first time, and found out he was straight, but just wanted his dick sucked. He was so fuckin' gorgeous. I was surprised he spoke perfect English, then he told me he was from a gang in Los Angeles, but he came down to TJ to hide out because he had killed someone in LA, and now a rival gang wanted him dead. He said he killed that guy because that guy had killed his best friend.

Then he told me in his masculine voice, 'I gotta go fool," and he just walked out.

Damn, he was really fine, and I wish I could suck him again because no one in the theatre was as fine as him. Although he had killed someone, he seemed pretty friendly to me.

I walked around because I was still horny. Here and there a few guys were giving head. The blow jobs turned me on because it was sex, but the guys giving them weren't good looking. I cruised a while, but I couldn't see anyone I liked, and I didn't like the gay guys who approached me and wanted to blow me.

Then I saw something that really caught my attention. Earlier I mentioned that when I got to the theatre I saw a fine Mexican man who wouldn't let guys sit next to him or blow him. I assumed he was straight and wouldn't let anyone blow him because many guys tried and he wouldn't even let them sit near him. I hoped that with time the movie would get him hornier and he would let a guy blow him. I also hoped that watching other guys get head from guys would give him courage to experiment. I was planning to come back and check on him (like a roast in the oven) and see if he was hot and ready.

Well, to my surprise and shock, when I walked past the area where this fine Mexican man was sitting, there was a fat guy leaning over and sucking on the cock of the fine man. The man had a huge cock.

Lucky dog, I cursed my luck, and thought how lucky the fat guy was. I thought to myself, I guess the straight guy got too horny and finally gave in to the repeated requests to suck his dick. I also thought, that guy's fat, and fat guys know how to use their mouths because they love to eat, so he's probably giving him the best blowjob.

I did a bold thing, I walked around the other side of the aisle, entered their and sat down right next to fine guy, so I could witness the blow job. This shocked the straight guy who lifted up his arm to cover himself and then he whispered quickly to the fat guy, "Esperate." (Wait.)

The fat guy pulled off the dick, and in the quick glimpse I saw that his dick was easy 9 or 10 inches, I mean huge.

Once he was sitting back on his seat, the fat guy gave me a dirty look. I've been in this type of situation before so I know action and words are more important than silence (silence can be devastating).

So I quickly went down to my knees and told the fat guy in Spanish, "Let's both suck him."

The fat guy laughed like he thought it was funny. I could see from his smile he had a good nature. He looked at the fine guy, and then he looked back at me, questioning in a small voice in Spanish, "Are you serious?"

"Yes, come here," I said

The fat guy bent over and starting sucking the straight guy again. The body of the straight guy stiffened again when he started to receive the pleasure. I grabbed the straight guy's balls and massaged the fat stem of his cock as the fat guy worked his saliva and mouth up and down that huge dick.

Once the fat guy pulled off his dick, I was feeling horny again because that Mexican man cock was towering in front of me. I could see the thick ridge running up and down the cock. The thick cock curved ever so slightly to the right. Then it was my turn.

I pulled the cock towards me and swallowed it. I enjoyed the way its thickness pushed out the corners of my mouth. I deep throated the guy, unable to take all of him, but massaging the length of cock I couldn't suck.

I didn't want to make waves or be greedy, so I got up and sat back on my seat. I let the fat guy suck him again. The fat guy sucked with an easy steady rhythm, occasionally moving his mouth and head to the right and then to the left in a one-two rhythm that seemed to be the hallmark of his blowjob technique. I my mind, I jokingly thought, Hmm, I have to take notes to execute that technique later.

But in reality it was getting late, and I was soaked with sweat from being so horny, so I knew it was time for me to come. At that time, I didn't want to suck dick anymore. I pulled out my dick (it's not a huge dick, but it's a very nice uncut dick), and jacked off while holding onto the big balls of straight guy.

The straight guy said something that made me laugh. He said in Spanish, "Don't wet me." And I thought in my head, "You selfish motherfucker, but you're fine, so it's okay if you're selfish."

I then lifted my shirt, and three or four splatters of cum shot across my stomach and the bottom of my chest. As I came, I shut my eyes, stretched out my legs, and I thought about the beautiful stiff dick of the homeboy from LA I had sucked earlier. I was so impressed with his beautiful dick, and I had that vision in my mind as I came, slowly coming down from my sexual high into a calm state of relaxation with little shudders that rippled though my body and surprised me now and then.

The fat guy asked me in Spanish, "You finished already?"

I said yeah, and then he said, I was hoping to suck you too, which made me smile and for some reason made me think of the cute homeboy again.

I got up, left the theatre, and walked into the too-bright Tijuana downtown scene. People were scurrying everywhere. Even though I knew it wasn't going to happen, I looked around a little, hoping against hope to see the cute homeboy again. I stopped by a stand and bought fruit in a cup, thinking about taking a shower and getting ready for the gay night club scene in TJ later that night and wondering if I would meet someone I liked there. I had another twinge of memory and regret in which I thought of that cute homeboy again, but then I walked on the sidewalk in the bright TJ light towards my hotel, feeling satisfied and real chingon because I got mine.

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