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Doing My Neighbor
by anonymous

Blow JobI know a lot of Latinos fuck around with their neighbors when they are growing up. I have lots of friends who tell me that the first guy they blew was their neighbor. The first guy I blew was my next door neighbor, a fine homeboy named Xavier. Here's what happened.

Xavier and I went to the same college. We hung out a little, but not too much. We were very different from each other. He was more quiet and masculine and the jock type, and I was a little more social, studious and popular. Although he hung out with gang members, Xavier wasn't a gang member himself, although I'm sure he committed his share of crimes just for fun or quick cash.

Xavier was also a ladies man. He's very handsome with light skin and green eyes, and a very nice body. Besides that, he has a masculine, cool, dumb charm about him that was always getting him laid. He'd bring the girls home and fuck in his bedroom or in the garage in the back of the house. One thing Xavier was known for was for being a great dancer, and he joined many competitions, free styling and break dancing, in which he showed off his body and even won money and respect. In many ways, you could say he was a street guy, especially in fighting because he was really good at that.

I, on the other hand, didn't know how to fight. I also never had a girlfriend, so sometimes at school I would get teased and called a "fag" because I wasn't interested in girls. At these times, my neighbor would stick up for me and threaten these bullies or kick their ass.

One day we were playing catch in the alley, and these three guys from school called me a "faggot." My neighbor got pissed, and told them he was going to kick their ass. Since they were three guys, I thought Xavier was only going to threaten then, but then he went up to the first guy and socked him on the face. The other two guys jumped on top of my neighbor, socking and kicking. It was a fast, quick fight, but very violent and bloody.

I didn't know how to fight, but I pulled the guys' hair and kicked them whenever I could.

Eventually some neighborhood men came out of their houses yelling and broke up the fight.

Xavierr really fucked up the other three guys. Their faces were bleeding, but Xavier had a black eye, he had taken body blows and his shirt was torn.

At that point, I really loved Xavier and felt proud knowing he fucked up those other three guys on account of me. I let him lean his body against my body, and with my support he limped into my house.

I felt worried for him, but never before had my love for him felt so strong.

I sat him down on the toilet seat in the bathroom. I took off his shirt.

His chest was covered in black dirt and blood.

I took out a bottle of alcohol to disinfect his wounds. He was also still breathing hard from the physical exertion and the physical blows he had taken.

When I started removing the blood from his body, I was happy to find out that most of the blood was not his own. It was blood from the other guys that rubbed off on him. He was also hurting bad, however, and he winced whenever the burning alcohol touched his scrapes and wounds.

I then told him to take off his pants so I could clean his legs. Being in pain, he got up slowly and dropped his black dirty jeans until he was standing only in his boxers.

He sat back down on the toilet, and I started to clean the scrapes on his legs with alcohol-soaked swabs. I had never been so close to his almost-naked body, and I could feel the deep bond of love between us.

It was a very strange feeling because we were not talking or exchanging words, but we were having a very clear communication almost as if our blood were talking.

Then it happened. Xavier got a hard on. First his uncut dick raised half way and stuck up out of the fly of his boxers. My first thought was, "That thing is big, and it's not even fully hard."

"Sorry about that," Xavier smiled shyly through his bruised and sweaty face.

I was sitting down next to him, cleaning his wounds, so that my face was at his crotch level.

I shook the alcohol bottle, and put in another swab. At this point, I did not have a sexual thought, I was just healing my hero.

I kept cleaning his leg, and his dick kept getting bigger and harder until this big fat dick was sticking straight up towards the ceiling out of his boxers. I didn't know much about dick size back then because I was inexperienced, but it was about nine inches long and perfectly straight and thick.

I cleared my throat, trying to ignore his cock, and said, "Thanks for what you did."

He didn't skip a beat and said, "I love you. I won't let anyone disrespect you."

When he said those words, I got a lump in my throat and I felt loved and really grateful, but I didn't know how to thank him.

I then looked at his dick again, and it seemed natural for me to grab it and make him feel good as a way to thank him.

I grabbed his big chorizo, and it felt nice and fat on my hand. It also felt bigger than I first imaged it would. I slid my hand up and down on his cock, and he moaned a little.

I knew he was liking it, so I crawled in closer to him, and got a better grip on his cock and started to jack him off harder.

His dick got even bigger which surprised me because I have a small dick myself. I jacked him off harder, enjoying his full manly length, and pulling the foreskin down.

Sometimes I would pull the foreskin all the way up until it covered the head and there was a little tip of extra foreskin that stuck out near the underside of the tip of his penis. I was curious to see what I tasted like, so I swallowed the wrinkled foreskin in between my lips, sucked on it a little, and ran my tongue against the foreskin.

I liked what I tasted, and grabbed him around the base of his cock harder. His cock head swelled in reaction. It was now time to taste the head.

Holding the long dick with both hands, I brought the dick closer to me and gently stuck the tip of my tongue underneath his foreskin. There was a clear drop of precum at the tip of his cock, and I smeared the almost-tasteless fluid over his cock head with the underside of my tongue. I liked it, and I thought to myself, "Now it's time to taste the whole thing."

I sat up to get a better angle and let his whole dick go inside my mouth. First his cock head and then the thick shaft went past my teeth, in towards the back of my throat, as my lips greeted more and more of his shaft. This tastes fucking good, I thought. Then I did a suction motion with my mouth to make sure his cock felt good.

"Oh, bro," Xavier and put one hand on the back of my head.

I then knew that I was doing the right thing to thank my hero.

"Let's go to my bedroom," he said, "My body is still hurting."

Propped up on some pillows, he layed on his back on his bed with his straight-boy dick sticking out through his boxers.

He didn't have to tell me what to do. I got on all fours, and started blowing him again. This time I sucked him off harder and sloppier like a bitch in heat. My saliva ran down his cock and his balls.

I pulled down his boxers eagerly, but carefully to make sure I didn't hurt his wounds. I loved the big round balls that greeted me, and I went back to blowing him, massaging his two big balls.

Pretty soon I wondered what it was like to have his big dick inside my ass. I took my underwear off, and I got on top of him. He said that hurt him because of his wounds, and asked me to lay sideways.

I did what he told me, and soon he lay behind me in the spoon position. He got a bottle of hand lotion, squirted some in his hand, and then rubbed it all over his cock and up and down my ass crack. He told me I had a nice ass and laughed.

He then shifted into position. I could hear his breath getting deeper as the tip of his long dick went inside my asshole. It felt weird for me, like a dream, like it wasn't really happening. When about half of his dick was inside of me, it really started to hurt, and then I thought to myself, "This is really happening."

From my wincing and whining, Xavier knew it was hurting me, and he told me that he didn't want to hurt me and asked me if I wanted him to stop.

I said, "No, let's just change positions."

I got into the doggy style position, and then Xavier shoved his dick all the way in, sighing, "Oh yeah"

I liked this position better because I could jack off. Xavier fucked me good and hard, and then I knew why the girls loved him so much. He also had a funny way of fucking me sometimes. He would put his dick all the way inside of me, and then give me a quick jab with his dick that sent shock waves through my body and made me think of an earthquake. Every once in a while, he would do that again, so I knew that was his trade mark fucking style. Every time he did that he made me yelp, he also told me it made the girls scream.

Other times he took his long dick all the way out and shoved it back and forth in and out of the ring of my butt hole until I thought I couldn't take it anymore.

When he was ready to come, he had me laying on my back with my legs sticking straight up towards the ceiling, him holding my legs in place and looking down at his own dick as he shoved it in and out.

"I'm gonna cum, bro," he told me, then he shoved his long dick all the way in until I thought it was going to stab my stomach, and I felt his body churn and shake as his dick made silent shots of hot cum into my upturned asshole.

"Fuck, that was good," he said and withdrew his slime-covered cock.

He went to the bathroom and showered. Since then, I have been sucking him in between the times he fucks girls. I love when he comes home from college after football practice because I just lay him on the sofa and suck his giant cock before my parents come home from work.

I started my cocksucking career with my neighbor, but I didn't end there.

I have two other neighbors, Juan and Enrique, that Xavier and I are very close to. Growing up, we spent a lot of time at each other's houses. Enrique is the cuter of the two, but I like them both because they are homeboy types and hang out with a gang in City Terrace.

The first time I sucked off Enrique, we had been cruising the street of East L.A. on our bikes. Later we jumped over the fence of a public elementary school that was closed because it was Saturday. We were in one of the cement stairwells that links together the different levels of the school, when Enrique found an old, beat-up tits-and-ass magazine.

Enrique looked at the pictures of a brunette sucking a cock, raised his eyebrows and said, "Fuck! I wish she was sucking my dick." He was wearing cut-off shorts like a lot of the homeboys do, and he was wearing a tank top that showed off his brown skin and several tattoos on his neck and his muscular arms.

Absent mindedly, he shifted his cock in his shorts and kept looking at the pictures. Seeing my opportunity, I said I'm tired, and sat down on the steps nearest him so that my head was level with his crotch. As he was entranced in the magazine, I thought, "Fuck it, he's my friend, if I make a move on him, I don't think he'll kick my ass."

So, without warning, I put one hand on the back of the hairy calf of his leg, and with the other hand I pulled the waist of his shorts, turning him towards me.

He lifted the magazine over his head, looked down at me and asked confused, "What are you doing?"

I decided to go for broke, "Let me suck your dick."

"I don't' know, dude. That's faggot shit," he said. I unbuttoned his shorts and brought down the zipper. He looked around, as if nervous someone might see him getting blown by a guy. Then with nervous but eager fingers I fished out his hard uncut dick through the opening of his white boxers. My mouth made contact with his dick quickly, and before long my tongue was twirling around his cock head, trying to make it harder. After a few moments of this, Enrique brought the magazine back down and started to look at it, saying things like, "I wish that bitch was here right now," or "Damn, I wish I was fucking her big ass."

Before long, his brown dick grew to its full seven inches, and he was fucking me with his cholo dick. When he came, he had difficulty holding onto the magazine, and his knees buckled as his hot mecos burst and flew into my mouth. I loved the taste of his fat dick.

After he finished cuming, he leaned against the wall, flipping through the magazine again, and had me kneel before me, as I sucked on his dick again because he told me he likes to cum twice. I sucked him for half an hour until he came again this time more loud than the first. Then we went back to his house and acted as if nothing happened.

About four months later, I sucked off Juan while we were getting out of our wet trunks after going swimming at a public swimming pool. I sucked him off in his bedroom, and he had a fatter and longer cock than Enrique, so I liked his better. His dick was so thick, I had fun sucking him with my head sideways so I could get a different taste of his dick. When he came, he jacked himself off and came in my wide open mouth. He came a lot more than anyone I have ever sucked, so I ate it all up and licked his big dick clean afterwards.

After he came, he told me that he suspected that I was sucking off Enrique. In answer, I just smiled at him. He told me he knew because of the way we acted around each other. Then he said, "That's cool. I don't have a problem with you sucking Enrique, just don't get caught."

So all that summer, I sucked my three favorite men, Xavier, Enrique and Juan. Looking back, it was a pretty fun time of my life, although at the time I'm sure I thought it was full of all the problems of growing up. My neighbors are grown up now and married with kids, so we don't fuck around anymore.

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