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Cocksucking Trails
by anonymous

My friend Juan told me that there's a lot of cute homeboys that fuck around at Elysian Park. One day we went to the park in his SUV and parked on a dirt road, overlooking a valley covered in branches. There was a bunch of other cars and trucks parked on the same road, but there was no one inside the cars so I knew the people were down in the bushes fucking around.

I was so excited I got hard, and I was going to get out of the car when he told me, "Don't get out. We're going to a different part of the park."

Juan drove the car away and parked in a different section of the park on another road bordered by a bush-covered hill. There were plenty of cars parked around so I was excited, thinking of the guys up on the hill.

Almost as soon as we got out of the car, we saw action. We got on a dirt road that forked in different directions. To the left by the bushes I saw a guy dressed in a cholo-style checkered shirt with his back to us, and a guy kneeling in front of him, blowing him.

Juan said, "I'll take the right trail. You take the left trail." Like me, I think Juan didn't want to fuck around in front of me because we're friends, so I was glad he suggested we split up and go our own ways.

I walked towards the guys fucking around. The Latino getting blown heard me walking and turned his head to look over at me. His hair was combed back, and he had a nice looking face. With his hands he was lifting the front of his shirt so that the guy sucking him could have good access to his cock which wasn't that big, but it was hard and sticking out of the unbuttoned fly of his jeans.

The fact that I was watching them didn't seem to bother them so I got closer. I got excited, watching the aggressive blow job on the four or five inch cock. I have a pretty big dick myself, eight inches, thick and uncut, and it was standing up at attention, and leaning a little to the left under my pants. I was so excited, but this was my first time at a place where guys have sex in public, so I didn't know what to do. Part of me thought it was rude to watch, so I left, wondering what I would see up ahead.

I went through a lot of twists and turns in the road, and then I became upon a dead tree trunk and three guys fucking around. One guy with a tank top pulled up half-way up his stomach was fucking another guy who was leaning over the fallen dead tree, and on the other side of the fallen tree was a cute homeboy who was getting sucked by the guy getting fucked.

I wanted the cute guy who was getting sucked bad, so I practically ran over there with my heart pounding in my chest with excitement.

The butt-fucking scene was hot, but I decided I wanted the cute homeboy. When I got closer, I realized that the guy doing the sucking was also cute, and he moved his head from his side to side aggressively, giving the cute homeboy a good blow job.

The cute homeboy gave me a killer smile and said, What's up? He was a light-skinned Latino with beautiful eyes and dark eyebrows that almost met at the center over his nose, and he had nice facial features, nice nose, nice lips, etc. He was a beef cake.

To communicate my intent to him, I licked my lips.

He just smiled and called me over with his hand.

He didn't have to tell me twice. I walked over there fast, and even before I reached him I was already kneeling down to show him what I wanted.

He had a really nice big dick, about 7.5 inches long, thick and uncut. His dick was standing up at a 45-degree angle. He pulled his dick out of the mouth of the first guy, and there was saliva on his brown dick.

I immediately grabbed his big balls. They were not low hanging. They were round and big, but stayed close to his dick. There was even a little crease of skin between the two balls that divided the balls into their individual sacks. In other words, his balls looked very neat and organized.

So I grabbed his big ball sack, and bent my head down on his brown hard cock. Even though he was light skinned, his cock was brown. His cock tasted good too, an indescribable good taste, almost like no taste at all, but I knew I was tasting the best taste around. His cock was also strong and hard like a muscle, and I liked that. While my mouth moved up and down on his cock, I concentrated on the fact that he had a fat cock. I love fat cocks. They turn me on more than thin cocks.

I took his cock out of my mouth for a while, and licked along the side of his cock. At the same time, I looked over at the guy getting fucked, and he was biting his lower lip and his eyebrows were frowning as if he was concentrating on the pain and pleasure of getting fucked.

I got more excited and turned back to my hot homeboy. I pushed him against a tree, and lifted his shirt so I could play with his chest. He had a smooth hard chest, entirely hairless, and these cute small hard nipples that I devoured viscously with my lips, and then played with them lightly with the tip of my tongue.

But then his fat cock demanded my attention again. I went back to sucking him, but this time pinching his nipples at the same time. I loved the delicious taste of his precum. When his dick was in my throat and my lips were wrapped around the bottom of his fat hairy shaft, I told myself, "You better enjoy it because who knows the next time you find a cock like this."

"I'm gonna cum," he warned me. He said it real fast like a cough or something.

I pinched his nipples harder. I moaned with appreciation as his hot milky white leche flooded my mouth. He seemed so fucking masculine, as his dick got bigger and harder, and he fucked my mouth with it, and his muscular legs tensed and flexed. Before I knew it, the back of my mouth was filled to capacity with the hot gooey man milk, and I swallowed it like clam juice.

I licked his dick clean which was bigger now than before, but more sensitive. Grabbing his enlarged dick by the base, I thought, "I wish I could take this home with me."

He said "Thanks bro," in a masculine voice that had my knees melting. I thought to myself, "Why do guys have to do this to me?" Half-jokingly meaning why do they have to turn me on so much, and then leave me?

The sexy homeboy buckled up his pants, stepped over the dead tree, and left.

I was sweating and tired from giving a blow job, so I didn't stay to watch the two guys butt fucking. But when I passed by the couple, I grabbed a piece of the bottom's ass to get a free feel. Hey, why not? Take something with me for the road. The bottom grabbed my hand as if inviting me to stay, but I wanted to walk around and see if there was something better up ahead.

Wondering around the confusing bushes and zig-zagging trails, I came across my homeboy Juan. "So, how's it going?" Juan giggled.

"Good, fool," I told him all excited, "I sucked off this fine fool."

"Me too," Juan said, "I sucked off this dark-skinned fool. He had a fuckin' big dick. Some older guy is sucking him now."

"Why you stop sucking him?" I asked.

"Too many people were watching," he explained.

"That's cool," I said.

Then he told me about a threeway that was going on just up the trail, and he suggested I check it out. We agreed to meet later by the car, and we split up and went our own separate ways again.

In front of me, there was a big sloping tree. One side of the tree was sloping down towards the ground, and underneath this tree there were three guys. Two of them were standing around, wearing baggy clothes, and looking down at the third guy who was kneeling in front of them, and going back and forth, sucking their two dicks.

I got closer and I saw that the guy doing the sucking was a chubby, shaved-head Latino, kinda cute with a little moustache. The other two guys were also shaved head and Latino.

I immediately preferred the Latino who was standing on the left. He was taller, and had real sexy, slightly slanted eyes so that it appeared as if he were smiling even when he wasn't. He was just fuckin' fine with a nice build and real masculine. When he saw me, the chubby guy grabbed both dicks as if he wasn't going to let me have one.

But I thought, "Don't be a cock blocker, homie. Sharing is caring."

I approached boldly and told the cute taller guy, "What's up?"

He acknowledged me with just a nod from his head, real masculine, and I felt my heart melting, thinking he's so fucking masculine. Even while getting his dick sucked in public, the papi had dignity and that turned me on crazy.

The chubby guy started to suck off my cute papi, the guy I liked. That fucker! I got jealous. ha ha ha

Because the cute guy didn't stop me, I got next to him and put my hand underneath his shirt and felt his chest. His chest felt big and round like he worked out, and in the middle he had a little patch of long spare hair that felt really sexy.

I wasted no time in sucking his big round nipples while the chubby guy sucked him off. I noticed the cute guy had a really long dick, about nine inches long, but not that fat, and I knew it wouldn't be long before I got my lips locked around that piece of meat.The other guy who had been getting sucked then moved behind the cute guy, so now the three of us were worshipping the cute guy.

I don't know why I asked, but I asked the cute guy what's your name, and
he said in a low masculine voice, "Carlos."

The third guy who was hugging Carlos from behind wasn't that cute, but he was masculine. He had a scar on his forehead that looked like he got it from a fall, a few acne scars on his cheeks, and about a three-days' beard on his jaw. He was very masculine and sexy. I liked the way his red lips contrasted with the dark beard on his face.

The scar guy licked down Carlos' body until he was kneeling behind Carlos. Then he reached around and unbuckled the front of Carlos' jeans (before this his big nine-inch dick was sticking out of the unbuttoned fly of his pants).

Soon Carlos's jeans fall around his ankles, and he was standing there in loose white boxers with a tiny blue line in it. Now that his pants were down, the chubby guy wasted no time in rubbing Carlos's hairy legs while he sucked his big dick.

The scar guy then pulled Carlos boxers down, and Carlos looked fucking beautiful. He had big nice low-hanging nuts, and the chubby guy again wasted no time in worshipping the newly revealed parts of Carlos's body.

The scar guy then spread Carlos' ass wide open with his hands and started eating his ass.

"Oh shit," Carlos said in a low voice as if he was surprised by the tongue invasion, but happy.

Carlos contorted his face and moaned in pleasure. The chubby guy also did a good job in the front, taking care of Carlos' dick.

The scar guy spread Carlos ass even wider and quickly licked the masculine homeboy's asshole. I had already taken out my own fat eight inch cock and was masturbating while I massaged Carlos's chest and legs with my other hand.

After about five minutes of eating out the homeboy's ass, the scar guy started to finger bang the cute homeboy's asshole.

"That shit feels good ," Carlos said.

"Fuck yeah ," the scar guy said, "You have a tight culo."

Then the scar guy went back to eating out the homeboy's asshole hungrily and alternating between eating out his asshole and sticking a finger in there.

The chubby guy stopped sucking Carlos' long dick for a short while, and I took advantage of it and swallowed the big dick. Before the chubby guy realized what happened, it was too late, and I was already sucking off Carlos. I twisted Carlos' body towards me and then I kneeled with my knees spread apart as far as possible to make sure Carlos knew I was there to service him.

The first thing I did was swallow him all the way down to the base. He had a long dick that curved upward a little bit like a banana. Although it was very long and had a big head, it wasn't that thick, and it still turned me on immensely. I grabbed his balls and tugged on them, and put a lot of pressure on his cock, and sometimes wagged my head from side to side so that his cock was banging against the sides of my mouth.

The scar guy then told Carlos to step out of his pants and underwear, and Carlos did as he was told. Carlos kept saying he was fucking horny, and the scar guy kept rubbing his own dick against Carlos' ass cheeks.

As Carlos' long tool made its way in and out of my mouth, I reached around and grabbed the scar guy's equipment. Damn, his equipment was big too, thick and hot as fuck. For a moment I thought I wanted to suck his hard dick too.

The scar guy suddenly pushed his fat dick into Carlos' tight hole.

"Fuck!" Carlos said, "That shit feels big and good!" He seemed so excited I thought he was gonna cum right there.

"Hell yeah," the scar guy offered, "Keep eating that dick with your tight culo."

For a while Carlos just breathed deeply through his mouth as if he were taking a big shit, and then he said in a masculine voice, "I haven't been fucked in a long time, but it feels great."

"Fuck yeah dawg," Carlos told the scar guy, "Don't stop."

Because Carlos was bending over at the waist as he got pounded, I got up quickly and fed him my uncut cock. His mouth gripped my cock like a hot wet vice, and I enjoyed slipping my cock into the hot velvet of his mouth until the head of my dick reached the tighter area of his throat.

"Fuck yeah," I said as I pulled Carlos by the ears and fucked his wet open mouth with my cock. It was hot watching as the two of us treating the masculine homeboy like a bitch. The guy behind Carlos started to cum inside Carlos' ass, and he hugged and gripped Carlos' back with his hands as he came.

I was gonna cum soon so I started picking up the pace and bucking my legs in an effort to feed the cute homeboy my dick faster and harder. The homeboy opened up his mouth wider. Then I popped, and it felt like the uncorking of a bottle of champagne. That first squirt wasn't pleasureable, it was more like a necessary surprise, but then the rivers of my cum started to come out and flow out in big squirts. I couldn't tell where one squirt started and the other ended, I just knew I was feeding this gorgeous man my cum, I believe it felt like a multiple orgasm, and my knees felt like they were going to collapse 'cause they felt so good. The pleasure was so intense and was getting more intense by the second, I got excited, and it was the best feeling ever because it was like a multiple orgasm, an orgasm that wouldn't end, and just when it was about to end, another orgasm began. My body was even shaking. I felt thrilled and excited like I accomplished something special.

Carlos then stood up and started to jack off. The chubby guy eagerly helped Carlos shoot until he swallowed his cum, while the scar guy caressed and massaged Carlos' magnificent chest.

"Fuck, that was good," Carlos said. His eyes looked satisfied and half-closed as if he were tired from the work out.

The group disbanded, and I went back to my friend's car. Juan was already there, waiting for me, and he smiled, "Did you have fun?" and I said, "Oh, dude, we gotta come back."

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