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Drive By Blowjob
by anonymous

UncutThis story is not outrageous, but it's a true story that happened to me about six months ago. I was driving home from a gym in Montebello, and I was feeling horny. Well, the truth is I'm always feeling horny (I can't image saying no to a fine papi any time--ha ha).

So, anyway, I was driving home, and I decided to take the streets vs. the freeway so that I can work the guys on the street. I was driving down Whittier Boulevard towards Atlantic (near the Commerce shopping center), where all the fine homeboys hang out, and on my right I saw a fine guy waiting for the bus on the street corner. I looked at him and he looked at me. I didn't think he was gay, but he was fine, so I turned right, and then I made a U-turn, so that I could check him out again. I was going to try to seduce him with small talk, see if he wanted a ride or maybe a little more. He looked at me, and maybe he was scared because he thought I was going to kick his ass or do a drive-by or something. You know, when you look at straight guys, they get upset, scared or confused, wondering why you're looking at them.

I was deciding what was going to be my next move because I really wanted him and he was fine, but then I saw a second guy walking on the sidewalk and then he crossed the street right in front of my car. This second guy looked more chunti, you know, recently arrived from Mexico or somewhere, but he was fine too and masculine. Immediately, I thought, "o my god I want him." Something about the way he walked suggested he was drunk.

I honked my horn, he turned to look at me and then he came to the passenger's window and asked me in Spanish, "What's up? Do I know you?"I replied in Spanish, "Oh, no, you look like a friend of mine. Sorry about that. Where are you walking to this late? (It was about 10 pm) Do you want a ride?" He said, "No, thanks, I live close to here on Beverly."

I lied, "Oh, I'm going there too. I live by there. Hop on." I knew the neighborhood he was talking about because Bienestar (a gay nonprofit) is located near there. Before he could say no again, I unlocked the doors automatically, and the finally decided, Fuck it, and got in the car.

When he got in the car, I purposely drove slowly to give me time to seduce him, and I jjustified the slow driving by telling him I'm a safe driver.

As the conversation went on, I was very friendly with him, and once in a while as we talked I would let my hand rest on his knee. He had nice legs, developed he told me from soccer. He was also much better looking than I had suspected at first. He had a beautiful face, masculine really I should say, nice eyes, dark eyebrows, nicely shaped lips, a dark complexion, and best of all, masculine as hell.

So we kept talking, I don't even remember what we were talking about, but I wanted him to feel that I was friendly, and each time I would put my hand on his leg I would let my hand stay there a little longer and squeeze a little tighter. I made it seem as if my hand on his leg was just a mannerism. If he got upset, I could quickly say he mistook it for something else.

He wasn't complaining about my hand on his leg so the tension was building as we were getting closer and closer to his house, and my caresses were getting more intense on his leg.

I forgot to say, he told me he was coming from a neighborhood bar where he likes to drink regularly, and he had had a few beers.

This guy was so masculine and handsome, and he were so close to his house, that I thought, Fuck it, it's now or never. So this time, I squeezed his really leg hard and I wouldn't let go, really communicating my lust to him.

He pointed to a two-story building and said in Spanish, I live here. I parked the car behind the building. We sat in the car, and then he said Y ahora? (And now? In English). This gave me the first impression that he was amenable to being seduced (before it seemed as if my hand touching his leg was bothering him a little, but he had to put up with my "mannerism" because I
was nice enough to give him that idea maybe during the ride though my hand got him horny).

At this point we were still in denial, and I kept up the small-talk conversation, but with my hand instead of just squeezing, I was exploring and massing his leg. I was exploring more and more of his leg, and the light coming into the car from the street lamp really made him look fucking gorgeous. It's as if the more I looked at him, the more I realized he was handsome, with beautifully balanced facial features, a moustache, luscious lips and beautiful eyes, and again to top it off, masculine as hell.

By the time it was obvious that I was massing his leg, I thought to myself, Fuck it, it's obvious I want him now and he's not pushing my hand away, so I'm gonna grab his balls.

As we talked about stupid shit, I grabbed his crotch and he complained, saying, "Orale, what's up?" He didn't push my hand away though, so I kept grabbing it. I kept manipulating his crotch and he started to get a hardon.

As I kept grabbing his dick, he kept saying, "What are you doing?" but he wouldn't stop me. It became apparent then that he was getting horny because he moaned and closed his eyes.

I got hungry with lust, especially since he wasn't rejecting me, so I unbuttoned his pants and took out his small-looking, uncut, still-growing cock and started to jack him off. He asked again, "Que haces?" What are you doing? I answered by jacking him off.

At this point, I was really horny and I wanted him, so I bent over to blow him, and he pushed me away. He said, "No, not that."

This confused me: I thought to myself, "Okay, you're straight, you're horny, and you'll let me jack you off, but you won't let me blow you." I was confused. I thought he would let me blow him because a blowjob feels better than a hand job.

I didn't understand why he wouldn't let me blow him, but I kept jacking him off, and then his dick got hard to 6 or 7 inches. That dick was fucking beautiful. I mean, it was super hard. I had been with guys with bigger dicks, but his was just so fucking hard. I grabbed the base of his dick, thinking, Damn, this shit is fucking good. I'll take a hard dick any time.

I tried to go down on him again, but he wouldn't let me. I probably tried about 3 or 4 times, and he rejected me each time, instead just relaxing in the car seat enjoying my hand job.

I don't remember exactly how he did this, but somehow he let me know that he would let me blow him if I gave him money. I thought, "Oh, that's his trigger."

I can't remember, I had maybe more than $20 in my pocket, but I told him, "I have $6." (Hey, you save money, wherever you can.)

He asked, "Is that it?"

And I said, "Yes."

He said, "Okay then."

So I leaned over and took his dick in my mouth. It was so fucking hard, and it leaned a little to the left, which is good because I was sitting on his left side. I unbuttoned his pants more, grabbed his balls and sucked off my straight man's dick. I twirled my tongue on that dick head and then took the shaft all the way down until my mouth and lips were on his pubes.

I took a breather, jacked him off and I asked him to face me because I wanted to look at his face. I know I said this before, but each time he looked at me, he looked more beautiful and more beautiful. I thought to myself, "I'd really love to see this guy again. And maybe blow him on my bed where there's more room and we can enjoy it more."

I went back down to blow him again, I leaned the side of my face on his stomach, and kept the hard dick in my mouth like a baby's pacifier and thought how wonderful it is to have a hard dick in my mouth. He started fucking my mouth, and I liked that. I also licked the outside of his shaft, munched on his balls, went back up to trace the exotic head and play with the foreskin. I thought to myself, "I could be sucking this dick forever."

The whole time I was sucking him, his personality was distant, as if he were trying to image it was a girl sucking his pito.

When he was ready to come, I jacked him off again, and again I asked him to turn to face me so I could look at his beautiful face. I asked him if he had been sucked by a guy before and he said it was his first time. Because he was straight, I think he didn't enjoy this eye-to-eye contact, but fuck it, I did.

His dick got bigger in my hand, so I went back down to seriously suck him off
again (to get my $6's worth-ha ha).

I pulled his pants down more and really sucked on that hard-ass dick, tearing it up with my mouth, squeezing hard, giving him all tongue, extra spit, and severe suction.

He told me he was going to cum and pulled me off. He shot off into his hands, sighing and grunting in a low tone (he didn't want to wake up the neighbors). When he was done, he cleaned up with his shirt and was disappointed I didn't have anything with which to help him clean up (I can hear all the whores reading this saying, "Why don't you carry tissue paper in your car").

This guy was so beautiful I kept thinking he could model, and his dick was so hard I kept wishing I could suck it in the future. He gave me his phone number after I asked him for it, but although his lies sounded believable, somehow I knew it was too good to be true and suspected it was a wrong phone number. Well, I can't complain too much, I lied to him too. I called the next day and verified it was a wrong number. For a couple of days, I kept thinking about his gorgeous face and that beautiful hard dick.

Another time, I went to Elysian Park and, while sitting down on a dead tree among the bushes, I sucked off a homeboy with a very cute face and a six-inch dick that was hard as hell. These extra-hard dicks are fucking exciting. I don't know what makes some dicks harder than others, but they make for great cock sucking!

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